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(Blind) Naming Dream Contest! - Judging!

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High-functioning Leaf

PostPosted: Sat Mar 05, 2011 12:03 pm
I recently posted a form in Blue's custom thread for a pair of twins, based upon the names Dark is a Way and Light is a Place and this pallet. She accepted the request, and is currently working on them.

I'd like to share the twins with someone else. It'd be much more fun than owning them both myself! And what better way to find the other owner than a contest?

So it's a naming dream contest! The catch is though, the names are already decided, and you don't get to see the twins. xD
Your naming dream must be based on either the name Dark is a Way or Light is a Place. You can only enter once! The dream can be written in any format you wish and can be as long or as short as you want.

Everyone can enter, but I'll be taken the amount of Kimeti owned into consideration. I don't want to exclude anyone but we want to spread the Kimeti love, right? <3

Please use this form when entering!

[b]Number of Kimeti:[/b]
[b]Which name are you entering for?[/b]
[b]Naming dream:[/b]

Contest starts now, and ends Monday at 9PM EST.
PostPosted: Sat Mar 05, 2011 12:08 pm
Username: Abbacus
Number of Kimeti: 4 ( At the time of posting. I have a ton of pending requests. > .> )
Which name are you entering for? Light is a Place
Naming dream: It was bright. Warm, comforting. Safe.
And it was just what they needed. Their legs were tired, they'd been running for so long...
This place, this bright, light place, it was their stopping point.
The end of the road.


Trash Vampire


Gallant Gawker

PostPosted: Sun Mar 06, 2011 1:34 am
Username: The_Great_Book _Wyrm
Number of Kimeti: 1, but I have a few pending requests.
Which name are you entering for? Dark is a Way
Naming dream:

Swamp Mother, why do they say that darkness is cold?

What is warmer than a velvet summer's night?

Swamp Mother, why do they say that darkness is ugly?

What is more beautiful than a firefly's glow, reflecting in a black and bottomless pond?

Swamp Mother, why do they say that darkness is silent?

At what other time can you hear the gentle breeze in the trees with such clarity?

Swamp Mother, why do they say that darkness is evil?

Is there a sight more holy than a mother humming a lullaby to her children in the shadows?

Swamp Mother, why do they say that darkness is cruel?

What is more gentle than your beloved mother's womb?

Swamp Mother, why do they say that darkness is a curse?

Child, Darkness is simply a Way.
PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 4:20 am
Username: Megaptera Novaeangliae
Number of Kimeti: 2 but I also have a few pending requests, as well.
Which name are you entering for? Light Is A Place.
Naming dream:

At first the light was blinding. The little kimeti did not know what to do, nor did it know how to react. It was all alone in this... this emptiness. There was nothing or nobody there. Just light. Pure white light that pierced right through the eyelids of it's tiny eyes.

But the foal found the strength to open them. And as soon as it did the light started caressing them, softly and carefully. There was no longer a pain. Only happiness, peace and quiet were running through the hollows of it's eyes, down his ribs, just like a comforting energy moving inside it's body. And at this moment the young kimeti knew that this light was always going to be right beside it, whatever it did, wherever it went, whoever it had chosen to become. It had a special place right inside it's soul. It was the light of the past and it was illuminating the path of the present.  

Megaptera Novaeangliae


PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 9:31 am
Username: Roadkill
Number of Kimeti: 4
Which name are you entering for? Light is a Place
Naming dream:

As the sun retired for the evening, the swamp awoke with song. Rather joyful-sounding peepers filled the humid Summer air, with crickets joining in on their chorus. A solemn owl lent his baritone voice to the performance... and the symphony was complete.

There was no moon present, but the stars were there. Ever-attentive and cheering on (asking for encores), they were the perfect audience.

The curtain fell early and the stars were separated from the swamp. Pitch black clouds rolled over the sky, enveloping it in darkness. The creatures fell silent; there was no one to sing for. The kimeti dare not make any noise either, as a lump of unease crept up hir throat. Only the vague outline of trees could be made out, as everything else had become a whole.

Night was not a thing to be afraid of, for it was full of life and reverie. This had surpassed night and had become a void. Zhe shook, trembled. Dare zhe move? Could zhe move without making noise? The kimeti did not know, but it would not be hir choice to make.

Something rough brushed against them. A tree branch in the wind, perhaps. There was not even a breeze, and upon realizing this, the kimeti bolted forward. Splashing loudly though the muck, half-running into trees, zhe had no vision of escape. Zhe did not even know what zhe was escaping from. No sounds followed hir, and zhe froze. Water dripping from hir fur was the only thing to enter hir ears. Zhe craved the comforting sounds of frogs, but zhe was met with nothing. If only the stars were there, then the song of the swamp could carry on – zhe could carry on.

A sudden sob made its way out of the kimeti's mouth. Fear filled hir head with thoughts of being caught by this unseen force. How could zhe stop a thing such as that? Zhe knew zhe could not. Hir breathing picked up into a full blown pant, and worry had begun to make hir hypervenilate. The panic was given pause when zhe felt something moving closer. Hir breathing came to a hault as zhe was surrounded.

Branches moved down to swallow the small kimeti up. Vulnerable and weak, zhe was the perfect prey in this darkness. Hir ears folded back and hir knees buckled under the weight of dispair. Chest-high in the water, zhe knew there was no sense in running anymore. The swamp seemed endless and it would catch hir.

On the verge of tears, another sound came from her throat. This time it was not a sound of fear; it was a sound of hope. A melodic aria, all most like a plea, took over the swamp. There was no audience to perform for, no one to hear hir, yet zhe sang. All most losing hirself, the kimeti closed hir eyes.

Upon opening them, when the song was through, the sky seemed brighter. The looming branches of the swamp retreated back to their trunks, and a peaceful quiet rather than a fearful quiet consumed the area. With a soft sigh, the kimeti looked up and saw no stars to greet hir. Zhe tilted hir head, still staring upward, but zhe did not seem to mind. Zhe did not need the stars, for light was a place in hir heart and mind.

note: gender would be edited to fit the kimeti.  
PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 10:58 am
Username: Viink
Number of Kimeti: 2
Which name are you entering for? Dark is a Way
Naming dream:

In awe of the scene in which a sense failed them; the crisp green foliage,
the sparkle of fresh morning dewdrops, the bright red on melodious black
birds. It was taken in as a notion, as an overwhelming feeling. As sunlight
poured into the clearing relentlessly, bathing the surroundings in warmth.
The fresh mid-morning scent, the song of a bird who heartily sang, the soft
crunching of grass under hoof, those were the things that took its breath
away. For where sight left off creativity filled in. The journey may have been
well lit, but their eyes have met none of it. For all they knew the route had
always been dark.

*would be edited to account for gender.  



Obsessive Shapeshifter

PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 12:31 pm
Username: les vagues
Number of Kimeti: 5
Which name are you entering for? Light is a Place
Naming dream:

Light is a Place,
(my dear, my love)
Where flowers bloom and grasses grow,
Where colored birds explode in song,
And sunlight gleams off falling snow.

Light is a Place,
(my love, my dear)
To which the dark shall always come --
For Dark is a Way the leads one far,
But Light is the place that Dark calls home.  
PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 1:37 pm
Username: Jun D
Number of Kimeti: 3 - no pending requests because I still have 14 years of RP before I get there, harhar...
Which name are you entering for? Dark is a Way
Naming dream:

...In the oysterpearl moon,
Where the Motherfather shakes, and swells
...The night with shining sons,
Then, satisfied, reclines resplendent,
...To watch them rise, beneath
The cloak of fireflies She blesses
...Their first founderings with,
Cranes circle, owls whisper warning as
...They fumble towards birth.

...Soft stumbled steps, then - run:
In two, always, hence always apart;
...She strikes the way, black-rent,
Away from lights, her trail shadow-path'd
...Through thorns, through tearing teeth,
Towards tenebrous depths. Blind, into
...The murk of choking earth
She toils; ceaselessly, she leads them both
...In utter dark, to death.

...And why not fly to death?
Dark is a way and light is a place:
...I struggle, shadow-sheathed,
And always he shines, beaming solace.
...We end our long voyage,
I dream, in a place of light: one heart
...In the Swamp's bright embrace;
Fight no more through night, no more apart -
...But dark is a long way.

[I have to credit the source! Since the names were originally from Dylan Thomas' "Poem on His Birthday", I couldn't help but do this as a rudimentary homage to it - thus I stole worked off the structure and worked in the two lines most significant to my narrative from the original ("Dark is a way and light is a place," and "But dark is a long way"). It really is a splendid poem, and the system of almost-never-quite-rhyming slippages is amazing, if daunting to emulate. I constructed this with Dark is a Way as the doe, not just because I'm crazy about does as I think it better parallels Thomas' original masculine narrator and invocation of a masculine God to have a feminine narrator invoking a feminine deity, particularly since where Thomas struggles with death, she strives towards it - and also I like the idea of the female representing the action between the two. But...you know, Kait, whichever! XD;; Also preserved the third-to-first-person shift as I really admired the poignance of Thomas' in coming to grips with death. Thanks for the contest - I really enjoyed this one!]  

Jun D

Shoujo Shounen


Dapper Dabbler

PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 3:22 pm
Username: Mika_Yumi
Number of Kimeti: Six
Which name are you entering for? Dark is a Way
Naming dream:
Careful footsteps over unseen edges,
imaginary ridges,
blind inclines.
How cautious can you be,
being used to what you see?

Even sight is often not enough
to prevent you from tripping over what is
your toes.

In the dark recesses of the world,
the most careful creatures can be born.
Rely not on your sight, but how you feel;
the rough edge or soft step,
the quiver of fear or sigh of relief,
a rush of wind at your ear,
dampness on your tongue --
a gentle tug at your tail.

You may be right around the corner
from something -- wonderful...
PostPosted: Tue Mar 08, 2011 3:42 pm

Okay, so. ;; This was really hard for me. All the entries so, so good. I'd think I had a decision, then someone else would post something, and just omg. It was so hard to narrow them down, and when I did, it was even harder to choose! Trust me, I've been agonizing over this aaalllll day. I'm jealous of every single one of you. You all wrote amazing naming dreams.

Vag and Jun, omg. You guys nearly killed me trying to decide. Your entries played so well off each other and I liked them both so much, I almost wanted to throw my hands up and give away both so I wouldn't have to make a decision between you!

In the end though, I had to choose, and I decided to go with Jun's entry. Jun has fewer Kimeti, and so much work and research must've been put into the dream in order to liken it to Dylan Thomas' "Poem on His Birthday". I also love the relationship it seems to imply between the twins, and I really want them to be very intertwined plot-wise.

Seriously though, Vag. Use that for something else if you can. It was absolutely lovely. I love the style of it, the voice, the mood. The first two lines of the stanzas and how you interchange my dear, my love is just... ♥ I can't put it in words.

Actually, everyone, save those dreams and modify and reuse! They're all wonderful dreams.

And without further adieu, here are the twins!
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Jun, you get to choose if you want the buck or doe, but I think I already know the answer. ;3 I'll post the certing info once you've officially decided. <3


High-functioning Leaf


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