As you would walk into this room, you would now notice that are only two ways out. The back button and the 'x' button, of which closes the window. You pondered on why you were reading this journal in the first place. But what you noticed the most was that now, the once dark room, was brightly lit with electronic lights and that confetti and ribbon strings were falling from everywhere. In the back of the room a scroll rolled down all in large bold kanji lettering, which in English translated to, 'Welcome!'

You would now notice a woman who had been standing there the whole time right next to you, wearing a blue kimono and some other traditional Japanese dressings. She clapped her hands and gave a warm smile. "Welcome! To Lilah's Place! As you can see, I've been typing in paragraph's. Haha. I'm trying to up my RPing skills to possibly Adv. Lit. Wouldn't that be great?" This woman, who has yet to give her name, placed a hand upon her chest and sighed happily. If your a guy, you would notice, possibly, what large breasts she had. If your not a guy, but yet a girl, you probably wouldn't care.

"Anyway, my name is Lilah! It's nice to have a visitor to spring all that confetti on. Haha. So brush yourself off and come have a seat. Now your probably wondering, why I'd be doing this in the first place. Well, it's fun. And, I'd like to stay in the RPR AKA The RolePlaying Refuge. Not on this account though, my other one. Ahaha." She smiled once more before taking you by the hand and pulling you towards the bar. "Don't be shy. Sit, sit. I would ask how are you but... You'd need to comment. Haha. I don't you waste your comments on me. But this will be ending shortly. I just wanted to go over the simple rules and purposes of Lilah's Place. Well, if anyone reads the manga version of NANA, they would know that Junko has a small mini extra at the end, and would notice that I'm copying her. But no need for a disclaimer, I'm not using any characters from it or anything. So that's good!"

She smiled again before she stood behind the counter. "But anyway, there are hardly any rules. But if you don't like this format of the journal, please tell me. Now, the only rule I can really remember is that even though this is just my roleplaying account, and if you wanted to talk, I'd be both willing to talk to you and add you. Isn't that just great? You get to know the soon to be legendary Lilah under her roleplaying account versus her real one, where she hardly pays attention." This Lilah woman laughed nervously and scratched the back of her neck lightly, making her kimono sleeve slide down her arm, which was slightly tanned like the rest of her skin, and slim and slender. "Well, while I try to get this whole thing figured out, you can go ahead and leave now, since this is the ending. For now anyways. Haha. If you have any idea's of what should go on in Lilah's Place, please send me a PM or a comment. I'll accept any! Except the perverted ones. Perverts shall be punished!!" As she had said that, another kanji scroll was revealed to say 'Beware!!' with a weird evil drawn face at the bottom. "Well, bye bye for now. Thanks for coming to Lilah's Place!" Smiling once more, you got up off the stool seat and walked out into the world of Gaia once more, and went off to explore, pondering on if you should come back or not.

To Be Continued...