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Heroes Of Justice VS. Villains Of Doom

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A DC Comics Roleplaying Guild 

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Guild Rebirth and New Management

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Lord of Apokolips

PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 3:00 pm
Greetings to all, I am the Lord of Apokolips, although many of you may know me by another name. Matthew or Matt. I, like all of you, was a roleplayer in this guild.I have been since the very beginning. I was both a friend and enemy of Furious Styles not that he ever considered me such. Alas, those were during the days of my youth. I have watched grow and develop from it's very induction, I have seen it go through it's best times and it's worst times. I have built memories with many of you, some good, some bad. Before Furious had passed away, we had both finally left off on good terms. We shared many ideas for different roleplays and how best to implement them and of course, how to revitalize this guild.

Sadly, Furious or Johnny, I should say, passed away before those dreams could be realized. His passing struck all of us hard and it seemed like it was the final nail in this coffin for the guild which had experienced an intense bout of inactivity for a time. Before his passing, Johnny had entrusted this guild to Wonder Girl. However, it has been several months since his passing and she has been to stricken with grief as well as work in the real world. Both of which are understandable. However, inactivity and inaction does not help this guild and it does not bring honor to Johnny's name and what his aspirations for this guild.

After discussing these matters with two other vice captains of this guild, it was determined that among the three of us, who knew Johnny very well, that someone who had experience in not only crafting and managing multiple roleplays event but was also well versed in guild management and who has enough time to dedicate to bringing activity to this guild. It was decided that I was best suited for the role. So it is with a heavy heart and the best of intentions that I have taken ownership of the VS guild.

To some of you, mainly fellow crew and vice captains, this may seem like a coup or take over. However, I am telling you now that that is not the case. It is an attempt at salvaging this guild and restoring it's activity to what it had once been. Whether you agree with it or not, it is with the best intentions. You may feel free to protest this, you may feel free to quit the guild. That is your right. However this new management is for the best and it is here to stay. You will not be judged. Ask yourselves? What would Furious want you to do?

My first four acts upon taking ownership of the guild?
1.The removal of nearly 4 out of 7 pages of inactive members that have not posted in well over a year and in some cases since 2013.

2. The demotion of several vice captains and crew members and shortening of the guilds leadership.

3. The installation of three new crew members to help bring a new perspective to the guild, more experienced management , as well as a dedicated and experienced creative writing team.

4. All satellite guilds that were once part of a RP network such as the Justice League Watch Tower, Secret Society, Justice Society and Legion of Doom are now no longer considered part of this guild. All Rps will now consolidated in this guild to encourage full guild prosperity and activity

So what happens now?
In the coming days the crew is going to start working on developing an actual schedule of roleplays that will be displayed publically for everyone to see and so that there is no transparency. A new timeline is going to be written that will not only bring some freshness to this guild but at the same time honor Furious's glorious memories and actions. A new stock of roleplayers are going to be recruited into the guild. A brand new guild network is going to be established solidifying alliances with several other guilds that will bring new prosperity to all guilds associated with it is under works.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and I and the crew look forward to the activity that will soon follow. Please feel free to leave a comment.
PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 4:08 pm
I look forward to seeing this guild thrive again. As Matt mentioned, I am one of the new three additions to this guild and am honored to take up the role of Superman/Kal-El/Clark Kent. I hope to see members new and old come together and have fun and continue to create memories as this guild is known for. And if you ever have a concern know I am always here to assist you in the best way possible.  

Man Of Steel Superman

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 6:49 pm
In 1963, the United States when through a difficult transition in leadership transition as John F. Kennedy was assassinated and Lyndon Banes Johnson was sworn in as President. It a heavy burden to be in such a position to be President of the United States, specially under the circumstances LBJ was placed in to fill such a void JFK had left in our government and our society at that time.

Today we face different, but similar circumstances in magnitude in the VS Guild. We’ve witnessed the passing of our great leader, our proverbial Optimus Prime, greatest hero FuriousStyles, or as many of his close friends call him Johnny, who was and is the foundation of the comic book roleplaying community here on gaia. I think of him fondly, and I miss the conversations I had with him to this day. With all of us, even though he is physically gone, he continues to live on in our memories, hearts, and minds. What he did do with the VS Guild and the rp community is leave a legacy behind with the experiences we’ve had with him, and his roleplays and writings, which continue to live on in this guild and beyond exceeding the ephemeral and the eternal.

Through our conversations through out the years, Johnny did talk about retiring and wanting to pass the reigns on to someone else. He talked about wanting me to take over, to which I declined, due to the burden being in the type of position he was in. Point being he wanted someone to continue his work, his legacy, his empire, and I knew that couldn’t be myself but someone else.

So he chose Cassie, Donna, and a few others to lead considering the conditions and circumstances she was placed in has done an admiral job all things considered. But I firmly believe based on my friendship and conversations with Johnny he’d want the VS Guild to continue, and would want this community to flourish. This decision in the change of administration doesn’t come easy. That is the burden of leadership positions face is making hard decisions. Words are hard to describe the determination and iron will of pressing and continuing on his work.

After working with Matt the past couple of years along with some of the new crew members, there is no other team that can lead this guild, this community into a new and different era that will be in the most capable hands imaginable. We will preserve the memory and legacy of Furious Styles, and so will the stories that we tell. Progress doesn’t come easily, and it hasn’t always followed a straight line, but to paraphrase words of Lyndon Banes Johnson in his first address to congress as president, let us continue.

To those that are still here, we welcome you and look forward to working with you. To those that have doubts and fears, cast that aside, and let us see what we all can accomplish together. To those that are angry or wish to leave due to this decision, our intentions are not to harm, diminish anyone or the legacy of Furious Styles but to continue and preserve it, and we hope to see your feelings and opinions change that you will join and work with us. To all, we are here, our doors are open, and we are listening.

Thank you all  
PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 7:43 pm
This is a great way to head towards a broader expansion in terms of having this guild which has gone forward for years on end, continue leading the path. I'm excited to be part of something bigger as I have branched out quite a lot with other guilds and intend to keep a more active role in all which I am a part of.  

Dinah LaureI Lance

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 10:14 pm
-salutes- yep, got my vote.  
PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 4:51 pm
Sounds like a plan, big guy. Good luck.  

The Kawaii Villain

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 6:30 pm
Awesome! I'm looking forward to roleplaying with you!  
Heroes Of Justice VS. Villains Of Doom

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