Hello to all,

This is your new guild Captain Lord of Apokolips or just Matt. As most of you already know the guild is currently undergoing a large process of change under it's new management. More information on this can be found in this thread here: Guild Rebirth and New Management We in the crew understand that these changes may seem sudden and out of nowhere, but this has actually been a long time coming and the guild is long overdue for some fresh change. We are doing what we believe to best and what Johnny would have wanted done in order to restore the guild.

So as I have said there are going to be a lot of changes to guild policies, bylaws, and long outdated rules that were hindering this guild in several ways. However we do not want to leave any of you in the dark and we want to be a crew that is more in touch with it's members. So the following changes are what are in the works and are just and just a brief look. They will be further expanded upon in the coming days. So here's a peak of the changes coming.

What has been done:

1. We have done a near complete clean out of the current guild roster. There was almost 7 pages of inactive members . These accounts were either mules or just straight up inactive or had already quit. They had been kept in with the hopes that they would would eventually return however since they have been present since the guilds last clean out, nearly a year ago on may of 2016 this has been long overdue. The current roster has been brought down to 3 pages. There are still inactive accounts but these are of members that will more than likely sign in the next 1-2 months. If they fail to sign in by may they will be removed. Now just because you were removed for inactivity does not mean it is permanent. You can apply again once you are active.

2. The Crew has been completely revised. Unnecessary mules and inactive individuals have been demoted from crew and replaced with more active, more experienced and more creative individuals. The remaining Old Timers will either become compliant wit the new policies or face demotion. If the old timers do not respond in the next 2-3 three months there accounts will be demoted, but retain their status as members should they finally return and wish to take part in the changes to come.

3. Complete shut down of the Satellite Guilds: Which as followed are the Justice League Watch Tower, Sentinels of Magic, Brightest Day, Legion of Doom, and Secret Society guilds. In hindsight while these guilds had maintained their own number of rps that contributed to story lines on this one, they also detracted from the activity of this guild and just as this one is no longer active, the satellite guilds are not active either. All rps whether done as Society members or League members will be done in this guild for everyone to see. This will bring back much needed activity and as most of the guild members had both villains and hero accounts it is redundant to have satellite guilds.

4. Complete revising of the current timeline to one that fits more. The guild has gone through several reboots and timeline alterations. There is going to be a new timeline once more and this will be the final timeline that establishes this guilds own continuity. The world we find ourselves will no longer be referred to as the Gaia Universe, but rather Earth 14. The changes and new timelines that come with this will be expanded upon in a different thread

5. A new roleplay schedule similar to the ones established in DC Worldwide and Marvel Universe guilds that both the new crew and myself are part of, will be established. The guild is going to have a more focused overall story that will be built on concrete solidified story lines. A good way to put it? We are building a tapestry here, our own story if you will. The crew is going to create events and roleplays that will become part of official guild continuity.

6. As a result of changes #4 and #5 the guild will no longer accept any marvel characters. This guild is not a fusion of marvel and dc, this guild is a solid DC guild from this point moving forward. The only member excused from this is the Vice Captain Cecilia Reyez the reason being she has been so heavily active in this guild and contributed to its crew so much that it is hard to imagine the guild without her.

7. As stated we will be revising guild time lines and establishing new original continuity. As a result from this point out the guild is no longer 'Multiversity', DCUO, OR DCEU based and all characters will now be revised under the new guild original timeline. Meaning there will not be more than one superman (Unless story line demands it) for example. This not going to be a guild where New Earth Wonder Woman will exist alongside a Prime Earth Batman. Everyone now belongs to Earth 14 with their own story and tales. This is beneficial to the new members coming in who don't have to worry about following the strict in guild history set by their previous counterparts and allows for certain creative liberties. Your characters can have influences from those universes or their origins but when this new guild timeline starts every hero will already be 7-10 years into their respective hero or villain careers.

8. Revision of the guild front page to something more simplistic and straight to the point. There will be a thread where two brand new images are going to be posted and all of you will have the chance to vote on which one you would like to be the guild home page image. The second picture will be the official image of the new guild recruitment threads that will be posted in the forums to bring in fresh blood.

9. Revising of guild policies and bylaws, focusing particularly on those affecting the crew, banning process, disciplinary action as well as guild application screening and no drama. The old rules are going to be heavily revised.

10. Establishment of mule/delinquent characters, focusing and encouraging people to take on extra roles when needed as long as the can prove themselves active. Policies will be put into place regarding this.

11. Expansion of both our Justice League and Secret Society Rosters and brand new foundation of a young justice team.

12. Formation of a guild alliance-network with the DC Worldwide, Marvel Universe, Phenomenal, Inhuman, Star Wars, Sword and Sorcery and Halo Universe Guilds. This is build prosperity not only in this guild but the others as well and will provide a wuick and easy way to not only bring in new members but also enable each of you to have the opportunity to try your hands at new experiences and further expand upon your skills.

13: No applications for OC characters will be accepted for the next three months until guild roster and activity has currently picked up. If provided an excellent case this may be circumvent. This is not us picking on Original Characters, however before we can allow the continued induction of OCs we need to build up on our roster of Cannon characters. In 90 days we will allow Ocs to be accepted once more.

14. Introduction of an actual skype group. What has helped our other guilds to prosper was the fact that we are actively using a skype group where we are all chatting every day. This skype group has members from the Marvel and DC Worldwide guild and it is where we not only helping to create detailed and creative plotlines and new ways to help the guild prosper but we are also building strong bonds with one another. If you are interested in joining. To join just message either Man of Steel Superman , Nocturnal Vigilante, or myself to enter.

We also talk about movies, other comics, video games and just anything in general. Every week or two we also enjoy games of online cards against humanity and also get to use a group payed Marvel sponsored comic app that allows each of us to read well over 20,000 comics from marvel. Said app is Marvel Unlimited if you were curious. Very much worth it

All of this is what is in the works right now. These are methods that we used to establish a continued success in both guilds DC Worldwide and Marvel Universe, they are tried and tested and we believe they will help bring this guild back to life. Please feel free to give us some feed back. What are your thoughts? Do you need anything further explained? Any general questions or even new ideas? We are always willing to answer any of your questions. So do not be afraid.

Thank you all.