Here's the list of things that I was able to remember that were in the hacked account whee
CoCo Kitty Plushie Demonic Anklets Royale Purple Pimpin Hat
Golden Laurels Winter Rose Amythest Milady Skirt
Nitemare headband Superior Form Laurels
Fresh Grass Skirt (3) Gift of the Goddess Ghost Cape
Stripped stockings Jacked Up Boots MoMo The Monkey
Demonic Pendant Spirited Scarf Spirited Pants
(2) Dark Halos Flame Sword Fox Tail
(2) Elegant Veils Gwee The Dragon Fox Ears (2)
Lunar Cloak Mythic Hair Wonderland
Oculus Magica (2) Spirited Gloves Fire Flower
Mythrill Halo Jolly Hat Long Stem White Rose
Solar Headdress Let It Snow Long Stem Red Rose
Magical Girl Long Stem YellowRose Long Stem Pink Rose
Cloud Summoning Tome Spirited Hat
Whip Of Fire Damascus Armor Angelic Gloves
Engraved Gold Locket Spirited Socks Iced Sugar Plum Bodice
Shadow Spirit Ruby Milady Skirt Berry Sugar Plum Bodice
Elemental Hair (2)Spirited Boxers Nitemare Boots
Rebellion Face Mask Enchanted Strings Mint Sugar PLum Bodice
(2) Frostbite Blades Yokai's Treasure Spirited SHoes
Kaya The Cat Spirited 2K7 (collection) Spirited 2K6 (collection)
Spirited Collection Jacked Up Boots Jack's 2k6 collection
Loving Heart Mood Bubble Kappa PLush Blushing Bride's Embroidered Bodice
Piggy Plush Langer The Dragon Plush Carrot Plush
Jack's 2k7 collection (( crying I had three sets)) and one Jack's 2k6 set

I have no clue how which or many Monthly COllectables I had unopened in storage whee

Thank you donators! I listed most of you on my profile, and I heart you all! n_n