A long time ago, the Dezuma Clan was quite powerful. It was a force to be reconed with in all realms of the Life. We were one of the best, but then Civil War broke out... and all starting from one turncoat, who created a seperate clan under the same name, but as a different style. This man created the Dezuma Clan of Demon Ninja. Needless to say, we, the true Dezuma were enraged, and naturally, Civil War broke out. We fought, and indeed, our battles were bloody, and many on both sides turned away and quit. Both clans were nearly extinct. Only a few surviving members remained on each... and as we met for that one final battle, our server, OUTBLAZE on the mIRC quit on us, most likely disgusted by the fighting. There was no other grounds left to be fought in, and the other channels were none too pleased with this and refused both groups entry, and thus, we stopped. Over time, there were a few of us who remained faithful and true to our old laws, and yet, even they too, grew tired and weary... and then it was myself and my faithful friend, Mid.

We discussed the actions of our clan, and the outcome we had on ourselves and on the surrounding groups, and had decided... Was Justice against one turncoat honestly worth loosing our friends? our Allies? our own Turf? no. Thats when we turned Neutral... and a few months later, Mid "died" as well.

This, ANGRA MAINYU is the last of the Dezuma Clan, and is looking to bring new members in, to regain our old strength, now that we were forgiven by the rest of the channels... and now we set our sights on the City of Ravenblack to help protect.