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Just Your Seven Day Fool!
Thursday March 6, 2008
Well, my first entry. I can't guarentee they will all be interesting but I can try my best.

Today was a hectic, then fine, then hectic, then stressful, then very stressful and upsetting, then fine, then AMAZING day! I would go through it all again just to be where I am now!

This morning:
I woke up at 6:05. Then 6:25. Then 6:35. Then 6:55. I finally HAD to get up (I usually wake up like this razz ) at seven.
I didn't have a huge breakfast; just the normal muffin and a glass of milk. I went upstairs and sat down at my computer to do some last minute homework to salvage my grade for mid terms! I receive those tomorrow... not fun (Tomorrow will probably be a sad entry). I worked on something for as long as I could until it was 8:00 and I had to RUN to get to the bus on time. I usually do, but whatever xD

At the OC Transpo station:
I forgot to charge my Nintendo DS so I had to stand there... waiting. Luckily, my friend got there like 5 minutes after me (which she like NEVER does) and I had someone to talk to. The bus came early, too! So, looking back it wasn't too bad by this point at all. Things seemed to have actually been going my way.

At School:
The fun, poorly formatted part of this journal! (Maybe I'll format it all properly when I finish, who knows.)
Before Class:
I got there at around 8:30 and classes start at 9:05, so I had lots of time to sit there and relax. Unfortunately... in this time I remembered that I hadn't packed a lunch ^_^;; (I usually forget... some people call me anorexic because they never see me eat.)

First Period- Integrated Tech. (Woodshop):
I worked on a late assignment to get it in for midterm marks. It was nearly done too. I'll have it done in like 3 minutes tomorrow! My group is being so good about my lack of participation on the project ^_^;; I hope they don't get mad.

Second Period- French:
Nothing too interesting happened today. My crush is in my class and I spent most of the time with my eyes closed, imagining a rape scenario xD
Is this awful of me? I wasn't the rapist... I think. biggrin

I thought it would be busy, and it was a tiny bit. Tomorrow... if I'm not overly busy I'll be going in for extra math help because apparently CATHOLIC schools have freaking easy curriculum when compared to the public system. So I'm behind the other kids and almost failing it, even though I was able to be one of the top marks last year in my catholic school!

Third Period: Math
This is where is went from hectic and okay to... ugh.
I didn't understand ANY of it. I even made NOTES explaining how to do it and I'm still like "Umm... wtf?"
Apparently the other kids can solve "3x-23x2x+9-(-5)=-2(5x-6)4(2x+-59) in a matter of seconds and when I try I... get it VERY wrong.
We had homework assigned. I did 4 questions, checked my answers, they were ALL desperately wrong, and I gave up. By this point hunger had begun to set in...

Fourth Period: Gym
I'm not into sports. I'm not strong. I have terrible reflexes... and I was so hungry I could barely stand. We were playing basketball. I was put on a team with a little p***k named Tanor or however the hell he spells it. He tries to bully me, he really does. It's so cute how he fails, and then how I mock him for failtrolling and having no friends (seriously, he has like 1 and that guy doesn't like him much). So I win, because his stupid intimidation tactics don't work on me ^_^
He said something to the gym teacher about being on my team. All I heard was my name, then my teacher saying "He is?" and they were talking for a while. Joy, maybe he told the teacher a lie. I wouldn't put it past him. Oh well, who's going to believe him?
The class went by slowly, and I was just about to collapse, but I made it.

After school:
Oh god... It was fun looking on facebook today ^_^
My crush is single again! I knew it wouldn't last smile there were no PDAs and all that normal love stuff. That made my day to read.
Apparently my friend is feeling upset now. I hope she feels better soon ^_^
I'd write more, but I really must go. Until tomorrow ^_^
,Gindec (10:44pm, completed journal) dramallama

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