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Grand Academy of Eoana [Not Accepting]

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The fantasy world known as Eoana, where each human is born with a unique power. What will your story be? 

Tags: Fantasy, Magic, Roleplay, Literate, Semi-Literate 

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Camilla Umbrawalker 2nd Year

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NDG Void

Ferocious Guardian

PostPosted: Tue Jan 09, 2018 5:21 pm
Raiment roll  
PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 12:17 am
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              𝓦𝓱𝓸 𝓐𝓶 𝓘?

                    → Name: Camilla Stella Umbrawalker
                        ↳ Nickname:

                    → Age: 19
                    → Gender: Female
                    → Sexuality: Hetero
                    → Kingdom: Valor
                    → Position: Student, 2nd year.
                    → Sees Fairies: No
                    → Physical Stats: 15 [+1 (progression)]
                        Strength: 5 (+1)
                        Endurance: 3
                        Agility: 2
                        Intelligence: 2
                        Charisma: 1
                        Technique: 3

                    → Raiment Stats: 19, B-class [14 (rolled) + 3 (Student) + 4 (Progression)]
                        Power: 8 (5+3)
                        Control: 5 (2+3)
                        Speed: 1
                        Range: 1
                        Technique: 6 (5+1)

              𝓦𝓱𝓪𝓽 𝓒𝓪𝓷 𝓘 𝓓𝓸?

                    → Knit: Enhancer
                        ↳ Raiment: Mortem Accudo
                            Mortem Accudo is an active ability that gives the user incredible strength and destructive power for a limited amount of time.

                            This means that Mortem Accudo, once active, allows the body to overcome its safeguards and allow the user to tap into reservoirs of strength otherwise impossible to achieve, giving the user incredible strength capable of destroying things normal humans wouldn't be able to even crack. As the raiment grows with its user, the time limit and amount of power able to be tapped into will increase, making the user quite a force. Though despite being overwhelmingly strong while Mortem Accudo is active, the user can use this strength in a defensive manner as well. With the great strength granted by this raiment, the user can defend themselves in a variety of ways, striking and breaking weapons, or catching large objects to give an example. Activating Mortem Accudio is almost instantaneous, leaving little room to be interrupted or disrupted. Since this is a skill that must be activated there is a limit to how many times in a day this raiment can be activated and a cooldown between activations, this can be improved with training. The user can, if they so choose, force an activation before it's cooldown time is up at the cost of receiving double the consequences and being unable to use it again for an even longer period of time.

                            However, with all this power comes quite the drawback. When this raiment stops, the user goes into a state of pain and shock due to the stress it put the body through. This has since been named, the Rebound. The Rebound is unavoidable and once inflicted on to the wielder, the wielder can not activate Mortum Accudo again for a long period of time. The Rebound can be activated even if the user gets knocked out. Once the Raiment is deactivated by the users will or an outside force, the Rebound takes effect. The Rebound is a reflection of what the user has done while using Mortem Accudo. This is to say that if the user is using Mortem Accudo but only using 5% of the power given by Mortem Accudo, the Rebound would be significantly less awful than if the user was using it at 10%, or even 50%. To put simply, the more one uses and stays in Mortem Accudo, the more awful the Rebound will be. Forcing the activation of this raiment before the cooldown is over will cause the Rebound to double, making an all around terrible experience even worse. This action can potentially kill the wielder or render them incapacitated for an undetermined amount of time.


                            -The user taps into an unfathomable amount of strength capable of doing inhuman amounts of damage.
                            -As this raiment is further improved the user will be able to sustain it longer and tap into even more power.
                            -Despite its overwhelming offensive capabilities, this raiment is equally strong defensively.


                            -There is a limit to how long Mortem Accudo can remain active.
                            -Once the limit has been reached the Rebound is inflicted upon the user's body. This manifest itself in coughing up blood, collapsing, or being unable to move normally.
                            -If this raiment is activated multiple times in a day before the cooldown expires, the user can potentially die from the doubled Rebound.

                    → Stat Growth: This raiment utilizes the Power, Control, and Technique stats. These stats determine the amount of destructive force, what the user is able to lift or move, and how many times it can be used in a day on top of how long it can be sustained.
                        ↳ Power: This stat determines how much destructive force is brought forth while in Mortem Accudo.

                        1 - 100% of the user's normal strength/ able to lift 300 lbs
                        2 - 150% of the user's normal strength/ able to lift 350 lbs
                        3 - 200% of the user's normal strength/ able to lift 400 lbs
                        4 - 250% of the user's normal strength/ able to lift 450 lbs
                        5 - 300% of the user's normal strength/ able to lift 500 lbs
                        6 - 350% of the user's normal strength/ able to lift 550 lbs
                        7 - 400% of the user's normal strength/ able to lift 600 lbs
                        8 - 450% of the user's normal strength/ able to lift 650 lbs
                        9 - 500% of the user's normal strength/ able to lift 700 lbs

                        ↳ Control: This stat determines how much control the user has over the amount of power being released and controlled. For this to make sense the percentages are in reverse, so in this case, 100% means the user can not control the amount of power being used, which results in all of their power being used. The lower the percentage, the less danger of accidentally killing anyone, and the more control the user has over the amount of power they wish to use for any given situation.

                        1 - 100%
                        2 - 90%
                        3 - 80%
                        4 - 70%
                        5 - 60%
                        6 - 50%
                        7 - 40%
                        8 - 30%
                        9 - 20%

                        ↳ Technique: This stat determines how long the user can remain in Mortem Accudo and how man times in a day it can be used.

                        1 - 3 min duration, 12-hour cooldown
                        2 - 5 min duration, 10-hour cooldown
                        3 - 10 mins duration, 7-hour cooldown
                        4 - 15 min duration, 5-hour cooldown
                        5 - 20 min duration, 3-hour cooldown
                        6 - 30 min duration, 1-hour and 30 min cooldown
                        7 - 40 min duration, 50 min cooldown
                        8 - 50- min duration, 45 min cooldown
                        9 - 1- hour duration, 30 min cooldown


                    She has the body of an up and coming warrior, lean or cut in parts but still retaining a soft feminine look. Don't let that look fool you though.

                    → Strengths:
                        Iron willed
                        Strong in body and in raiment
                        Brave (when not confronted by something she fears)

                    → Weaknesses:
                        Doesn't think things through when under stress
                        Her Father
                        Petty when provoked

                    → Unique Features:
                        When Carmilla turned 15, she was tattooed with her family's crest on her back. tattoo

                    → Personality:
                        Despite her proud demeanor she is actually a very happy and helpful person. Coming from a cold and strict family she tries to perpetuate a different attitude then what she is used to receiving at home. Though she is often misunderstood as snobbish and boastful because of her proud nature, so she doesn't have any friends so to speak. For the most part, she is a kind, sweet, and understanding person. But what most wouldn't know is that she can flip to a serious, more intense attitude in an instant if provoked.

                    → Likes:

                    → Hates/Fears:
                        Big crowds
                        Losing her family


                    Camilla, from the time she was born, has been taught how to be a lady and how to interact with people. Essentially a princess in her home, she's an only child from one of the older, prominent families in Valor. Once she was old enough to walk and understand her surroundings, she was taught how to defend herself. She was trained in several forms of combat from a young age. Hand-to-Hand, sword, polearms, whips, knives, and so on. Her family wanted to make sure she was strong and could handle herself should anymore fighting between Valor and Trendel. When her Raiment finally surfaced her father couldn't have been happier. A Raiment that increased his daughter's combat potential! It was as if the gods had answered their prayers. She showed quick understanding and overwhelming power while using her Raiment. So on top of learning how to defend herself physically, she trained to use her Raiment as well.

                    Her father was determined to make sure he didn't lose his only daughter the same way he lost his eldest son. During the war, the family lost their eldest son leaving Camilla the sole heir to the family fortune, the only one to carry on the family name. However, she was just a baby when this happened so she doesn't remember him or the events that had transpired before her cognitive thought. Camilla was homeschooled for the most part but she wasn't learning to interact with others in a satisfactory manner. She seemed to only like training, learning and playing. But learning to interact with her surroundings proved much more difficult. As the years went on and she turned 15, she was given the choice to carry their families house crest tattooed on her back. Happily accepting she was given the tattoo and wears it proudly.

                    Now 4 years later she is being forced to enroll in the neutral state academy of Eoana to learn to interact with people properly and increase the power of her Raiment and further her training.


NDG Void

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 26, 2018 7:34 am
NDG Void

APPROVED~! heart  
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