Our Laws are Simple.

1. All Clan Laws listed below shall be in effect at all times. This includes but its not limited to the following: Clan hunts, official or unofficial Clan Functions, official or unofficial Clan Events, inside and outside the Clan Hall, etc. IF YOU ARE A MEMBER OF DEZUMA CLAN, THEN THESE RULES APPLY TO YOU.

2. Honor yourself, and never reveal your true name to anyone, including, in some cases, yourself.

3. Clan Laws shall take precedence over City laws when the offence occurs by a Dezuma member.

4. It is the duty of all Clan members to read and understand clan laws and clan rules. Claiming "I did not know" will not be accepted as an excuse for violation of a law, rule, or regulation.

5. Members of the Clan must respect each other and all citizens of the City.

6. Clan members will not curse, scam, steal, harass or not make remarks of sexual or drug nature to anyone.

7. Do not insult or attempt to provoke anyone inside or outside the clan.

8. Do not get involved in conflicts between clan members. Any such conflicts should be brought before the Clan Judge.

9. Decorations are allowed but keep them small and do not include yellow scrolls or kindred talismen.

10. All members will obey any and all clan laws, rules, and regulations as well as Ravenblack justice laws at all times. Any member proven to have broken these rules or laws may be warned, lose clan points, be demoted in rank, fined, or exiled from the Clan.

11. If Ravenblack justice jails a Dezuma member for a crime, that person may face additional punishment on behalf of the clan.