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The truth about love
The truth of love

Love is like a heartache
it hurts real bad
it makes me sad
I cry every night

Love isn't what your friends or family think
it is what you think
Love isn't anyone else's problem
but the peoples in love

Love isn't based upon sex
Love is based upon two people who are exactly alike

Who needs money or cars
when you have love
a relationship isn't perfect
it has its good times and its bad times
and when you argue you make up no matter how bad it is

Cheating is forgivable but if you love the person like you say you do there is no reason to cheat because they are the only person you need.

Love is forever even if you break up
if you loved the person when you
break up you still will.

Love isn't about age, age is just a number, its about how you treat each other not how old they are

Love hurts and sometimes relationships don't work out and you will cry, but you will find true love one day,

You'll never know when love is going to hit you and when it hits you it will hit hard. Once it hits its hard to get back up again.

Love hurts but it is worth the pain.

** Hey i just wanted to show everyone who is in love .... n everyone who has someone special what we go through mentally n physically ... n know thats it's all worth it ......... and never regret ever meeting that person because they were once the only ones who would listen to you **

by:Richel Velez</3

biggrin smile neutral sad cry emo

P.s ((Chris i love you n the other poem wasn't the one i wanted you to see this one was ....... this is the poem one i wrote 4 you ......... the one i put all my thoughts into ........... ... if you pay attention to the worlds you know me better then anyone ...... so u tell me what i was thinking of ....... well....... I love you christopher ......bye*crying*.... ))

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hey chris see if you remember this ............

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(( rofl LMAO rofl ))

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[[Can a heart still bleed once it's already been torn?]]

Miss unperfection
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    Community Member

    Wed Jul 18, 2007 @ 02:00am

    funny blaugh n loving heart ....mostly depressing crying emo

    Community Member

    Sat Jul 28, 2007 @ 07:04pm

    My friend fell in love with someone who is plenty different then her. But they believe in similar things, and have similar things in common. Just enough where they can get a long.

    I know she likes the differences between them, because she wants to know what she knows. I guess?

    User Comments: [2]
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