So, right now, I feel like rambling, so... yeah, enjoy or something.

So. I seriously thought that my obsession with .Hack (which is a huge and rather complicated video game/anime/manga/novel franchise) ended at the end pf my sixth grade year; I thought I knew all that there was and all that there was going to be about it.
Hahah, yeah, freakin' right.

I've completely rediscovered one of my oldest obsessions again; Sora's back into the .Hack series.
And holy crap, has it changed!!
My biggest revelation was the new .Hack manga that came out at the end of October of last year in Japan; ".Hack//Link." It's definitely a turn I haven't seen yet; I mean, this is the first time I've seen that they're doing a story that really takes place in the real world (and I mean for more than, like, two thirty second scenes in the whole series) and "The World"! Not to mention they're bringing back characters from other parts of the franchise who I haven't seen together before, like Tsukasa and Subaru(side fact: it made me squeal in fangirl-ish happiness when I read the description for the manga and it said that they were in a relashionship! X3) and Hasao and Kite! biggrin I hope they release it here sometime within the next year or so; that'd be totally awesome, I'd buy it in a heartbeat!
I've also heard that Tokyopop (a manga/novel publisher) will be releasing the ".Hack//G.U." novels here in America; I'll admit, I never got the opportunity to play the games that they're related to, but I can easily look up the information I'll need; actually, I already know most of it, come to think of it, from when I got bored earlier today and went looking up information about the whole story behind, like, everything.
Another thing I realized today; boy, what I thought I knew about the series two years ago when I just stopped paying attention to it is nothing compared to how much there really is, how deep the story really goes! I mean, it took me hours to read through all the pages of information on the internet, let alone how long it would have taken me to watch all the animes, play the games, read the novels, so on and so forth! (Although I do plan to once I can get my hands on them, don't get me wrong; I'm already working on watching the animes. =D)
And speaking of which (boy, I'm going off on all kinda of tangents xD)... poor Aura!!! T.T I never knew exactly how she came to be (I had only read "//Legend of the Twilight" and "//AI Buster" wink , but it's really kind of sad!
...And I'd never seen her before as she was when she first came to be; oh my gosh, she was so... so... so cute! whee (Heheh, I just finished the "//SIGN" series tonight. ^_^;;; I had started it a long time ago, but then when the last episodes aired, I had missed them. D= ...But that is what Veoh is for! =D )
Uhh... anyhow, I'm tired and done with my rants for the time being. =) Did you have fun? (Probably not if you're not a super-nerd like me. xD)
Well, ciao!

Listening To: This (It's so pretty. =3)
Reading: Nothing at the moment; I've finished some of my reading for now. But I'm sure that will change shortly! ...I think I'm going to go back and reread ".Hack//AI Buster" again tomorrow. X3 I haven't read it in awhile, and it's an excellent novel, even if you read it as a stand alone novel(vs. with the series).
Watching: Tomorrow, I'm going to try to start watching ".Hack//ROOTS". I only saw the first half of the series when it aired, and then just gave up in the middle of it. DX I want to watch the rest and see what happens to Hasao and Shino.