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A random-based guild in which you may literally spam, chat, and do whatever you want. (Just follow the TOS and have fun!!!) 

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This quiz...
  Is long, holy crap, Saku! (I told you!)
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Sakura Ashida

PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 11:15 am
Well, I was asked to put this in the quizzes subforum, so... We'll see how this goes! Sorry ahead of time, it's 1,079 questions long. He asks a couple more than once, so... Same rules apply for this quiz like in every other Gaia quiz to earn gold. One post at a time. Have fun!

(Don't shoot down the messenger!)

The Quiz:

1. Whats your name?
2. How much gold do you have?
3. How much gold would you like to have?
4. Whats your favorite Item?
5. Whats your favorite evolving item?
6. How long have you been on gaia?
7. How old are you?
8. Do you like being that age?
9. If you could choose an age, what would it be?
10. Do you have any siblings
11. If so, do you like them?
12. Whats your favorite food?
13. Can you cook that food yourself?
14. Whats your favorite restaraunt?
15. What country do you live in?
16. If the USA, what state?
17. Would you like to move?
18. If yes on the last question, where to?
19. Do you like snow?
20. Do you like summer or winter better?
21. Spring or Fall?
22. Whats your favorite holiday?
23. Whats your favorite number?
24. Favorite letter of the alphabet?
25. angel or devil?

26. fly by plane or go by boat?
27. Do you like flying at all?
28. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
29. What language do you wish you could speak?
30. which one, rock climbing or wind surfing?
31. black or white?
32. in color or black and white.
33. most memorable moment?
34. do you wear perfume/cologne(yes/no)?
35. If so, what scent/brand do you wear?
36. Do you like the oposite sex to wear perfume/colonge?
37. Are you allergic to anything?
38. Are you thinking you'll finish this quiz?
39. Every play the game truth or dare?
40. What was the worst dare that you were told to do?
41. Do you lie to your parents?
42. What was the last thing you lied about?
43. Do you know all your prior presidents names?
44. Who was the 24th president?
45. Who was in office for 12 years?
46. Did you just look those last 2 answers up on google or another site?
47. Do you have a dream avi?
48. Whats the most expensive item you have?
49. What does "brb" stand for?

50. What does "lawl" stand for?
51. Name a celebrity off the top of your head?
52. Has this person played in any movies?
53. Is this celebrity married/divourced or single?
54. Would you like to meet this person?
55. What are you wearing right now?
56. What is the current time?
57. How many items are on your wishlist?
58. Whats your favorite song?
59. Does this song remind you of anything?
60. Do you have a gf/bf?
61. How tall are you?
62. Are you gaining any gold?
63. How many pages is this quiz now?
64. What brand of shoe do you wear?
65. Do you prefer boots or shoes?
66. Whats your favorite color?
67. Have i repeated any questions?
68. Do you know where the name teddy bear came from.
69. do you like stuffed animals or beanie babies?
70. jig-saw puzzle or rubix cube
71. Newspaper or Magazine?
72. How long is your hair?
73. What color is your hair?
74. Have you colored your hair at all?

75. Do you have any messengers?
76. Would you ever PM me?
77. Have you ever donated before?
78. How many times have you traded?
79. Have you been in the cinema's?
80. Do you hate how you can't go into 11-20 cinema's
81. Have you ever been hacked?
82. If you have, what did you lose?
83. Do you have a myspace?
84. Do you have facebook?
85. Do you have your own computer/laptop?
86. Are you a good or bad person?
87. Why are you a good or bad person (reason)
88. Ever been suspended from school?
89. What is your favorite book?
90. Why is it your favorite book (reason)?
91. What was/is your favorite toy to have in the bathtub?
92. Do you know what the Bush doctrine is?
93. Whats a resolution you have for the new year?
94. Whats your favorite T.V show?
95. How many hours do you spend online each day?
96. What's your favorite disney princess or vilian?
97. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?
98. Ever like fluffy bunnies or any other animal?
99. Are you bored of this quiz?

100. Do you play sports(yes/no)?
101. What sport do you play?
102. How long have you played that sport?
103. Are you wanting to go pro?
104. Do you have a Cell phone?
105. Ever been stalked before?
106. Ever been thrown a suprise party?
107. When was your last birthday party?
108. How many friends do you have on gaia?
109. Do you prefer pepsi or coke?
110. from the last question, would that one beat Dr. Peper?
111. What color are your walls in your room?
112. Do you have any pets(yes/no)?
113. How many pets do you have, and what are they?
114. Do you get along with your parents?
115. What was the best gift you've recieved?
116. Are you listening to music right now?
117. How many gaia accounts do you have?
118. When was the last time you took a shower?
119. Are you wearing a hat or scarf?
120. Scooby doo or Scooby Dumb?
121. Do you like Scrappy Doo?
122. Daphny or Velma?
123. Fred or Shaggy?
124. Have you ever seen "that 70's show"?

125. If so, who's your favorite from it?
126. Do you text or call people more?
127. iPod or MP3?
128. Shrek or Donkey?
129. Ever watch all three movies of Shrek?
130. Which one was your favorite?
131. Harry potter or Twilight?
132. If harry potter which book is better?
133. If Twilight, which book is better?
134. Which harry potter movie thats outs, do you like more?
135. Who is your favorite character from Harry Potter (not actor)?
136. Daniel Radcliffe or Tom Felton (harry or draco)?
137. Emma watson or Bonnie Write (hermione or Ginny)?
138. Do you like Edward from Twilight?
139. Why are you still doing this quiz?
140. Write the alphabet from A-Z in different Posts..
141. Write your User name by each letter in different posts..
142. Did you really do the last 2 questions?
143. Did you see the movie "camp rock" (yes/no)?
144. Did you like it?
145. Who's your favorite Jonas brother?
146. Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise?
147. T.V show "Friends" or "The Office"?
148. Which one "Bruce Almighty" or "Evan Almighty 2"?
149. Do you like Jim Carrey?

150. Are you into comedy?
151. Rap or Hip Hop?
152. Rock or R&B?
153. Gold or Silver?
154. Necklace or bracelet?
155. Dog taggs or Chains?
156. Lefty or Righty (writing hand)?
157. Do you wear glasses or contacts?
158. Shorts or Pants?
159. Do you listen to the radio?
160. The Beatles or The Beach Boys?
161. Are you Straight/Bi/ or Gay?
162. Did you agree to the marrige law?
163. Do you like our new president?
164. Did you want McCain to win?
165. When bored, did you ever write on yourself with pen?
166. Are you sarcastic?
167. Do you sing in the shower?
168. Do you dance randomly?
169. Ever been caught dancing randomly?
170. Did you ever perform in a school talent show?
171. Do you watch American Idol?
172. Do you watch "So You Think You Can Dance?
173. Do you crack your fingers or "pop"?
174. Do you have any cousins?

175. Do you like your cousins?
176. What are you doing or what did you do for thanksgiving?
177. Are you excited for Christmas?
178. Do you know the actual spirit of christmas?
179. Have you ever run into a screen door?
180. Have you ever broke a bone , which one?
181. What color cast did you have ?
182. Ever sit on a tac?
183. Ever pull a prank on someone?
184. What was the prank you pulled?
185. Can you multi task?
186. Do you like to bowl?
187. What was your highest score?
188. Do you play cards?
189. What are you questing for?
190. Skii or Snowboard?
191. Swimming pool or ocean?
192. one piece or two piece(girls) speedo or swim trunks(guys)??
193. Swimming pool or Jacuzzi(hot top)?
194. Blind date or actual date?
195. Single date or double date?
196. Flowers or Chocolate, (to give, or recieve)?
197. Funniest pick up line you've used/heard?
198. Who was your first kiss?
199. Do you remember ever second of that day?

200. Does your bedroom have a window?
201. How many text's do you send each month?
202. If you had to lose one which would it be , cell phone or computer?
203. Do you feel the computer makes you procrastinate?
204. Do you watch the news?
205. Are you worried about your future?
206. What is your current mood?
207. Do you own a flash drive?
208. Can you drive?
209. If you can, do you have a car?
210. How long have you been able to drive?
211. Do you have a permit or license?
212. the Moon or the Sun?
213. Day or night?
214. Cold weather or warm weather?
215. Ever been on a cruise?
216. If so which cruise?
217. Do you find someone people really annoying?
218. Whats your favorite activity?
219. Whats your favorite radio station?
220. If you had a certain power, what would it be?
221. Being able to fly or teleport?
222. dark or light?
223. cat or dog?
224. Did you ever go to the zoo?

225. Ever go on a school trip out of state?
226. City bus or school bus?
227. Do you have photoshop?
228. Brownies or Cake?
229. Favorite dessert?
230. Favorite breakfast meal?
231. Favorite dinner meal?
232. Do you get mad often?
233. How many bf's/gf's have you had?
234. How late do you usually stay up?
235. Who's your favorite super hero?
236. Have you ever beaten up someone?
237. Were you ever beaten up?
238. Were you ever bullied around?
239. How many times has your family moved?
240. Are you an organized person?
241. When was the last time you were outside?
242. Do you lock the door to your room?
243. Do you have a sign on your door?
244. Do you know who Dane Cook is?
245. If i said blue , what would you respond?
246. Do you like going to the doctor?
247. Do you like going to the dentist?
248. When was your last shot you had to get?
249. How much money is in your purse/wallet?

250. Are you a photogenic person?
251. Whats your favorite amusement park?
252. Do you like roller coasters?
253. Do you like water rides more then bumper cars?
254. Would you get in trouble if your parents found you up late?
255. Will you be going to High school Prom?
256. How early do you get to school?
257. Do you like any of your teachers?
258. Would you be upset/mad if school was all year long?
259. Would you rather have year round school.. so only like 3 weeks of summer?
260. Have you ever climbed a mountain(gone hiking)?
261. Ever sing kareoke?
262. If you could have a wild animal as a pet, what would it be?
263. A sweater or sweat shirt?
264. A hoodie or no hoodie?
265. Do you like bugs?
266. milk or chocolate milk?
267. Chocolate Chip cookies or oreo's?
268. Santa or the Sand man?
269. Father time or Mother Nature?
270. Wind or Fire (which element)?
271. Do you like the rain?
272. Ever build something?
273. Ever build a snow man?
274. Ever been to the Mall of America in Minnesota?

275. Ever been to Sixx Flaggs?
276. Ever fart during class?
277. Do you get nervice when your in front of the class?
278. Can you believe that your almost a quarter of the way through?
279. What are you thinking right now?
280. Do you like rainbows?
281. Do you like anime?
282. Do you draw any good?
283. If you saw a homless guy on the streets, what would you do?
284. Do you help out in any charity's?
285. Ever have to do community survice?
286. Does your internet act up all the time?
287. How many posts have you done now?
288. How much gold have you gained?
289. Would you ever fly up to the moon?
290. Ever embarasse yourself in front of someone you like?
291. Do you studder when you speak sometimes?
292. Are you a good speller?
293. Whats your favorite class for school?
294. Do you live in a home/apartment without your parents?
295. Are you hungry?
296. What was the last thing you ate?
297. What color are your eyes?
298. Could you guess what mine are?
299. What grade are you in at school?

300. Ever see the movie "300"?
301. Do you have and use a web cam?
302. Are you into photography?
303. Do you go on "photobucket"?
304. Whats your favorite candy?
305. Sweet or sour?
306. what instrument do you wish you could play if you can't already?
307. What instrument do you like to play?
308. Ever wish you could be in a band?
309. if you were an inatiment object what would you be?
310. Buy any new items?
311. Do you believe in love?
312. Do you believe in love at first site?
313. Have you ever been in love?
314. Ever had a heart break?
315. Have you ever broken someones heart?
316. Do you like him/her but she/he likes someone else?
317. Ever been to the Grand Canyon in Arizona?
318. Ever been to las Vegas?
319. What was the last national monument you've seen?
320. Ever been to a concert?
321. Ever been back stage at a concert?
322. Who's concert would you like to see?
323. Ever keep a secret journal/diary?
324. Have you ever had a wet dream?

325. How many pillows do you sleep with?
326. When listening to music, does your head or feet move to the beat?
327. Can you sing(actually really good at it)?
328. Whats a hidden talent you have?
329. Whats your dream vehical(car/truck/etc.), explain in details)?
330. Do you keep boxes that you've bought things in(for a long period of time)?
331. Do you work out?
332. Do you believe in ghost stories?
333. Have you even gone camping?
334. When you camped, did you tell/listen to ghost stories?
335. Do you sleep with some sort of night light?
336. Do you have a special blanky that you sleep with?
337. Watermelon or strawberries?
338. Ice Tea or Green Tea?
339. Rock or Country?
340. Fabreeze or Glade?
341. Would you consider yourself a circle or square?
342. ROFL or LMAO?
343. Ever think of your dream wedding?
344. Do you keep change in your pokets?
345. Whats something daily that you consume?
346. The Blue Jackets or Red Coats?
347. Germany or Italy?
348. Do you have your class ring?
349. Do you think rain hides your feelings?

350. When was the last time you yelled?
351. When was the last time you said "sorry" to someone?
352. Who's birthday is coming up that you know of?
353. How old will that person be?
354. Do you believe in magic?
355. Benny the puppy or Momo the monkey?
356. The Patriots or Cults?
357. Have you ever gone tanning?
358. Do you use sun tan lotion?
359. hycups or burbs?
360. Cash or Credit?
361. Whats the funniest nick name you call someone?
362. Do you have any tattoo's (yes/no)?
363. Would you like a tattoo (yes/no)?
364. What design tattoo would you want?
365. Do you like guys/girls with tattoo's?
366. Girls, do you like jock or preppy guys...guys, do you like preppy, or sporty girls?
367. Do you flip your hair around a lot?
368. Have you ever dreamed in black and white?
369. Who's your favorite sports team? (any sport)
370. Have you ever gone ice skating?
371. Did you ever fall on your butt when you first started to skate?
372. Can you remember how many bruises you've had?
373. Do you get physically hurt often?
374. When was the last time you were in the hospital?

375. What would you be if you were in a royal family? (position)
376. Do yo like adolph hitler.
377. If you could go to any planet, which would it be?
378. Do you like marshmello's?
379. Do you like smores?
380. Ever roast a marsmello?
381. Ever sit by a camp fire?
382. Have you been to a beach?
383. Sharpie, or regular pen?
384. pencil or highlighter?
385. Would you rather have blue eyes or green eyes?
386. Ever eat sushi?
387. Do you like fish?
388. Ever been to Japan?
389. Do you watch the Olympics?
390. Whats your favorite sport/event that goes on in the Olympics?
391. Side walk or street?
392. Do you cook for your family?
393. Do you watch video's on youtube?
394. Do you have a face book account?
395. Are you going to school?
396. Do you like icecream?
397. Pudding or Apple sauce?
398. Target or Walmart?
399. Circle K or 7/11?

400. Do you use shampoo and conditioner?
401. When you were little, what dream job did you want?
402. Do you park in the handi-capped spots when you shouldnt?
403. If you could be someone for one day, who would it be?
404. Do you watch the show "myth busters"?
405. Do onions really make you cry?
406. a Wii or PS3?
407. Has your house ever been broken into?
408. Have you ever won a contest?
409. Does your mom order from AVON?
410. Do you play pool?
411. How many cars do you have?
412. How many friends are online?
413. Have you entered your avi/house/art into a contest?
414. Do you keep your room clean or messy?
415. How many DVD's do you own?
416. Do you still have toy's from your childhood?
417. Have you ever used a compass before?
418. Ever sleep in a sleeping bag?
419. Whats your favorite flavor of Jam?
420. Did you watch the movie "Titanic"?
421. Ever gone on a road trip?
422. Do you know your Nick stars?
423. Do you have poster on your wall?
424. Does your school have a cool mascot?

425. When is the next leap year?
426. Do you like farm animals?
427. Do you own any "transformer" toys?
428. Did you ever see the movie?
429. Is lunch your favorite subject in school?
430. What state/country were you born at?
431. Can you tan, or just burn?
432. Do you believe in UFO's?
433. How long does it take you to read a book?
434. Can you do math(like REALLY GOOD MATH(algebra)?
435. Robots or computers?
436. How many shirts do you own?
437. How many pairs of pants do you own?
438. Direct TV or Dish Network?
439. Most watched Channel in your house hold?
440. Does your family own a gun?
441. Do you believe in dinosaurs?
442. Where is Austria-Hungary located?
443. Do you like kids?
444. Do you believe there is a North Pole?
445. Are you smart then a 5th grader?
446. Can you play the piano?
447. Have you painted a room before?
448. what game systems do you own?
449. Do you like crackers?

450. Do you have a beaty mark?
451. Which version of Charler and the chocolate factory do you like better?
452. Have you ever had brain freeze?
453. Have you ever been tackled by a best friend?
454. Ever been bitten by a snake?
455. Do you know what type of snake it was?
456. Do you play golf?
457. How many positions are there played on the baseball field?
458. Tile or carpet?
459. What games do you have installed in your computer?
460. Have you ever disrupted class for talking?
461. Have you ever disrupted class for accidently laughing loudly?
462. Ever play any old fashion game like (pac-man/snake, or pong)?
463. Can you build or rebuild cars?
464. Can you plan or throw a party?
465. How much can you bench?
467. Can you put your foot behind your head?
468. Are you flexable?
469. Can you touch your toes?
470. Do you surf channels during commercials?
471. Have you ever gotten anyone sick?
472. Ever got sick on a fair ride?
473. Ever go on a ride a long with a police officer?
474. Ever get revenge on someone?

475. Is your bathroom clean?
476. Do you like squeaky toys?
477. Have you lost something important to you?
478. Do you sometimes wear socks that don't match?
479. Do you like graffiti art?
480. Have you ever laughed so hard that you cried?
481. Whats the craziest thing you've fed your dog?
482. Do you have a doll/action figure collection?
483. Are you a noob?
484. Does your other sibling have achne?
485. Have you cut your own hair?
486. Do your parents snore?
487. Do you snore?
488. Ever trip over something?
489. Ever get stong by a bee?
490. Do you get interupted a lot?
491. Do you interupt people a lot?
492. Can you cook on a barbecue?
493. Ever jump off the roof into a pool?
494. Do you like the taste of the envelope?
495. Do you like ketchup?
496. Favorite candy bar?
497. What do you by most of at a convenience store?
498. How often do you go to one?(from above).
499. Do you mix your fountain drinks together?

500. Are you Bilingual?
501. Ever wanna walk the red carpet?
502. What did you do last valentines day?
503. Do you buy gifts for your friends on christmas?
504. Do you listen to the stocks giving by the government?
505. Are you tired of this quiz yet?
506. Horror movies or action movies?
507. Ever have a water bed?
508. Would you ever drive/ride a motor cycle?
509. Ever play tag (laser tag)?
510. What type of pie?
511. How many times have you changed your user name?
512. How many times have you changed the look of your avi?(eyes)
513. What was the last thing you drank?
514. Do you sing disney songs?
515. Single or Taken?
516. Do you wanna be the oposite of what you just answered?
517. Ever seen "phantom of the opera" as a play?
518. What other play's have you seen?
519. Ever seen a show on broadway ?
520. Ever been to Wall st. ?
521. Where did you spend your last New Years Eve?
522. Do you/Did you have family coming/come for thanksgiving?
523. Have you been stressed lately?
524. Do you have any scares on your body?

525. Do you know how to snowboard?
526. Would you teach me how to do some cool tricks (question from above) ^^??
527. Ever been in a snowboarding/skiing competition?
528. Ever watch the Spelling Bee competition?
529. Were you ever IN a spelling Bee competition?
530. Who taught you how to swim?
531. Ever hack someone?
532. Has someone ever stalked you?
533. Have you ever dumped someone?
534. Has someone ever dumped you?
535. What your longest sitting period on your computer?(that you never left its site).
536. How many essay's have you had to write in your educational period?
537. Ever been lied to?
538. Ever lie to someone?
539. do you have the shirt "i'm with stupid"?
540. Is your light on in your room?
541. Do you have any fears (yes/no)?
542. What are they?
543. Why are are affraid of it/them?
544. What do you think about "across the univers"?
545. Whats one thing you wish you could know right now?
546. What did you dream about last night?
547. Do you like musicals?
548. Are you an actor/actress?
549. How many books can you read in a week?

550. Whats 2-2?
551. Do you like Ice cream Sanwiches?
552. Do you like blue or black pens better?
553. When was the last time you ran?
554. Last time you stood in the rain was?
555. Do you bite your lip alot?
556. Do you have chapped lips?
557. Do you have nervious habits(yes/no)?
558. If you do, what are they?
559. Do you think you can get over your nervious habits?
560. Last color you dyed your hair was?
561. Do you fart in front of people?
562. Do you burp in front of people?
563. Last time you said "excuse me"?
564. Is your stomach growling?
565. Do you use "emotions" to express you?
566. Last time you stuck your tongue out at someone?
567. Last time you slammed your bedroom door?
568. What font do you usually use?
569. Is that your favorite font?
570. How big do you make your font?
571. What color font do you like out of the defaults?
572. Are you just copying and pasting the questions?
573. Do you visite any chat rooms?
574. What games do you play (not on gaia)?

575. Last time you got a scab?
576. Do you get annoyed often?
577. Have you gotten anything to drink in the last half hour?
578. Ever drink when you shouldnt have?
579. What was your favorite thing to do as a child?
580. How much money do you have in the bank?
581. Do you ever write on note cards?
582. What Cell phone do you have?
583. Are you eating something right now?
584. Ever have lice?
585. Is a cat or dog laying at your feet right now?
586. Do you collect anything(yes/no)?
587. If you do collect , what is the item?
588. Are you a virgin?
589. Do your parents know that you are or arent one(from above question)?
590. Do you help clean the house?
591. Whats the worst chore you have to do?
592. Where you in your schools choir?
593. Ever play in any of your schools sports?
594. Best Buy or Circuit City?
595. iTunes or Limewire?
596. Messy room or a clean room?
597. Are you Innocent or Guilty?
598. Is your radio playing at this exact moment?
599. Ever been bitten by a wild animal?

600. Ever been to another country?
601. does your butt hurt for sitting so long?
602. Do you have leg warmers?
603. Ever meet the Pope?
604. What holidays do you celebrate?
605. Can you multi-task?
606. What amusement parks have you been too?
607. Ever fix a bike?
608. Do you get a long with your mom or dad better?
609. Have any saved magazines?
610. Can you believe your half way there?
611. What time is it for you now?
612. Do you like the scent of flowers?
613. What item do you want most that you can't get?
614. Do you envi someone elses avi?
615. Do you wish you had some of their items?
616. Have you ever hacked someone?
617. What little items do you buy a lot?
618. Do you want more hair styles to choose from?
619. Do you want more hair colors too?
620. Shouldnt you be taking a shower or eating right now?
621. Where would you get your icecream, store, or fast food place?
622. Do you eat our veggetables?
623. Fanta, fanta xD ever seen that commercial?
624. Ever watch Bruce Almighty?

625. Have you ever begged for gold , while on gaia?
626. Ever get the "five finger discount"?
627. If Yes, at which store?
628. Do you use lotion after taking a shower?
629. How long are you usually in the shower?
630. Do you know what "asl" means?
631. Do you drink any energy drinks?
632. Did you know that energy drinks can destory your intestents?(liver etc.)
633. Do you wanna live in a castle/mansion?
634. Ever play the game "MASH"?
635. Whats your favorite scent from anything?
634. Whose your all time favorite all star athlete?
635. Do you blow dry your hair after the shower, or just let it dry on its own?
636. Did you ever buy from the Icecream man?
637. Ever have joint pains?
638. Are you a good flirt?
639. ever gone to a wild party?
640. Ever gotten the goosebumps?
641. Have you had the chicken pox?
642. What other sickness have you had?
643. Do you belive in miricals?
644. Do you believe in any superstitions?
645. Ever try to find the end of a rainbow for a pot of gold?
646. When will you move out of your parents house if you havent already?
647. Did you ever place your tooth under your pillow for the tooth fairy?
648. Do you like being outside or inside better?
649. Do you like popcicles?

650. Where was president lincoln shot?
651. Who was the person to kill president Lincoln?
652. Who shot and killed JFK?
653. Do you like George Bush?
654. Did you like Him or John Carry better?
655. Do you have a T.V in your room?
656. Do you were any colorful socks? (with like designs on them).
657. Ever sit on someones lap?(not including your parents's)
658. Who's lap was it?
659. Do you wait until the last minute to do a lot of things?
660. Do you like writing?
661. Do you like to sing?
662. Ever get drunk yet with your friends?
663. Do you breath air or oxygen?
664. What does H2O stand for?
665. Do you have the periodic table of elements memorized?
6*6*6. Do you have pi Memorized?
667. Did you know the last question was # 666?
668. How does that make you feel?
669. Do your grandparents drink prun juice?
670. Has someone told you that you were a bad kisser?
671. Are you the quarterback of your High school football team?
672. If not, is he more popular then you?
673. Are you in your school band?
674. Does your stomach ever hurt?

675. Whats the longest speech you've had to write?
676. Do you like presenting in front of a class?
677. Where do you sit during school lunch?
678. Do you like the people you sit with?
679. Do you take the bus home, drive home, or walk?
680. How many times a day do you use a "smiley"?
681. Do random people PM you all the time?
682. Do you like getting random PM"s?
683. Do you decorate your house on holidays?
684. Do you sing and dance to your favorite songs when no one is around?
685. Do you like metal or plastic more?
686. Are you on a diet of some kind?
687. Do you have a personal trainer?
688. Do you wanna live in a beach house?
689. what does "je ne sais pas" mean?
690. Are you a big tease?
691. Can you speak another language fluently?
692. Do you get head achs a lot?
693. Are you tired, or did you just wake up?
694. Whats your status currently say?
695. Are you planning on changing it?
696. Do you skate board?
697. Do you like any pro skaters?
698. When was the last time you walked in snow?
699. Dont you have to go to the bathroom again?

700. right, left, up or down ?
701. Shouldnt you be doing your homework?
702. Ever been under a water fall?
703. where does the line "I love you Jennay" come from??
704. where does the line "we are here, and we are waiting" come form?
705. What movie is best showed in blue ray disk?
706. Do you have a blue ray player?
707. Are you still bored, is that why your doing this quiz?
708. How much gold have you gained now?
709. Can you hear dogs barking outside your window at night and or day?
710. Where do your dogs sleep at night?
711. Do you wash beind your ears?
712. Do you pick your nose?
713. Do you fart in public?
714. Did you lie about the two previous questions?
715. What other embarrasing thing have you done in public?
716. Where did you live before where you are currently?
717. Would you PM me after this quiz?
718. What color font are you using now?
719. Are you ticklish?
720. Do you tickle people?
721. Do you keep the fan on in your room?
722. What day of the week is it now?
723. How many people are online now?
724. Did your parents allow you to have an account on gaia?

725. Would you want a puppy for christmas?
726. Are you interested in someone on gaia?
727. If its no secret, who is it?
728. What would you do to tell them your feelings?
729. When texting, do you type out the full word, or shorten them?
730. Do you like being in the dark?
731. Do you like being alone in the dark?
732. What would you do if you heard a noise during the night?
733. Do you go around christmas caroling?
734. When was the last time you went trick or treating?
735. Are you random most days?
736. Do you have ADD?
737. Do you have ADHD?
738. Did you know there was a black out last night?
739. Do you care there was a black out?
740. Can you burp the ABC's?
741. How old are you in 4 years?
742. Will you be voting in 4 years?
743. Do you have a small jungle gym in your backyard?
744. Have you ever played hop scotch?
745. Did you know my fingers still dont hurt from writing this?
746. What is a hero to you?
747. isnt that a jet? a 747?
748. Would you join the air force?
749. Would you join the Army?

750. Would you join the Marines?
751. Would you join the Cost Guard?
752. Would you join the Navy?
753. Which one would you most join?
754. Do you collect state quarters?
755. Do you twiddle your thumbs a lot?
756. What T.V show is playing atm?
757. Do you like answering so many questions?
758. Are you a skater boy/girl?
759. Do you like water slides?
760. What would you name your baby girl?
761. What would you name your baby boy?
762. What are the top 5 names you'd want for a girl?
763. what are the top 5 names you'd want for a boy?
764. Do you know someone who is pregnate?
765. Have you ever jump ropped?
766. Did you play tag football in P.E?
767. How many questions have i repeated?
768. What is the question you remember the most?
769. Do you like valentines day?
770. What would you do if someone who liked you, but you didnt like them so much, asked you out?
771. What would you do if you were chased by a pack of wolves?
772. Have you ever eaten yellow snow?
773. What do you put on your PB&J?
774. Do you like peanut butter?

775. What would you do if you won that lottery?
776. Will you go to a casino once your 21?
777. WIll you get drunk the night of your 21st birthday?
778. Have you ever played BINGO?
779. Does your room smell like animal?
780. What does your brain do?
781. Are you in love?
782. What is the meaning of "gay"?
783. Why do we have wars?
784. Do you believe in date rape? (like..do you think it should or shouldnt happen)?
785. Do you like screaming bands?
786. Do you watch the clouds and imagine them as an object?
787. Do you use plug ins to freshin your house?
788. Is your Cell phone right by you right now?
789. Do you have a special ritual that you do?
790. Can you wait till i return for the next question?
791. Did you wait?
792. Do you like Icy's?
793. Ever see the movie "big green"?
794. Do you know of the brand "Toshiba"?
795. Do you have webbed toes?
796. Do you know anyone who does?
797. Shouldnt you be out with your friends right now?
798. how many messages have you recieved at once?
799. Do you like to wear the color pink?

800. Do you like hooks?
801. Would you dye your hair bright red?
802. Is long hair or short hair cooler?
803. Would you want the nick name "shnickers"?
804. If you know me, would you be my friend and add me?
805. Will you add my after this quiz?
806. Did you know that i'm 17?
807. Did you know pink is for babies?
808. Do you have all yahoo, aim, and msn accounts?
809. Did you know its getting harder to think of questions?
810. Have you ever seen a tornado in person?
811. Have you ever had to barracade yourself from one?
812. Whats the worst storm you've been in?
813. Can you read minds?
814. What am i thinking right now?
815. Do you sit around your house all day?
816. Are you a loner?
817. If you could, would you ever use pixy dust?
818. Are you going to see the new movie Twilight if you havent already?
819. Do you like lemons?
820. Do you like limes?
821. Are you a vegan?(spelt wrong i know).
822. Have you lost your mind at something?
823. Do you see dead people?
824. Do you know who played that role? "i see dead people"?

825. Would you talk to the person who answered a question above you?
826. Would you ever date this person?
827. What was the name given to the first nuclear test in the USA on the 16th of July 1945?
828. Which 'reclusive' group from Manchester sold more singles than the Beatles in 1965?
829. Is this fun?
830. What famous document begins: "When in the course of human events..."?
831. What fashion did General Ambrose Burnside start in Civil War?
832. What is so cool about tattoo's?
833. In the Chinese calendar what year follows Monkey?
834. What is a Kakapo?
835. Which dinosaurs name translates as speedy predator?
836. What city has the longest metro system?
837. If you were eating calamari - what are you snacking on?
838. What is a smew?
839. Why did the USA gov. open Lincolns coffin in 1887 and 1901?
840. Marilyn Munroe was the model for which Disney Character?
841. Which insect has the best eyesight?
842. What was one of Elvis Presley's famous songs?
843. Who said "one small step for man, one giant step for man kind"?
844. Which country is nearest to the north pole?
845. Who was in the move "behind enemy lines"?
846. What is a peeping tom?
847. What song is sung the most?
848. Whats the girls name who was on "Titanic"(character)?
849. What (actor) played the man she fell in love with?

850. Whats the most known alcholic beverage?
851. If you could change into an animal what would it be?
852. Would you change into a cat or a dog?
853. What bread of animal (from above, cat, dog). would you be?
854. Do you think your smart?
855. Do you think your dumb/slow?
856. Do others find you attactive?
857. Do you find yourself attractive?
858. Would you go out with your schools quarterback/head cheearleader?
859. Do you think your school's football team is good?
860. Do you sleep on your back of stomach?
861. Do you sleep nearest the wall or away from it/
862. Is your door next to your bed or across the room from it?
863. Ever eat moldy food?
864. Have you been outside at all tody?
865. Do you like the movie series "lord of the rings"?
866. Do you care about people?
867. Do you easily bruise?
868. Do you get hurt often? (falling etc.)
869. Are you clumsy?
870. How long can you hold your breath?
871. Whats your states mascott or (animal)?
872. Would you want grills? or a gold tooth?
873. Are you nice at the dinner table?
874. Do you have table manors?

875. Can people trust you?
876. which face , xD or =D ?
877. Do you wish you were out of high school if your in it ?
878. blah or bleh?
879. spring fling or summer romance?
880. Prom or Home coming?
881. Evil or good?
882. Where is your destination in life?
883. Where will you be in the next 3 hours?
884. Are your legs/feet falling asleep?
885. Do you buy stuff off eBay?
886. Whens your next vacation?
887. clothed or bare?
888. How many posters are on your wall?
889. Do you still like them, or just havent taken them down?
890. Do you bite your fingernails?
891. Do you bit your lip constintely?
892. Do you have dimples?
893. Do you have freckles?
894. Do you watch the show "Hero's"
895. If, so who's your favorite character?
896. Are you on a laptop or Desktop now?
897. Why is 8 affraid of 7?
898. When do you open presents during christmas?(if you dont, just put, "N/A" wink
899. Ever dream of skipping through a flower garden with someone?

900. Whats your favorite quote?
901. whats your favorite store to shop at?
902. Do you think i'm crazy for all the questions?
903. Can you believe that there is still over 100 left?
904. Can you hear the T.V from your room? when its in another?
905. Do you like the milkey way?
906. How do you think man kind was created?
907. How do you really think the dinosaurs dissapeared?
908. Do you think i'm a dork?
909. Are you having with what ever your doing?
910. Are you glad you did this quiz?
911. How much do you laugh a day?
912. How do you cure hycups?
913. Would you lay out in the grass if it was raining?
914. If someone dared you to "kiss/suck neck" would you do it?
915. Do you answer to truth more, or dare more?
916. Do you ever wanna go to jail?
917. Have you visited someone in jail/prison?
918. i say ello you say?
919. i spy with my little eye, something blue, what would you guess?
920. What time do you get up for school/work?
921. Do you give good shoulder massages?
922. Do you get movies from blockbuster?
923. Can you wiggle your ears?
924. How many WPM can you do?(words per minute)?

925. Did you have a hot wheels when you were younger?
926. Did you have a cabage patch kid doll?
927. What did you eat today?
928. What do the different rose colors mean?
929. Do you smirk a lot?
930. Do you have muscles?
931. Did you take weight training in HS?
932. have you checked your phone today for any text messages or missed calls?
933. What time did you wake up today?
934. If i said dance, what would you do?
935 If i said "if you do the hooky pooky, and you turn youself around" then what?
936. 10 bottles of beer on the wall, you take one down and pass it around, and then your left it.........Finish the song in seperate posts.
937. whats the scariest movie you've seen?
938. Whats the most retarded movie you've seen?
939. Would you have done a quiz like this?
940. Do you have a trampoline?
941. Would you give it too me, cause i want one?
942. If you could adopt a star for a day, who would it be?
943. If you could have ANY job for a day, what would it be?
944. If you could spend 1Mill$ in a day, what would you do/buy?
945. If there was an illness you could cure, which would it be?
946. What T.V show would you want to go on (game show too if chosen).
947. Did you ever try to get on "wheele of forturn"?
948. Do you like the movie "The Grinch stole chrstmas"
949. THe old one or the newer one with Jim Carrey?

950. Will you be watching it since its almost Christmas?
951. How would you decribe me from what you've answered.?
952. Would you PM after you finish so i can put your name on the "finished" lsit?
953. How much gold do you have now?
954. Do you like the different questions, since barely any repeat?
955. 10 minute shower or 30 minute shower?
956. Would you go rock climbing or sky diving more if you could choose?
957. Do you have any tooth cavities?
958. Do you think dolmations are the best pet for a fireman?
959. If no, then what dog should take its place?
960. Do you have a bed time?
961. Do you have a current or classic layout?
962. Why is your current user name , what it is..(why is it that?)?
963. Do you carry around sharpies?
964. Do you keep birthday cards?
965. Whats your favorite line from ANY movie?
966. How many times have you voted today?
967. What does "BTW" and "FTW" mean?
968. Are you currently hyper?
969. Whats one thing you regret doing?
970. If you could one thing you've said back, what would it be?
971. Why would you take it back?
972. Do perv's annoy you?
973. Would you work as a jurr? (on the jury in court)?
974. Who is your hero (comic form)?

975. Do you fall asleep before or after your parents?
976. Do you like monopoly?
977. Ever play the game "life"?
978. What channel is your t.v on?
979. Steak or Ribs?
980. What are you wearing at the current time?
981. Do you shop at Hot Topic?
982. Do you know your credit score?
983. Do you put moose in your hair?
984. Do you style your hair at all?
985. Can you whistle?
986. Would you donate to me?
987. Do you like cold weather?
988. Are you warm or cold blooded?
989. Ever make snow angels?
990. What order would you want the alphabet?
991. Do you know what your wearing tomorrow?
992. When you hear music, do you move to the beat?
993. Whats a tradition in your family hoidays?
994. Did you ever leave out milk and cookies?
995. Do you play at the park?
996. What was your favorite thing about the park you were at?
997. Did you get your first kiss when you little enough for the sand box?
998. Did you ever get chased by boys/girls when you were little?
999. Did they ever catch you and do anything?(such as tickle)?

1000. Can you believe you've reached to # 1000?
1001. Have you ever been rick roll'd?
1002. Do you know the game "mad gab"?
1003. Starbucks or Jamba Juice?
1004. From above, what drink is your favorite?
1005. Do you torture people by tickling them?
1006. Did you ever get into mischief when you were little?
1007. Are you a prep?
1008. Are you a Jock?
1009. Are you something other then those?
1010. Do you still have the "Barney" song stuck in your head from when you were 3?
1011. Do you believe Shaia Labeouf is the next Tom Hanks?
1012. Did you like him in the show "even stevens"?
1013. baked potato or mashed potato's?
1014. Do you think your white and nerdy?
1015. Have you added me yet?
1016. what would you do if i said *gives you a cookie*?
1017. Some where over the _______? <---fill it in"?
1018. Are you good with puzzles?
1019. Are you good with crossword puzzles?
1020. Is your bed made?
1021. Do you sit next to anyone cute in a class?
1022. If you could change your name, what would you chage it too?
1023. Do you cuse?
1024. How many times a day do you curse if you do?

1025. Did you watch a movie today?
1026. When was the last time you ate popcorn?
1027. Do you sit up straight or slouch?
1028. Do you dislike anyone in your family (cousins/aunts , etc.)?
1029. What is the reason for not liking them?
1030. Are you charging your phone right now?
1031. Have you ever gotten your phone taken away?
1032. Who do your pets favor in the family most?
1033. Do you sneak onto the computer sometimes?
1034. How much clothes is in your closet?
1035. Can you believe your within 15 questions of finishing?
1036. How many forums do you post in a day?
1037. Are you in any guilds?
1038. What is the date today?
1039. Are you alergic to any sweets?
1040. Would you work in the poice force?
1041. If you live in the U.S, Do you still remember 9/11?
1042. Do you love when cats meow?
1043. How much gold have you gained now?
1044. Are you glad this quiz is finally over?
1045. Does your head hurt from answering some of these questions?
1046. Will you tell anyone about this quiz?
1047. Did you remember to PM and tell me that you finished this quiz?
1048. Ever been asked "do you have msn" by someone you dont know?
1049. Did you know that i just passed someones other quiz questions?

1050. Do you still love your parents when you argue with them?
1051. Would they be disappointed if you said you were Bi or Gay?
1052. How would you tell your parents you were Gay?
1053. Ever through a huge party for someone?
1054. Did you go the full five yards and include something special?
1055. Ever name a star after someone?
1056. Do you have hockey tickets for an upcoming game?
1057. Do you take me as bitter sweet xD ?
1058. Can you believe you only have 3 questions to answer?
1059. What would you do if you could rule the country?
1060. Do you know all our presidents Middle names?
1061. Did you know i was kidding about the question that you only had 3 left?
1062. Did you know the prize is what you gained?
1063. How much gold did you gain from doing this quiz?
1064. Arent you glad you did this quiz to gain gold?
1065. Did you have fun answering some of these questions, or did you not have any sarcasm?
1066. Will you add me?
1067. How much gold do you have now?
1068. Did you get all that you wanted?
1069. Do you think I'm annoying yet?
1070. Do you wish I would stop making random questions up?
1071. Do you like pickles?
1072. Do you know how much gold you make in a week?
1073. If you do know, how much is that?
1074. What is your favorite color?

1075. Do you have a cell phone?
1078. If yes to the last question, Would you text/call me?
1079. Did you know on this question all you have to say is !!!"WOOOT I FINISHED THIS QUIZ, NOW OBEY ME" XD"".. and then your done.  
PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 1:14 pm
1. Daniel.

I quit. Envy my dedication. Now!  



Buggy Glitch

PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 3:57 pm
Long quiz is long, I wanna answer them all at once. crying

1) Cool4  
PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:05 pm
Don't forget to put the question so I know what you are answering you two. sad And yes Sakura this is a good idea. Awesome way to generate posts. biggrin

1. What is your Name?


Aoi the Crossdresser


PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:14 pm
1. Michelle.  
PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:18 pm
2. How much gold do you have?

58 000ish  


Buggy Glitch


Buggy Glitch

PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:18 pm
3. How much gold would you like to have?

in the real world I rather have platinum, but on here, I stopped buying things.  
PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:20 pm
4. Whats your favorite Item?
I like this headless legless item set I have going on.  


Buggy Glitch


Buggy Glitch

PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:22 pm
5. Whats your favorite evolving item?

the one that evolves?  
PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:23 pm
6. How long have you been on gaia?

since 06?

Aoi probably only wants the questions so he can ask us about are answers.  


Buggy Glitch


Buggy Glitch

PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:59 pm
7. How old are you?

19 almost 20  
PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 7:01 pm
8. Do you like being that age?

Old enough to drink young enough to still be reckless.  


Buggy Glitch


Buggy Glitch

PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 7:03 pm
9. If you could choose an age, what would it be?

Age is just a number, wouldn't want to be the same age forever.  
PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 8:46 pm
10. Do you have any siblings


I'm winning this thing  


Buggy Glitch


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