I am really too lazy to write out a detailed recap of last weekend, so I will write it out in BRIEF, CONDENSED style! ( homg, unlike me! )

Last weekend me, Azzy, Jordan, and Gabby went out for dinner at East-Side Mario's. It was very good. heart Unfortunately Jordan had to pay for me because I am a broke loser, and I feel bad about that, but he insisted. u_u I am very appreciative of it though. ^^;

I had pasta, fettucine alfredo with shrimp to be percise. xP There was also mass amounts of garlic bread which I adored.

Afterwards we met up with Ma-chan and Lacey at the arcade and played DDR for a little bit until we got kicked out by the manager. XD Then me and Jordan went back to my house and we chatted on the computer with Tai and listened to musics and then we went upstairs and watched the Matrix but I fell asleep. >_>; So when I woke up we just went to bed. ( he slept in my brother's room )

The next day was Ma-chan's party! The original idea was we were all gonna bring food for a potluck picnic at the beach, but it was a silly idea because it's too cold to go to the beach and there's still snow on the ground, so we just stayed at Lacey's. I made eggsalad sandwiches, Jordan made this polish dish I like to call potato pancakes, Tai made tuna pasta salad, and Azzy made a wonderful torque cake.

We did stuff like play Stepmania, I watched others play DoA, we also hung around and talked, ate our food, took a crazy trip to the store to get straws with Azzy and Ma-chan where we were very loud and hyper and made complete fools of ourselves in front of the cashier ... in the manner I must take note of ...


... and as much as Avril Lavigne is horribly overrated, her songs can be fun. >_> Even though I don't even really like that song, it just came from the moment ... meaning I was prompted into singing it. xD;; Because? I forget why.

So after Ma-chan's party I went back to Tai's with him and Jordan, we played Brawl. ^^ Yessshh I finally got to try it! It was really alot of fun. I really like Peach ( of course ) and Toon Link! 'Cuz I'm a huge fan of Windwaker and stuff.

Then we watched Fox and the Hound before we went to bed. That is a really good movie. >_< It had been years and years since I'd seen it in my childhood probably around age 7, so I didn't remember it too much besides the basic plot. It actually had a lot of depth to it I find, having realistic messages like the effect of time and circumstance on friendship, stereotypes, trust, change, and dedication. Plus foxes are cute, so win. <3

Then the next day I went home lol. And that was my weekend!

So I finally started my WoW character on Brandon's account that we're sharing. I pretty much wanted the same thing as I had on my cousin's account, so I made a blood elf hunter but my usual name was taken, so I used Adelwyn instead. I really like her, she's level 8 already. ^^ Quests are really fun and me and Azzy can play together.

Well now I think I'm going to go read more Cardcaptor Sakura. I'm on chapter 24! It's really about time I read this, heehee. Eternal says out~! heart

P.S. That really didn't turn out brief or condensed at all. >_>