As you have noticed once before, there are only two ways out or possibly three if your computer or laptop, which is basically the samething but smaller, hates you. The back button, the 'x' button, of which upon pressing causes the window to close, or an accidental shut down that was going on without your knowing. You walked into Lilah's Place once more, noting that it seemed a tad bit... dusty and that Lilah was trying her best to clean the dust off of every surface that she could but looking as though she had just started a few minutes ago. She looked up and smiled brightly, then straightened up and bowed, still dressed in the traditional Japanese way.

"Irrashai! Or Welcome!" She placed the duster down and walked over to you. She hugged you and stood back, still smiling. "Thank you for coming back. As you can see, I haven't really been open. I've had a sort of... writer's block." She sweatdropped and laughed nervously sratching the back of her neck, making her arm exposed once more. You may take notice of how frequently she may or may not do this and expressed your feelings in the comment box if you wished to do so. Coming back into the Gaia World, inside of Lilah's Place, you noticed that she was pulling you over to the bar once more and sat you down.

"I've also been very busy. You see, my school is hosting a trip to Japan and I chose to go. Now, we have the choice of hosting a Japanese student or not. Of course I chose to, who wouldn't? We've been having meetings about them and their arrival which in about a month! Isn't that exciting?! They arrive March 22 of this year. So I may or may not be on for that whole week. Oh I just can't wait!!" She squealed with excitement and sighed happily.

"Also, as I've said on my profile my family and I have gone away for a bit of the Christmas time to Orlando, Florida. Boy let me tell ya, there were a lot of European's and Asians down there. A couple of whiney kids, but eh. It's Disney. And Universal Studio's... And Sea World... either way! It's fun. I'd recommend it." She gave you a nudge and wink, then smiled sweetly. "That's all for now, but I'll try to make sure you guys know I'm alive." She laughed her trademark laugh and made her trademark gesture and bowed again. "Thank you once again!"

You stood up, getting off of the stool and was about to leave Lilah's Place, until it's owner stopped you. "Wait!! Two more things!!" She said making her trademark laugh and gesture. "Uhm... first, I am now in a band!" She smiled sweetly and clapped her hands together and tilted her head to the side, but only a little. "Yes, lead singer, in fact. Please feel free to congradulate me! And second. I encourage you all to read the fabulous Twilight Series by Miss Stephenie Meyer, even though I gave her the wrong salutation." She sweatdropped and shrugged. "Either way, it's wonderful and recommend it for all intrested in fantasy romances! Thank you again! Have a nice day!!" She bowed once more as you walked out the small bar, back into the world of Gaia once more and wondered if she would keep to her word and pondered on the posibilities of reading this 'Twilight Series' that you know nothing about.