It's been a very very very long time since I was last on Gaia. The last time that I was truly on was sometime in the beginning of 2007. Which would make it bout a year and some days. Wow...that is a very long time. And get this...I'm back...with twice the money I had when I left and I'm hardly ever on. I'm on like one or twice a week. If even that. Last week I was on like only one. However the week before that I was on every single day until the wee hours of the night. And now...the lack of sleep I've gotten that week has caught up to me. I need to do something useful with all this stuff that I have on gaia. Sell it maybe? I don't what to do >_<. *farts* Um... ;^_^ that wasn't suppose to happen. I have nothing important to say. Not like what I just said was important. Cause it wasn't. Just felt like the public should know this. Now...after a lil nap I'll have more info that just might be important. Peace out peoples.