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Alright, for the record, I have way too much fun doing random quizzes. xD I'm bored, however, and I felt like posting some of my results from some personality quizzes, just for fun; who knows, maybe you'll even get to know me just a little better. =)

Which Character From the Twilight Saga Are You?

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You're Bella! Delicate, sweet, loving... speaking of love; it's probably you're main goal in life. Despite your clumsiness, everyone seems to enjoy being around you. The tendency to become emotionally attached to those around you is both good and bad. Although it's hurt you before, your view of the future is free of pain. Your being makes enemies come together, even if just for awhile.

What type of music are you most like?

Result: Techno. You are outgoing and sometimes a little full of yourself. you love to have fun and chill with your friends. your clothes are probably bright and you like to wear unique patterns.

What's Your Animal Spirit?

Result: Your Animal Spirit is the Deer. You are very fun-loving, a ball of energy. You are very playful usually, but when someone crosses you, you don't like it at all. Someone out there is afraid to declare there true feelings for you. You make friends very easily and are not at all shy. The Deer Spirit is rare but honorable and should be treasured.

What Season Are You?

Result: Winter. You can be dense at times. But the greatest asset you have are your looks and smile. Your personality is mysterious and at the very same time interesting. You like it peaceful. You don't want it too loud or too noisy.
You are very sincere and serene.

What makes YOU so special?

Result: You are you. In my opinion, this is the best result you could get. You are a mix of everything: you want to help people, you are strong and genuine. This makes you a very balanced person, genuine and beautiful in that certain way that words can't describe. You are probably very comfortable with who you are - and if not, you are more so than you know. In your heart. You'd never change for other people or try to be something you're not. Which is good, because people don't like poseurs. =) Depending on how outgoing you are, you're probably pretty popular. If not -- people enjoy your presence, but they won't tell you because they are just stubborn mules. =) You are extremely important to your friends - they wish they were as strong in themselves as you are. Now, many people may see written in their yearbooks: 'Never change' but this is where those two words actually have some weight. You are YOU. And that is the best thing you can be. =)

What saying are you?

Result: Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration. You are confident, friendly and always willing to give everything a try. You always try your best at everything. You make the most of opportunities and no matter how low the chances of success may be, you give it a go. You are not one to give up. You may really suck at something but you're not gonna let that stop you. So many people cave in at the first sign of trouble and they quit. But you always find a way to work through the barriers and grab the keys of success!

Meh, I think that's all I feel like doing for now... that was mildly entertaining. =) Also, if you take any of these yourself, why don't you drop me a comment or a PM and let me know what you got? =D I'm interested, but you don't have to. Well, all for now. Au revoir! =)

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