The girl sat at her desk twriling around in her chair with a sadden grin. Voices were being heard, but she didn't respond to anyone of them. Finally the clocked beeped letting her now that it was mid-night. With a long sigh, the voices stopped and the girl stood. Her skin as pale as a ghost.

"I'll talk to you guys later. Call me tomorrow ok." she whispered.
"Alex, you alright?" a deep voice said in worry.
"Max, just leave her be. The woman is just tired of listing to us do all of the talking. Let her be." another females voice sounded off.
"Alright Alex, tomorrow....same time?" another males voice shinned in.
"..." her eyes locked on the moon. "Um...yeah. Bye."

As everyone said their 'good-bye's', Alex threw the ear piece down onto the floor and ran out of her room. She stopped when she got to the end of the hall and listened for the movements of her parants. There was none. Slowly she walked down the stairs. Her breath as shallow as a flowing river. You can do this Alex. It's not real. It's just not. she thought as she walked through the front lawn.
From afar, a male watch her walk out and down the street. A grin of pain and pleassure on his face as he watched her. Licking his lips he followed her, but kept far enough to not let her know that he was there. 'Passer by's' that happened to see him following her just ignored it. Pushing it out of their minds as they went about their business. "Heh...I can always count on humans." he uttered, "Stupid ones at that."
Alex drew to a stop as she knelt down to tie her shoe. As she started to tie them, she realized that she was alone. Or so she thought until she heard footsteps. Slowly she glanced behind her and saw no one. Quickly she stood and picked up speed. Glancing behind her every once in a while. As the beach front came into view, she smiled. Feeling that she was safe. Oh, how wrong was she.

"!" the male shouted.
"Ah...!" she screamed as she fell over onto the sand.

The male that was following now hovered ten inches off of the ground. Pacing back and forth in mid air around her. The grin on his face more twisted then before. She scrabbled up to run, but he just kicked her back down onto the ground. She laid there looking up at him in horror. Again she tried to run, but this time he grabbed her pulling her close to his body. She tried to scream, but his hand held a frim grip over her mouth. It was almost so tight that she felt like her lips were fusing with her teeth.
"Why'd you try to run? You hurt my feelings." he said as he licked her face. "Mmm....I can't see why he loves you so much. Heh, but I bet he'll love you even more if you were just like us."

Alex, in a last attemp to be free, sratched the side of his face. As he let her go to tend to his wound, Alex took off running. Past the old abadon buildings, past the clubs, and past the cops. There was no one now who could help her, but she didn't want to see him anymore. Jacob she whispered inside of her head.
As she turned the corner, she ran right into the very male that she was running from. Again, she screamed, but it was only short lived for her quickly placed his hands around her neck. Coking the life from her. She fell to her knees, her eyes locked into his. Tears streamed down the saide of her face and it seemed to be non-ending. Finally he let her go as another shadow stood inches away from his.

"I thought I told you never to lay a hand on her." the voice said calmly, but with a hint of rage.
"Well you didn't say for how long."

Alex watched, her eyes fighting to stay open as they fought. Back and forth. The blows seemed to match. "Michel...."she whispered softly as her eyes closed. There was a thud and then a loud scream. Then there was nothing. Alex opened her eyes and realized that everything was blurried. In a panic as a shadow approached her, Alex threw herself up against the wall and shouted, "Get away!." The figure stopped and laid a hand on hers. Without nothing more said, Alex rushed into his arms.

"Shush..." he cooed. "Shush."
"Michel....I'm....I'm so sorry!." she cried.
"'m sorry. I shouldn't have showed you that." Michel said in a low tone. "Truely sorry for I almost lost you."
" it over?" Tears still falling from her eyes.

Michel helped her to her feet and removed the strands of hair from her face. He smiled and she couldn't help but smile right back at him. Deep down inside them both, they reached an understanding that words weren't needed. He then pulled her into a kiss. The kiss was filled with passion and lust. As they broke away, he wiped the tears from off of her face. Before she could say anything else, Michel placed his finger over her lips and leaned in to whisper something into her ears.
"I love you, Alex."

The sun rose now and Alex laid out across her bed. As the sun touched her skin, she quickly woke and started to mumble something to herself. As she looked around, she noticed that she was back inside of her very own room. Looking out the window, a very sadness came over her. She would never see Michel again and she knew this. Yet the amazing nights that the two had would never go unforgotten.
"I love you too....Michel."