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A battle Stadium for literate roleplayers. 

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Vahn Fah

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 02, 2005 10:08 pm


This whole region is haunted by the evils committed upon its scorched earth. Few areas in the entire world have had so many dark deeds perpetrated upon them. From the physical manifestation of Coor, well named for the devious tortures he inflicted upon all of those around him, and even those far away. So many of the horrific things, for that is all they can be called, that he created still remain in one form or another. The rising of Draeger centuries later only rekindled the black magics that had lain dormant. With this resurgence, some of the creatures and beasts that had been trapped were released. While Draeger was eventually defeated, the planet itself did not have the power it once did to seal up the wasting sickness that was the Northernlands.

  • Description:
    Where does one begin describing this festering sore upon the world? Some would say, the most dangerous, others the most mysterious, still others places that treasures may lay. Let us start from the point that civilization leaves off and the corruption begins. The closest civilized people and those with the worst memories of the place are the inhabitants of the Mithral Mountains, far south. Past the mountains, is where the Celeste lowlands, and eventually the Celeste mountains begin-- and past that mountain range, is where the Northerlands start. Adventurers start out from the fishing village located at the base of the Mithral Mountain ranges, and begin the long and dangerous trek.

    The first thing a traveler will notice is that the green scrub and grass quickly becomes sickly and yellow looking. Then, with but a few minutes of travel, one comes to almost a line that marks the beginning of the Dead Lands, as many have named the plains. At this line, all of the plants go from yellow to black, it is rumored that the line of death and decay slowly moves across the landscape. Many report hearing ghostly howls echoing across the plains, and these are the lucky ones, for quite a few adventurers are set upon soon after by misshapen wolves of enormous size. Many believe that these are the same wolves that were once used as mounts by the armies of Coor. The past few decades have seen a resurgence of these packs.

    If one first survives the several days ride in these 'Dead Lands', then they will come upon a forest. In all truth this can not even be called a forest; for all that remains of that once furtile place are endless blackened trunks and splinters of trees. This continues far into the horizon and creates a place for beasts to hide in the shadows and wait upon those that might enter their realm. Blackened rubble and desiccated woodland is all that remains of this once proud example of nature. Adventurers though, flock to this place to fight all manner of the foul thing that has now taken up residence here. Those that return, do in fact come back with some treasures, though many will say that it was not worth the loss of friends, nor the nightmares that will forever haunt them.

    Very few people travel further eastward, deeper into the peninsula and the horror it contains. A vile river of filth, aptly named the Ebony River flows from the Ebony Lake, and cuts across the land like a knife. It is well known that the waters are not to be drunk, and not to even be touched. For, the very waters which run black as night will boil your skin away should you touch them, and if you dare drink them, then your very stomach will melt and run out of you taking your bowels with it. Luckily though, there are some points where the river narrows enough to allow passage by jumping rom one bank to another. Never go near the lake for strange reptiles with thick, mottled scales inhabit it, somehow immune to the poisons it contains. Long razor sharp tongues flick out and can catch a man, slicing him in half. Stay furthest to the south if you dare to journey onward.

    Now, you have reached the Forbidden Zone. So named, for it is believed that Coor forbade the very ground to give life to any living thing. The earth is cracked and dust flies about constantly. No sign of bush nor weed can be found. The very earth cracks with ones footsteps, causing even more dust to fly. It is as if the harsh, gritty, dust attempts to carry on Coor's orders. There is not a single place that it will not invade. Armament, clothing, eyes, throat, all things are prey to its invading force. Whether it is simply the now exhausted mind or some lingering effects of foul magics, but the heat of the sun is enough to crack and blister skin. A man's brain may fry until not even his sanity is left to him.

    If an adventurer is so lucky, or more likely, so cursed he will be living still. Creeping out like a deadly fog, a mesmerizing power will then draw them to the above ground remains of Tak'Dinal. Like a brooding master it sits elevated on an immense plateau. Stone the color of midnight, enormous craters, and downward spiriling staircases to oblivion is all that will great your eyes. Only a few of the strongest have survived this pull. All others have met their death in the depth, or worse they have been subverted into the very creatures that they had been fighting the whole of the way. No contemporary accounts exist of the lands that exist beyond the keep of Tak'Dinal. The looming mountains were only reached a few times in the past and tell of gaping wounds of Eckra's ancient mines. If one so dares to travel to the Northernlands, they better say their goodbyes for they will likely die there.

  • Location:
    Sticking out like some unnatural growth from the mainland of Northern Gaia it thrusts itself out into the sea.

    Originally, the Peninsula was connected to the mainland, however during an old battle, great powers were released and the landscape was drastically altered. Southward there are the sulfurous, smoking volcanoes of the Celeste Mountains.

  • People:
    The dubious title of people could only go to the Orcs & Demons. The most common tales of Coor tell of armies of these creatures. Supposedly they were created from the offspring of human, orc, and giant, with mutations made from foul magics. Once thought to be a myth from ancient texts, some had been rumoured to have been seen amongst the armies that Draeger marched. At first these rumours were just thought to be visions caused by the stresses of battle. Though, with adventurers now coming to these areas in greater numbers independent travellers have given similar descriptions of the inhabitants of this region. Here follows a report from an adventurer who was attacked:

    "I and my five fellow adventurers had made camp for the night in the blasted lands. We had started out twenty strong but had been taken out, piece by piece as we got further in. We dared not have a fire, for the monsters are drawn to it, so we huddled in the freezing night. Oddly so since we burned by day. Without warning it was upon us, my first sign of it was hearing Kurlin next to me scream. Looking at him all I saw was an axe head made of what seemed black metal that had split him nearly in half from top to bottom. Jumping up I only stared at the axe, following the long haft up to the gruesome hand that groped it. The fist that held it was surely the size of my head. I thought it a giant or ogre from its size. But as lightning flashed above, I saw a most twisted site. The face was that of a humanized orc. As if somehow the two had bred and created this monstrosity. It bellowed and when it did so, I saw something that would later haunt me. It was as if its face split apart showing rows of jagged teeth, drool hung down from these wicked teeth. Next it pulled the axe free, it swiped the axe in a circle around it, felling another of my comrades. I began to run for all I was worth, lightning flashed in the sky again and I looked back and there a horrific thing meet my sight. The great creature had Kurlin in it's grip and it's teeth were embedded in his body. I continued to run without ever looking back."

  • Climate:
    Seemingly changing as one journeys through the lands, as if even the weather is against the adventurer. The plains are freezing during day and night, fur is a must to stay warm. Around the Ebony Lake a humid, toxic environment filled with noxious gasses envelops the traveller. Further in, hot, blistering days are followed by freezing nights. Enormous clouds can be seen hovering over the mountains, so while the climate there is not known it is assumed to be filled with snow and ice. Truly the varying climates of the region can only be attributed to the magics seeping out of Tak'Dinal.

  • Flora:
    When one mentions the flora of the area, they can't help but laugh. Well there was a dead bush here that looked like it may have once been leafy. Also some burned out runks that may once have been very tall trees. After an adventurer goes on in this vein for some time it can be seen by the researcher that they will not get much from them. A commom thing said when asked this question is a variation of the following, "I was too busy running and fighting to stop and sniff the withered flowers."

  • Fauna:
    Now this is an interesting thing. How many of the descriptions of creatures are real, and how many are imagined? Others still, such as the Demons may take on multiple shapes from one's nightmares. So, a researcher may only truly describe those things that seem more concrete. This only leaves one creature, an enormous warg. While wargs can be found further to the south, they actually bear only a slight resemblence to those seen here. First of all these creatures are twice the size of their nomal cousins. The thick fur common on southern varieties is once again not seen here, rather it is described to have thin strands of hair covered what appears a reptilian skin of some sorts. Two other characteristics seem to stand out to adventurers. The first being the fangs, the front two canines extend past the others, to a position slightly below the lower jaw. It is said that these fangs can pierce the thickest of plate armour. The second difference is that of the tail, for the last third of it is covered in small spikes that it can actually use to whip about itself, most unlike the near stationary position of the furred tail of a normal warg. It is also much thicker, having a strong muscle there to sweep it to and fro and giving enemies a hard blow with it.

  • Resources:
    No actual resources have been gathered from the peninsula in some time. Tales tell of armies using weapons of black iron, and of countless slaves working the mines in the mountains. Whether the iron is for some reason black upon mining, or if it was treated during forging or in some after process is not known. At one point the forest was a good source of lumber till it became decimated. Rumors of gold and jewels abound, as Draeger not only amassed a large fortune from those he conquered, but supposedly much was mined as well. It are these rumors that help draw adventurers.

  • Myth/Lore:
    Countless myths and lore hover around the place as a vulture around a dying creature.
PostPosted: Sat Jul 02, 2005 10:14 pm


Tak'dinal is located on the peninsula known as the Northernlands in the eastern area of Northern Gaia. It may be the darkest point in all of Northern Gaia. It was the ancient fortress of the physical manifestation of Coor. During an ancient war he was destroyed and the united armies of Northern Gaia spent years cleaning up after his dark magics, which included leveling Tak'Dinal. It once again came into prominence as the source that Draeger used to spread out his poison. It sits there like a blight upon the land, seemingly awaiting for another errant hero to twist to its needs.

  • Description:
    It is said that in the heights of its dark glory the fortress was like a black festering wound that rose up out fo the earth to match the very mountains to the south of it. The following passage is the only record that has survived from those ancient days.

    "We came out of the West after the horrific battle, seeking all that remained of Coor's dark pupils, so we might put a final end to his evil. In fury and righteousness we rode into the desolate wastelands. I saw black towering walls of stone and knew that we were close. To my amazement we traveled for some time before reaching the towering structure. I craned my neck until it nearly came off my neck and still I could not see all of the towers from where I sat upon my horse.

    We pulled up before an enormous iron gate incised with all manner of archaic symbols and designs. There was a silent dread that crept into the combined host as we wondered one and all how we would accomplish the task of destruction set before us. Battlements with jagged teeth and towers with staring windows seemed to mock me. I know not if this despair was but a trick of the enemy or that of our own minds. Luckily one of the few foes left upon the walls cried in pain as an arrow appeared in its throat. With that cry, the spell was broken."

    While not the most descriptive passage, the perspective of size along with the ruins that are found today does make it seem a formidable fortress indeed. Another testament to its strength and the fell power it contains is the simple fact that despite the best efforts of people, all that could be brought down were most of the walls. None of the unknown number of lower depths were cleansed as many were lost in the attempt. It was hoped that the outer destruction of Tak'dinal would be enough.

    The land today is still a blighted waste, despite the attempts of the planet to heal itself. Many walls stand still and several of the towers remain, though ruined. No battlements or butress is the height that it once was, but they are impressive still. Stone blocks of black granite half a man in height lay stacked upon each other. Walking to the edge of a shattered wall, one can see how it is constructed. The block that is the front of the wall is two fores thick. Behind the front block lies a compressed mixture of rubble and volcanic ash one ped thick that is encapsulated by another block of stone in the rear.

    When walking through the towering ruins one comes upon stairwells, ramps, and gaping holes that all lead down to some indeterminable depth. Indistinguishable sounds can at times be heard on the stale breeze. This simply gives rise to more fear as one gets closer.

  • Location:
    The ruins sit near the shores of the Ebony Lake, at the foothills of mountains. The lands around Tak'dinal are known as wastelands, for long ago it is said that Coor cast a spell which forbade any vegetation to grow or any animal to inhabit the area. These areas are all located upon the peninsula of the Northerlands. It is further seperated from the rest of Northern Gaia due to a mighty river.

  • Myth/Lore:
    Many would be hero's have ventured down into the depths of Tak'dinal. It is surmised that they have met their end either by magical traps, fearsome creatures, or at the hands of orcs or demons rumoured to survive in the lower regions. Some fear that those souls that would be heroes are instead transformed and join the darkness of the deeps waiting for another as powerful as Draeger to come lead them.

Vahn Fah

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Poision Jam

PostPosted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 5:44 pm
He stands on top of a rock, his coat whiping through the wind. Snow lands on his helm and melts. This is a repeating process but he is not cold. He burns with fire even though he doesnt know it; fire that can stop the hardest winds and the largest storms. He walks on up the mountain. What is on the top he doesn't know but he longs for it. Longs for a purpose to keep going even though he might have to come back in the end.

Wings of black ash emerge from his back and cover him as he walks up the mountain path.  
PostPosted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 5:58 pm
He notices something out of the corner of his eye he whips around his wings spreading out and a fire ball forming in his hands... But their is nothing their not even a foot print. Maby it was just a piece of his coat that got cut on a rock and flew through the air but he could sence it whatever it was it didnt want him going any futher. So he stayed still not moving a thing.Suddenly he could feel it move through the air in his dirrection coming for a straight attack. He turned around and flung the fireball in that direction. It hit blood started to drop from the air onto the white snow.
he senced that that was the only one for now. He lay down beside the beast still unsure of what it was he could see its pattern in the snow it looked like a wolf of some kind. He got back up and started to walk futher up he could see the summit ahead.
"only a little while longer.",he said smiling under his mask.  

Poision Jam

Poision Jam

PostPosted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 5:37 pm
He reached the top of the summit heart pounding. He digs his hands into the snow and whispers words out into the wind. Snow comes flying off the ground into the air creating a vortex or snow and ice. He gets up and walks into the vortex their is a spark of light and then everything turns back to normal but the man is not their he disapeared.

((will continue in Ethereal Void))  
PostPosted: Sun Nov 27, 2005 9:49 pm
The warm glow of the flames illuminated Methrir, who sat beside the fire pit he'd built just along the edge of the Northernlands. He'd tossed several handfulls of the sickly-looking grass around him into the fire, laughing quietly as the smoke turned a strange rust color as it plumed and surrounded him. "I must use this stuff again sometime," he said, ripping up more handfulls of the putrid foliage and stuffing them into the black satchel beside him, "you just never know."
By now the sun had completely set behind the horizon, and the moon was just begining to rise up behind him. A grotesque sound that could only be described as a howl came from beyond the Northern border, but Methrir gave it no more than a brief acknowledgement as he pointed his eyes in the general direction before turning his attention to his crude campsite. With nothing more than a bedroll, blanket, flint and tinder, some extra furs for warmth and his normal gear, the mad warrior was bound and determined to travel deeper than any other ever had into the ominous realm, for little more reason than to see if it was truly worthy of all the hype it had been given. But tonight was for resting, because he wasn't sure whether or not he'd be getting much more after he crossed the line into the dark land. Smiling, Methrir threw several more handfulls of the putrid grass into the fire, rolled under his blanket and onto his bedroll, and called out loudly to nobody, "Sleep well, my pets. I'll see you all, come morning."



PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 2005 6:02 pm
The night had come and gone, unfortunately, without occurance. Rising with the morning sun, Methrir awoken from his sleep screaming in pain and thrashing his arms about wildly. After several minutes of calming himself down and repeatedly grasping at his face and right arm to make absolute sure they were indeed still attached, he began to break camp as he chatted idley with nobody. "So what do you think we'll encounter out there today? I hope it's something big," he said, rolling up his bedroll before simply dropping it and the blanket back onto the ground with a grin. "We won't really be needing these, will we? The furs should keep us warm enough in the night." With that, Methrir wrapped the large furs around his shoulders and pinning them to his cloak. Taking his censer into his hand, he reached into the satchel he now had slung over one shoulder and across his chest and pulled out a thick disc of incense and dropped it into his censer. Then, taking a smouldering twig from the fire pit, he placed the still burning end onto the disc until a thick smoke began to rise from the censer. "Locust breath," he muttered, dropping the twig to the ground and reaching into his satchel once more, this time pulling out a bloated waterskin and taking a quick drink from it before returning it to its place. He stood staring at the desolate lands ahead of him and smiled wickedly. "I've given you fair warning," he laughed as he charged towards the horizon. "Ready or not, here I COME!"
PostPosted: Thu Dec 01, 2005 4:48 pm
The air had grown cold, and the wind had grown viscious, ruthlessly attacking the exposed flesh of Methrir as he wrapped the animal skins tighter around his body, trying to move faster to keep his blood pumping. He looked down at his censer and scowled. the smoke from his incense no longer engulfed him. Instead it whipped behind him like a ghostly tail. "This simply will not do," he snapped. As he turned back towards the land ahead, something moved just within his peripherial vision, and he quickly turned to face it. But there was nothing there, save for a handfull of gnarled tree trunks. This same thing had happened to him several times before within the past few days of his entering the Northern lands, but this time he was bound and determined to discover who or what was stalking him. "Hello?" he called out, but still nothing. Turning his head away, another glimpse of movement forced him to grab the black chain from his waist and fling the bludgeoning end towards the movement. With a sickening thud, Methrir saw the metal orb collide with the head of an enormous wolf, sending it tumbling to the ground. Methrir cautiously approached, swinging his chain over his head and ready to bring it down in an instant. When he was close enough, it was obvious that the wolf had only been stunned from taking the blow just below the eye, not killed. He smiled wickedly, running his hand over the fur of the animal. "We've found a friend," he laughed. "You wanted to eat me, didn't you? Well you can't. Not without a struggle." Setting his satchel down, Methrir once again began to swing his chain around his body, waiting for the wolf to stand back up. "Whenever you're ready. I'll be waiting."

*Come on, people! Show the new guy some love! I'll have him go across the entire wasteland if I have to! pirate *



PostPosted: Tue Dec 06, 2005 4:49 pm
It took several minutes for the wolf-creature to stand back up, but when it did Methrir recieved the most horrible of stares from the beast as it growled low in its throat and tensed its back legs in preperation to attack. The two circled each other for a minute before the creature finally launched itself at him. Methrir performed a diving somersault, rolling beneath the beast and coming up on his feet behind it, swinging his chain into its back as it landed behind him. With a loud yelp, it dropped to the ground, but only momentarily as it returned to its feet and turned back towards its quarry, albiet with a slight sign of strain. "You're a tough one, aren't you," Methrir quipped, "not many things would be able to even stand after a blow like that." The creature growled again, and Methrir waisted no time in launching his chain towards the wolf-creature again, wrapping one end around its huge muzzle. It should have struck him odd that the beast showed no sign of resistance, but his realization of this came shortly after the beast gave what appeared to be a grin. It jerked its head back, and Methrir instinctively let the chain go, opting not to be hurled through the air and watching as his weapon was tossed behind the creature. "Well that's not good," he smiled. "We acknowledge your superioity in this bout, dog. Now if you'll excuse me..." he was cut off by a deafening howl that escaped the creature's lips before it stalked closer and closer towards him.


The creature stopped immediately, and Methrir tried to turn to see where the voice had come from, but a heavy blow to the head sent him into darkness.
PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2005 11:29 am

Tired eyes fluttered open, revealing a poorly lit room, even less defined by the haze that fogged his vision. He struggled to prop himself on his elbows, shaking his head to disappate the haze. Once his vision had cleared, the chamber became defined, but the question of where he was was far from answered. He lay on what appeared to be the pelt of an animal similar to the one he had been fighting, next to a dying fire several feet away. Aside from those two things, the chamber was empty, devoid of any other signs of life. But he knew there was someone, something, with him. "Show yourself," he said, peering out into the surrounding darkness for any movement, "or I'll force you out of hiding myself." From behind him he heard a slight chuckle.

"How? With a weapon you do not have, or do you intend to smoke me out with what does not burn?"

Methrir went paler than usuall. His equipment was missing. He became frantic, crawling on his knees and waving his hands across the ground in hope to find his chain and censer.

"You will not find them. Not unless you agree to help me."

Defeated, for the first time since he could remember, Methrir sighed heavily, sitting down on the ground with his legs crossed. "What would you have me do?" From the shadows, a figure covered in heavy red robes, his face covered by a low hanging hood.

"This is my land. You are going to help me expand it."



PostPosted: Tue Dec 20, 2005 4:56 pm
Methrir awoke with a start, flailing wildly as he launched himself out from beneath his fur blanket. Looking around, it was apparent that he was no longer in the dank, underground chamber he had been in only moments before. He was, apparently, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the emptiness of the Northern lands. Had it been a dream, or hallucination? He was always aware of when he had become entranced by his own noxious vapors, and he certainly would have remembered if he'd been dreaming. If it had happened, if he'd really spoken to whoever the robed figure was, what was he doing here?

"Welcome to your new home. Here, you shall create the center of the new world."

Methrir stared out around him, noticing that there was nothing with which to build anything, much less the capitol of anything.

"The mountians, on the horizon. You shall take what you need from there. You will be met with aid once you arrive, and then the construction of Oreth shall begin."

"It shall be done."
PostPosted: Tue Dec 20, 2005 5:36 pm

"Burrrr,didn't you say this place was tropical jason?"

"Yeah thats what it says right here in the brochure check it out yourself"

*Takes a look at Northerns brochure .. sigh* "Jason you barhead .. it says here tropical during the winter time and freezing during the summer ahhh"

"Owell we're stuck in this mysterious place for atleast two weeks ,thats when the next plane will come back to pick us up"

"Two weeks!!! ... well i guess we better make the best of our stay here........"

Em01Sh R0cK3R

Em01Sh R0cK3R

PostPosted: Tue Dec 20, 2005 6:02 pm

"Man! i'm freezing lets hurry and try to find a place to stay in for the night"

"Alright alright.. look there's a house on that hill lets go check it out"..*points to the shadowy winterous house on the hill*

PostPosted: Tue Dec 20, 2005 6:10 pm

"Or maybe we shouldn't"

"why what's wrong jason not scared are ya? hahah"

"..... no way! lets go!"

"Thats the spirit!"

Em01Sh R0cK3R


PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2006 2:37 pm
Red could feel the aura of a noxious evil as she approached the land where the grass was changing from yellow to black. She checked her, supplies, a full load of bullets, cartridges and other equipment was with her. There was no point in bring ether suppresant. The point of this mission was to loose herself, to die. Soon the third mark would be on her, and she could leave these lands for the final reckoning. There must have been something immortal under that tower if Forsooth had forced her here. She trudged onwards, watching the grass grow blacker and blacker as the ground became a dead wasteland. All she had to do is tag the tower, and she would be ready. A very simple mission, she hoped.  
Northern parts of Gaia

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