cєℓєsтιαℓ ғιʀєғℓιєs:

Somehow, I got suckered into loving the heck out of this bird. If I lived on my own & alone, that bird would be in my house yesterday. It totally breaks my heart to leave her at work every day. :'(

She's a green cheek conure. She's the only one we've ever had that's been SUPER friendly. We've had some tame ones, but she actually runs up to see me whenever I walk by and starts getting excited. She rubs her head against the glass like, "PET ME. PET ME NOW. WHY CAN'T YOU PET ME?!"

The funny thing is? I watch other people walk by and she doesn't get excited like that. In fact, I was showing off how friendly she was and encouraged some customers to interact with her as well. As soon as I walked off, she followed me until she hit the edge of the cage and started looking really sad/disinterested in everything else. So, yeah, this bird has me hook line and sinker. lol

The only problem is our place is really small and my fiance is very firm on NO MORE ANIMALS. ... Even though we're looking for a house. ;c He isn't a bird person at all, to make it even harder to sweet talk him. I personally think we could make do until then, but I respect his wishes. It's his home, too.

But anyways, since she's so sociable, I definitely see her going quickly. I actually teared up tonight thinking of her being sold to a stranger. Who may or may not know how to take care of a bird. You'd be surprised to know how much money people will drop on something they don't know anything about/may not even like. Ugh. sad I really, honestly don't like my job sometimes.