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poems of how i feel to chris n melissa n imarie

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The wind blows
my hair goes crazy in the air
birds flying above me
while tears run down my face
my blood dripping from my wrist of this cold rainy day
your name is said in a whisper
me knees get weak n i can no longer stand
i lean my head on the cold rusted gate of the roof
and as i look off the roof
i see the sunset and
memories of you and i return to torment me on this day
if ower love was only an illusion
so why is it so hard to let you go
my hair blows in the wind
i feel the drops hit my face like bullets
my tears run down my face like a river
with only your name carved into my chest and a head full of your memoriez
I hear your voice ....
and i turn around to realize.......
my worst nightmare has become reality........
You faded away .............with only lies put into your mind
n left me with the pain of your biggest mistake...........

Love always
- - - -> Kitty<- - - -

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You protected me
helped stop my tears from falling
brought a smile to my face
and now......
you bring me anger
and betrayed me
brought tears n sorrow to my life
a friendship that was strong
is now gone
betrail really hurts
all the lies you spoke of me
will come back to haunt you
if you think i betrayed you
only cause i spoke to him on myspace
well imagine this mel
if you saw us together
and heard that we kissed ....
hearing everyone at school tell you that we were walking all happy together
you would've done the same thing and much more
as for ower friendship
i love you ,i wish you all the best
but i can't forgive and forget
i was too hurt by the both of you
it takes two to kiss ...........
so bye mei

Love always
- - - > Ree-Chee<- - -

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Through everything that i've been going through lately
you've helped me in so many ways
been there when i cried and held me n said " it's okay "
when i tried to cut myslef
when i over dosed on pills
when i went totally crazy in school
you helped me
made me laugh
and forced me to eat
we stood up till 5 in the morning
telling eachother how we feel
took stupid pics together
thanks to you im doing a little better
i'm getting there i guess
you help me so much n i know your true
i love ya girlly !!

Thanks for being there for me n trying to help me move on .............
your the best !

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My thoughts

Walking around the spots
that we used to call owers
places that we explored together
memories that only you and i shared
moments that will last forever
your name ingraved in my chest
a chain to remember you by
ower names in my hallway
your skateboard in my room
..... and a voice mail to remind me
why everything went wrong....
i don't hate you
i love you too much to hate you
but i will never forgive you or forget you
and i hope you never forget me either ........

Bye Chris neutral

"Sometimes you hold on so tight it slips right threw your hands "

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(( why do i even try to be happy ))

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(( i can't go on without friends ))

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(( there's nothing i can do to change the past so oh well ))

Love begins with a smile...
Grows with a kiss...
but ends in a tear ...

Miss unperfection
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    Community Member

    Tue Jul 10, 2007 @ 06:36am

    ....well u wanted me to read it....n i did....thx 4 the poem crying its late....bye

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