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#1 Digimon Guild where you can actually be a Tamer with your very own Digimon. 

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:41 am
-InsertEgoHere- Liger
Vice Captain and Chaotic Emissary of Wrath

Table of Contents

heart --Le Introduction heart

My name is: Marquise
But you can call me: Liger, Marq, Raji, Ego
Here are a few things that I'm willing to share.... If you want to know more... just send me a pm and I'll give you the knowledge that you seek mrgreen
I burst out of the womb on: June 25th
I was born in: USA
It's my natural hair color, I swears it: Black, of course rolleyes
The windows to my soul are tinted: Brown... but I wish for another color... >///<
Sexual Orientaion: FULL BLOWN HOMOSEXUAL and happily married!

They say my best quality is my blunt, but caring Criticism... Some call it mean, I call it honest >.<
In my group of friends, I tend to be the mom...

This is my story up till now: Born and raised in Tennessee, I was always the crazy kiddo with the over active imagination and lack to control it. Like I said, I'm 25 years old and I have always had a love for Digimon, Pokemon, Super Sentai... you name it. I'm a college graduate and proud teacher of young minds. I love animals more than I do people, but I'm always up for a good conversation. People sometimes notice that I tend to be somewhat Bipolar and I can assure that is not correct, I'm just good at shift personas. I am super impulsive while also very conserved. One could almost say that I lack the filter between my brain and mouth, meaning that I say whatever is on my mind. It can be a bit of a hassle, but with my multiple friends looking after me, it all seems a bit better. The ones that spar with me (mentally and physically) are the GREATEST!!!

Interests... the things I like other than digimon heart Pokemon (just ask and I'll give you my FriendCode), Power Rangers, Ramen, Constant warm and sunshine, People that know what they're talking about, Open-mindedness, Friendly Sparring biggrin
Dislikes, seeing these just really piss me off...Ignorance, repetitive disobedience, close-minded comments, hypocrites and posers, Sore-losers, etc etc.... D-8<
Some of my favorite foods aarrreeee..... Ramen, Oatmeal Creme Pies, Apple Pie, Skittles, Fruits (except grapefruit), MEAT (the bloodier, the better)!!!!
Foods that I hatehatehate!!! Pickles and Tomatoes....

My personal theme song vary by emotion:
mrgreen When I'm HappyGoLucky-Love and Joy
scream When I want to kick butt- Soul's Crossing
twisted When I'm in a plotting mood- The True Plan

My first three partners when I joined were...
DestinoUser ImageHiroUser ImageHimakiUser Image


My Main out-of-RP digimon:
User Image
Merukimon (talks in Medium Sea Green)

Number of Partners to date: 32 (originals) + 3 (DNA) = 35
(Recent addition(s): Goburimon, Candlemon, Bantyolilimon

burning_eyes You'll know that it's me when I post in Sea Green, you could say that it's my "Mod Color" like Pummel's Dark Red and Dstdnt's Dark Blue...

Quote that I find myself saying a lot:"There are somethings that you just don't need to say..."

User ImageUser Image

User Image
PostPosted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:43 am
-Current Character-
Raji ɠσs

User Image

Name: Lucian Ligera Egos (Call me Raji... PLEASE!)
Gender: Male
Age: 15

Talents: What can I say, as the youngest of four, I'm not really good at anything other than complaining. I guess one could say I'm good at wanting to be good at things, maybe playing video games if that's even really a talent worth mentioning. Hmm, let's see... I'm a superb pokemon breeder and I have an imagination that often gets me in trouble.

Back story: For starters, I would love it if you would call me Raji... not Lucian, that's my brother's name it is unnerves me to no end that I'm named after him. All embarrassing details aside, I'm the youngest of four and pretty much had my life picked out for me. There was Marcus, the family rebel whom my parents discouraged me from following his footsteps, Lucian the second oldest and perfect child that I was named after and Eiji, the wild child that I pretty sure is ADHD. Either way, we seemed like the perfect family till Marcus vanished all of a sudden. It wasn't until much later that I realized where he had went, the Digital World. Was life really that bad that he would up and abandon his family and responsibilities as an older brother?!

After our mother was afflicted with a dire illness (resulting in her death), dad started to spiral into a great depression. Consequently, Lucian was already beginning to pursue a life of his own and fled to the farthest college from fear of being caught up in the drama of having to take care of his dad and two younger siblings. This left me and Eiji to fend for ourselves. Still, Marcus, the rebellious model that I looked up to, was nowhere to be seen. I used to cling to the dream that one day he would return and take me away. Though selfish it may be, I greatly admired my big brother and truly looked up to him. Slowly, I found myself beginning to despise him. A lump of bitterness was forming in the gaps that Marcus had left, but when the news reports took over about people across the world returning for this alternate dimension, I found myself getting becoming overjoyed, beginning to think the nightmare was over and that the family would come back together. It didn't.

Imagine, a young boy no older than 13 running down the streets of New York. He is hoping to crash into his older brother, to cry into blood covered clothing that displayed how hard he [Marcus] had been desperately trying to get back to the real world, to his family, to his baby brother, the same brother that, before the madness, he used to give piggy-back rides to. Imagine this very boy's face of pure melancholy when once again, he had been disappointed. Marcus, had not returned. In a sad, lifeless way, I figured that he wouldn't.

Two years had passed, Mom was gone, Lucian had succeeded in creating his own life, Dad was a jobless drunk, and Eiji was working both at the local grocery store as well as at the family diner. I was told to continue to go to school and make something of myself, to be continuously ready to greet Marcus for when he returned home. After a while, this hope was gone and with it, Marcus was becoming nothing more than a distant memory. However, days later, it was then, at school that my fellow classmates were talking about some organization getting access back to the digital world. My face lit up determination and my future goal was set. This would be my chance go to that world, to find Marcus, and to get some answers. This was the chance of a life time and I was not going to miss out on it.

Equipment: a wallet with some family pictures & a few dollars, a hand-me-down cellphone turned to digivice, and a backpack with most of the traveling necessities.

Current Digimon:
User Image
*Digimon 1:
DemiDevimon --> Devimon --> NeoDevimon --> ChaosPiedmon

User Image
Digimon 2:
Gabumon --> Dobermon --> Ceberumon --> Malomyotismon

User Image
*Digimon 3:
Vilemon --> Gesomon --> MarineDevimon --> Pukumon

Digimon 4:
Agumon --> DarkTyrannomon --> MetalTyrannomon --> Chaosdramon --> Dexmon

*Digimon 5:
Strabimon --> Lowemon --> JaegerLowemon --> Rhihimon

Digimon 6:
Goburimon -> Ogremon -> SkullSatamon -> Titamon

Candlemon --> Boogeymon --> Phelesmon --> Murmuxmon

Digivice/D-Terminal: User Image
User Image  

-InsertEgoHere- Liger
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Married Shapeshifter

14,050 Points
  • Married 100
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-InsertEgoHere- Liger
Vice Captain

Married Shapeshifter

14,050 Points
  • Married 100
  • Signature Look 250
  • Dressed Up 200
PostPosted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:44 am

User Image
►ɱąՐʗυՏ ℈ɠσs◄
Foolish Child of Chaos

Age: 18 in the Digital World, 21 in the real world
Hometown: Buffalo, New York
Chaotic Neutral
Digivice: Digivice iC Chaos
User Image


Personality: Marcus can be down right cold and unresponsive if he wants to, but only if it's for the better. At other times he is outrageously aggressive and quick to start a fight if someone looks at him the wrong way. His has led to his lone-wolf lifestyle. On the other hand, he is protective his friends and is the best ally that you can have on your side and the worst enemy to oppose you. Unfortunately, he is easily influenced by the wiles of evil. His power to influence exceeds the natural world especially when is his digimon partners are concerned.


Life of Marcus:
Prior to Restart
At age 17, Marq's adventure began the day he played a new video game that he'd won from a contest in his local game store. It was a computer game that granted him an avatar like creature known as a digimon that he could use while online as well as through an online game. This avatar was a rare breed of a dog digimon known as Gaomon (he named him Destino). He quickly took to the game, going on many adventures with this digimon till one day he took on a little more than he and gaomon could chew with their skills at the time and Marcus's life would never be the same again....

At the start of his journey, Marcus and his friend, Chris Shadowheart, were led by a Leomon (a.k.a Hiro) to hunt down digimon that were believed to be rouge digimon that needed to be put to rest (Trial of the Seven Kings). This started out as a rather effective training, until the group were led to come in contact with the final member of this group, Lucemon. After a run-in & defeat with this devilish Lucemon, Marcus was forced to make a deal to same his friends digital soul and was made a test subject of digi-embrolysis where a digitama was forcibly placed within Marcus to grow and test the effects of the phenomena known "Digi-Soul". If correct, Marcus would be able to quite literally incubate a digimon within him.

Along the way, many other adventures too place and Marcus grew as a regular tamer and then taped into his darker, more bitter feelings as a Dark Tamer with the Leomon as a teacher of sorts (attempting to right the mistakes of his "trial" wink . As time passed, Marcus was jumped by a rather rambunctious cat digimon by the "hero" name of Gatomon (aka Himaki) that vowed to bring Marcus to the light (it never happened). In the aftermath of the Trial of Kings, an alcoholic student of both Kabuterimon & Kuwagamon, Stingmon (aka Yevon), vowed to return the favor and kill Marcus and his team, however in his current state, he could not fulfill this wish and ended up becoming a student under Leomon. In a battle within the depths of the Dark Area, Marcus stumbled on an ancient tomb and revived a retired god of death, Anubimon (aka Marik). During his trip through the digital world, Marcus had a major case of being in the wrong place at the right time, he became the parole officer of a marked mad-digimon, Zanbamon (aka Siegfried). Finally, during the War of Memories, Marcus and his group encountered and befriended a Snowagumon (aka Void) that "fell in love" with Marcus's fiery attitude. These five plus Gaomon, under the guidance of Leomon, became Marcus's primary team of digimon. Along the way, Marcus also found other allies, but they either stayed in the background or acted as temporary mentors.

After much exposure to dark events and eventually harnessing dark soul as his own, Marcus was scouted by a ChaosPiedmon (aka Cadaiver) and marked as the "Harbinger of Chaos". This gained my much attention from a group known as the Chaos Organization, a group of Dark Tamers that consider themselves more so Khaos Tamers than anything else as they do not follow the Order of the Demon Lords. From here on, Marcus only continued to spiral into chaos. With the assistance and guidance of ChaosPiedmon, ChaosGallantmon (Paramiere, and ChaosWarGreymon (Doroku), three members of a mysterious Chaos Organization, Marcus eventually became a Chaos Tamer as well and was awakened to the power of Chaos, which his Digi-Soul changing from pure (green) to Chaotic (orange).
Though he was officially a members of this Organization, he spent a vast majority of the time completely unaware of their true plans: plans to bring back an ancient digimon known as Chaosdramon, a behemoth of pure chaos that was sealed away many digital eons ago.

Once the Organization thought that Marcus was ready, Lucemon... the same from before sent out a party to reclaim what was his; a Pandamon and a Lillymon infiltrated the base, destroyed it, and took Marcus back to Lucemon where the digitama within him would be harvested.

______Special Skills______
What started as a simple training to better synchronize himself with his partners, Marcus gained power through the use of a tamer-borne powers known as "Digi Soul" and " Chaos Soul (a.k.a. Dark Soul)". Though once pure abilities, they were soon influenced by the Chaos Crests that he gained from going against all of the members of the Chaos Organization and gaining their final approval.

The Crest of Chaos

Chaos Soul-A corrupted version of Digi-soul that signified Marcus's descent into corruption as it started as a simple tattoo on his left shoulder. This allows his digimon to digivolve and become much stronger, but usually leads to higher chances of his digimon becoming feral and uncontrollable blood-lusting creatures. However, through continuous use over time, the arrows of this crest have extended and overlapped in such a fashion that his entire left arm was consumed in its corruptive power. The mark threatens to cover his entire body.

Extra: This is also is the same tattoo that Leomon had branded on his shoulder that causes him to digivolve to Chaosmon.

Crest of Sanguinity

Slide Evolution- Gained after the battle with ChaosPiedmon, this crest takes the form of ChaosPiedmon's personal sigil, the Bleeding Blades. This crest allowed Marcus to dive into a digimon's digital data and pull out other forms that may lay along that digimon's evolution line as opposed to leaving the results of digivolution up to chance.
(ex. Gaomon --> ZeedGarurumon as opposed to MirageGaogamon or Parrotmon to Ornismon as opposed to Eaglemon).'

Crest of Contingency

LATENT EXPOSÈ- The crest for this power takes the form of ChaosGallantmon's personal sigil, the Black Rose. Similar to burst mode (or potential unlock in the profiles below), this power allows Marcus to unlock the hidden potential of his digimon, allowing them to reach limits recently seen as unachievable.
(Ex. MGaogamon --> Burst Mode, CGallantmon --> Core Mode, or Eaglemon --> Kaiser Phoenix* mode)
*Some of these are actually attacks of the digimon portrayed in a passive form as opposed to an attack

Marcus still has _2_ more crests to unlock before he is truly ready....


Likes: Fire, Sleep, training, Sparring, Winning, Dark Soul, Gaomon
Dislikes: Competition, Ignorance, Cliche BS, stubbornness, BS (period), friends being hurt, bubbles
What I like to eat: Fries, muffins, red candy, Spicy food, Sweet potatoes, curry, MEAT!!!
Not even if I were dying: Sour food, vegetables in any form, bubble gum

Digimon Partner(s): (in order of appearance via RP)
Post-RP Restart (Remaining that are connected to his digivice)
1)Destino: Gaomon--> Gaogamon--> MachGaogamon--> either...
--------------------a)MirageGaogamon--> Burst Mode
----------XXXX---------- or
--------------------c)MetalGarurumon (Undiscovered)--> Omnimon (Data)
2)Himaki: Snowbotamon--> Salamon--> Gatomon--> Silphymon--> Valkyrimon
3)Yevon: Tentomon --> Stingmon--> MegaKabuterimon [blue] --> HerculesKabuterimon
4)Duroku: Agumon --> Tyrannomon --> MetalGreymon --> ChaosWarGreymon
5)Paramiere: Guilmon--> BlackGrowlmon--> BlackWarGrowlmon--> ChaosGallantmon--> Core Mode
6)Hiro: Leomon--> Grappleomon--> Bantyoleomon --Biomerge w/ Marcus+Darkdramon-->Chaosmon

((Connected, but reasons & origin unknown))
1)Arakune ??? --> Digitamamon--> Devitamamon
2)Waltz: Cupimon --> Lucemon (Not revealed yet) --> ??? --> ???
3)Noark: Umon --> Darkdramon --Biomerge w/ Bantyoleomon--> Chaosmon)

RP Playlist:
- This is Me (personal theme): Mephistoles
[align=center][url=http://youtu.be/XohLygmtzIQ]He smirks[/url][/align]

- Digital Power Unleashed (Digi Soul Charge, etc.): You Leave The Ice

- Destined Battle (for rivals and major fights): Mezame
[align=center][url=http://youtu.be/qUd8ZQJ0Kp8][b]"Fight with all you might... KAZU!"[/b][/url][/align]

- Decisive Battle (normal battles): Your Truth is my False
[align=center][url=http://youtu.be/45rfdYtYock][b]"Wanna die that badly?! SO BE IT!"[/b][/url][/align]

-Heartfelt Discovery (Important Revelations) Prognosis

The Trump Card (Game flippers, ending it all) Surgam identidem I will always Arise
[align=center][url=http://youtu.be/DTgYbT2cGm4][b]"It's... SHOWTIME!!!"[/b][/url][/align]

"Having fear is not weakness but, it is power to my soul..."

"...because I've overcome them. That's how I roll!"
PostPosted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:46 am
-Marcus's- Digimon Party (Part 1)
______Full Line of digimon in RP______
Listed in the order they were met in RP

COde Name: BallisticHound
Text: Slateblue
User Image
Destino, the Gaomon
1st TP Partner: Registration
Theme Song: Tatakae by Psychic Lover-
Listen Here

Bio: Started out as an assist program on Marq's computer and then grew into a more personalized program after latching on to a series of files included pictures and movies of the real Destin, who was deceased. He and Marq have grown close and protect each other. The headband that he wears is a gift from Marq and he values it deeply. Through thick and thin, Destino has stood along side Marcus even through the change that Marcus suffered when he gained the powers of the Chaos Emperor. As a slight repercussion, Destino was introduced to a rather high amount of dark soul and has been almost addicted to it.

After coming in contact with his ancestors, Destino gained the ability to access his own digital line as well as those of his ancestors. These forms include MetalGarurumon, ZeedGarurumon, as well as his own MirageGaogamon. Each form possesses an attribute that the other does not. MirageGaogamon is more humannoid and focuses on light usage and raw speed. Zeedgarurumon is more of the ground support and almost fully mechanical with cannons all over its body. MetalGarurumon is somewhere in the middle, heavily armored but also able to fly, however, its power output is a little lower than MirageGaogamon and extremely lower than Zeedgarurumon, making it the most versatile about to be speedy on the ground as well as in the air.

Personality: Quiet, Loyal, protective of friends and valuables, quick to anger, able to smell evil aura, and looks up to those that are stronger. After he was introduced to the powers of dark soul, Destino has become more aggressive in nature and looks for fights rather than trying to avoid them.

Gaomon --> Gaogamon --> MachGaogamon --> MirageGaogamon--> MirageGaogamon Burst Mode-->Slide Digivolve (Dna w/ Metalgarurumon)--> Zeedgarurumon--DNA with Victorygreymon--> Omegamon --DNA w/ Imperialdramon--> Imperialdramon PM --Mutant Digivolve--> MetalGarurumon

RP Line: Gaomon--> Gaogamon--> MachGaogamon--> (Atk) MirageGaogamon or (Balance) MetalGarurumon (Not discovered yet) or (Def) ZeedGarurumon

Battle Style: Speedy hit-and-run tactics. Uses potential unlocking skills (Gao Rush [R]--> Dash Claw[C]--> Mach Spiral--> Sonic Move[M]) to boost speed to mirage-like levels. As ZeedGarurumon he completely focuses on keeping distance and firing away, keeping the target under constant fire. As MetalGarurumon he picks up the speedy and and run tactics, but is able to do it both on the ground and in the air, the mode is a lot better for combat while having passengers.


COde Name: BlackLion
Text: goldenrod
User Image
Hiro, the Leomon
2nd TP Partner: TP Shop Order
Theme Song: Howling By Abingdon Boys School
Listen Here

Bio: First known as PapaLeomon, Hiro was once a Leomon that loved to train himself and others. A dark feeling on the inside of him soon consumed him as he came in contact with an old rival, Darkdramon. Upon accepting or at least having it thrust on him, Hiro and his rival fused to create Chaosmon. However, upon a meeting with Kimiroga (leader of the G.O.H), Darkdramon was exorcised from his body, allowing him to have the option of becoming Bantyoleomon or voluntarily DNA digivolving with Darkdramon to become Chaosmon.

Personality: Harsh, not one to compliment without reason. He is a workaholic and suffers from OWD (obsessive workout disorder). This causes him to always have the urge to workout as well as force his tamer to take part in it. Every once and while the evil side of him kicks in, making all his normal traits negative. In the presence of Ocelot (as Beelzemon), he seems to lose all control of himself and reverts to a rather submissive kittykat, loyal to the Demon Lord's every command, even if it can be harmful to himself (usually sexual desires).

tsubumon > Upamon > Armadillomon > Ankylamon > Armor Digivolve:Seahomon > Armor Clash back to Ankylomon > Mutate: Leomon > Grapleomon >Unexpected digivolve: bancholeomon-->BanchoLeomon BM----> Mode Change:Bantyoleomon --Dna w/ Darkdramon->CHAOSMON

RP Line: Leomon--> Grapleomon--> Bantyoleomon or Dna w/Darkdramon--> Chaosmon

Battle Style: Bases style on mixed martial arts and prefers unarmed combat, heavily favoring DrunkenFist style. Uses beastly chi (Jūga-maru[C]--> Cyclone Turbine--> Otokogi[M]) to strengthen his attacks and personal talents. As Chaosmon uses sword and cannon combos to string together many attacks into a single assault.


COde Name: PinCushion
Text: cyan
User Image
Void, the Snowagumon
2nd Event Partner: Olympics 2010, Part II
Theme: Bightdown PV by Tamaki Nami -
Listen Here

Bio: A born tomboy (yes, she's a girl) that has forever lived in the snowy mountains with her buddy, Vikemon (he's with another tamer) and has forever enjoyed shredded the mountainous waves... especially during an avalanche. She was simply a spectator during the Winter Olympics, but instantly fell in love with the style of her tamer, Marq, after she saw how well he could skeleton. After the announcement ceremony she felt obligated to follow after him and learn how he got to be so good. Oddily, after spending so much time with Marq and his Fiery Passion, she felt the desire to follow after him, leading to a complete change in her digi-code. She later became obsessed with fire and soon became the Dragon's Roar Chosen one.

Personality: Thrill-seeker, passionate about hobbies, easily drawn to idolizing accomplishments, easily angered.

Snowagumon ---> Frigimon --Mutate--> Monochromon --> Triceramon ----> SPINOMON

RP Line: Snowagumon--> Monochromon--> Triceramon--> Spinomon

Battle Style: As SnowAgumon, she uses her ice attacks to change terrain to her advantage (White Hail [R]). In adult and perfect stages she focuses on fire-breath and constant headbutting. At Ultimate stage, she becomes more a projectionist with constant spike firing (Sonic Slash Rain[M] and some fire-breathing.


COde Name: ThunderBug
Text: dimgray
User Image
Yevon, the Stingmon
2nd Contest partner: Piedmon's Casino
Theme: Heart of Sword by T.M Revolution
Listen Here

Bio: At the start of his life, Yevon was trained by Fenrir and Griever (see "Trial:4 Buggy Twins" wink to be the next Insect Guardian, whose duty was to train tamers and then be defeated in combat. Of course, Yevon did not take too kindly of the redetermined fate so he fled to the city life as a gambler and eventually a drunkard. Once word got to him that his masters were brutally defeated by a trio of mad tamers, he went to search them out for revenge. After much searching, he managed to find one of the tamers, Marcus, and attempted to challenge him for the honor of his masters.

Being out of shape and out of practice, this insectoid digimon was easily defeated and attempted to take his own life out of shame. Luckily, a friend of his teachers, Hiro the Leomon, knocked some sense into him and trained him so that him into a digimon that they would be proud of. With power revealed through many hours of rehabilitation, Yevon has grown to become quite powerful, but within that time, Yevon had come to like Marcus and company and joined in the ranks of Marcus's team as a major powerhouse. But even in all his practice, Yevon has yet to reach his full potential.

Personality: Silent, quick to gamble, not willing to fight but will do if necessary, fights against the urge to gamble whenever the opportunity arises, likes to drink Saki.

Deltamon --Mutate--> Stingmon --DnA w/ ExVeemon--> Paildramon --Unexpected--> HerculesKabuterimon --De-digivolve--> MegaKabuterimon [Blue] ----> AncientBeetlemon

RP Line: Tentomon --> Stingmon --> MegaKabuterimon --> Herculesmon
Tentomon --> Stingmon --warp Digivolve--> AncientBeetlemon (undiscovered)

Battle Style: As Stingmon, he uses many physical attacks with little to no elemental property as well as some insectoid-based attacks like web entanglement or sonic buzzing. As MegaKabuterimon, he starts babbling in electricity and using it mainly in combination with melee as well as some ranged combat; lots of high voltage tackling. As HerculesKabuterimon, he amps up the electrical manipulation (Horn Buster Modified [M]) to his main form of offense to fire massive bolts at his target. He can create stationary balls of electricity and erupt them at will.


COde Name: TempestChief
Text: Chocolate
User Image
Himaki, the Gatomon
3rd TP Partner: TP Shop Order
Theme Song: Shinken Days, Never Give up By Suzuki Shougo
Listen here

Bio: Was found and hatched from an egg found by Marcus immediately latched on to the tamer with in a rather inappropriate manner. The digimon aspired to be superheroes one day and would soon get their wish as it both received a digi-memory and became Valkyrimon. Discarding his secret identity, Himaki make a point to correct all that is evil in the world. He is rarely seen in battle as a gatomon and then disappears only to return as Valkyriemon, he believes that no one knows, but they do.

During their journey, Himaki came in contact with and became a temporary member of Guardians of Helios. Under the training of Benivold (Duftmon), the organization's squad trainer, Himaki learned a more Close-Quarter style of fighting that allowed him to be up-close and personal while maintaining his use of diverse equipment. This style took form when he learned to digivolve to a Justimon rather than to Valkyriemon.

Personality: Joker, Free-spirited, Show-timers, calm in times of stress, shy around certain people, Overly competitive, Hate evil people, love to receive attention from their tamer... and did I mention that he likes to pose?

Snowbotamon --> Nyramon ---> Salamon--> Gatomon --Dna w/ Aquilmon--> Silphymon --> Valkyrimon --Mutate--> Justimon

RP Line: Salamon--> Gatomon--> Silphimon--> Valkyriemon or Justimon

Battle Style: As Silphymon-Valkyriemon, he switches between close range and distance through small weather and temperature manipulation (Airfield--> Sanction Storm[M]). As any lower stage, he uses close range hand-hand combat with some elemental (Happy Paw[R]--> Nekodamashi[C]). As Justimon, he is still weapons heavy, but is trained to use them in close range rather than keeping distance in combat. He can also shift between three modes: Speed, Power, and Omni (strongest form, but only temporary, with drawbacks after it ends).


COde Name: DeathGod
Text: mediumorchid
User Image
Marik, the Anubimon
3rd Event Partner: Pyranid Explorers Event
Theme Song: The World by Nightmare
Listen Here

Bio: As Lord of the Death, Anubismon grew bored with simply judging souls and went out to find a worthy soul to train in his dark yet just ways. To determine who he would 'Advise' He set up a tourney in which he would set forth a message to be deciphered and then a trail of traps to reach him. He was immediately challenged by many, but was most pleased with the actions of one tamer, Marcus, and his partner at the moment. Instantly noticing the corrupt energy that flowed in the boy, Anubismon placed his job as watcher to the side and acquired the name Marik as he follows Marcus and attempts to train him and his dark ways...

Personality: Wise and quick to point out the flaws, obedient, observant of life especially if it's close to death, dark-minded, known for his 'Fortune cookie' quotes.

Anubismon --> Cerberumon --> Dobermon --DNA w/ x Kaos x--> Mihiramon

Battle Style: A master of traps that uses ancient powers to create 3-D pyramids of all sizes for barriers, flinging fodder, and even explodable prisons (Pyramid Power). He also has access to ancient hieroglyphics that summon Egyptian gods to do his bidding (Ammit).


COde Name: TheSamurai
Text: maroon
User Image
Siegfried, the Zanbamon
3rd Contest Partner: Bad to the Bone Contest
Theme Song: Brawl in China by VGMDrummer
Listen Here

Bio: Once a demonic war general, Siegfried the Zanbamon, was greatly feared and heavily hated. Many wished for his death and nearly got it once he was defeated and then to be executed. Luckily, someone stood up for him and claimed that they could change him from the murderous killer that he was. After much training and punishment, Zanbamon was able to overcome his blood-lust, but only for a short while. He now serves his tamer, Marcus, to the best of his ability with the many sword skills that he used to terrorize civilians with so long ago. Unfortunately, too much combat for him as shown to revive his old nature, turning him back into the killer that he once was... that is he does until he recovers his senses usually after heavy fatigue or injury. He currently sought training from the Chaos Organization, liking the change that they had inflicted upon his tamer. He is now in complete control of his egotistic kill streak and can even perform on the battlefield effectively, stamping himself as another powerhouse of the group.

Personality:Blood-thirsty, Chivalrous, Demanding somewhat fair fights, hates to lose, prone to Kamikaze if he can't win, quick to admire one's strength and then become envious of it.

Zanbamon <-- Asuramon --DNA w/ Meteormon--> Lampmon

RP Line: Asuramon --> Zanbamon

Battle Style: A samurai with a major blood-lust, he uses many lethal sword techniques to instantly kill his opponents. With a dark power, he is able to rise a small militia of Musyamon from the ground that are all tied to his power (Uchi Kubi Goku Mon [M]). Prefers to fight large enemies only.


COde Name: Corrupt Clown
Text: deeppink
User Image
Cadaiver, the ChaosPiedmon

1st DNA Partner: with Baka_Robert
Theme Song: Flowering Night by SWR
Listen Here

Bio: Cadiaver is another lead digimon in the Chaos Organization as well as one of the most feared. Some say that his sadistic nature places him above Paramiere when he has his eyes set on something. He loves the idea of chasing down his prey and uses a manor of torture tricks to insure that he gets the most pleasure out of his hunt. He is well known for his series of torture attacks as well as a distinct, yet disturbing lust for anything angelic. His one dream is to capture himself an Angemon and have his way the the divine being's body.

Personality: Cadaiver is extremely Sadistic and loves the sight of blood even if it's his own. His name comes from an altered version of a cadaver, a medical dummy made from real bodies. He loves the art of torture and will do whatever he needs to in order to keep his targets alive and... in pain.

Chaosmon+Piedmon --> ChaosPiedmon
RP Line: DemiDevimon --> Devimon --> NeoDevimon --> ChaosPiedmon
Battle Style: A wicked magician that has access to an infinite amount of knives, four warping swords (Trump Sword), and extensive affinity for the manipulation of time and space. His Mask Square technique is a potential unlock ability that allows him to create a space where he controls everything; lasts for a short amount of time. As a last resort he can distort an area and explode it (Dark Pentagram[M]).


COde Name: MadBeast
Text: darkorange
User Image
Doroku, the ChaosGreymon
3rd DNA Partner: with Christian13000
Theme Song: Devils never Cry by Coal Chamber
Listen Here

Bio: Doroku is also one of the Lead digimon of the Chaos Organization. He is the most quiet of the team, almost believed to be mute. He follows along side Marcus in hopes that the chaos within the young tamer will be released. Not much is known about Doroku's past besides the fact that he was once partnered to the founder of the Chaos Organization.

Unlike the other members of the Chaos Organization that were born chaotic, it was revealed that Doroku was originally a normal WarGreymon tainted by chaotic energy. He was purified after a valiant defeat against Kazu Matsumoto and his ImperialdramonPM. Due to this defeat, he was reverted back to a digitama and then reawakened as an official member of Marcus's team. In order to return back to ChaosGreymon, he must be infused with DarkSoul. As of right now, it is kept a secret that he is unable to remain a ChaosGreymon for long periods of time.

Personality: Silent yet destructive, he wields sharp claws against his adversaries and is loyal to his comrades.

Wargreymon -DNA w/ BlackWarGreymon-> ChaosGreymon

Battle Style: Though he is a combination of both BlackWarGreymon and Wargrey, ChaosGreymon is a much more basic fighter, relying heavily on his barbarically strong style of wild slashing with his clawed gauntlets, The Dramon Killers.When weak or on the verge of death he loses control of his senses and becomes stronger, but also uncontrollable. As far as techniques go, he has an extensive connection to the FORCE in three forms: Gaia, Terra, and Nova. He is able to harness each of them in beneficial ways as their natural force forms (Gaia Force, Terra Force, Nova Force) in which he absorbs them to boost his physical attributes or expel them in destructive blasts in their Destroyer forms (Gaia Destroyer, Terra Destroyer, and Nova Destroyer).


COde Name: BlackKnight
Text: darkmagenta
User Image
Paramiere, the ChaosGallantmon

5th Event Partner: Halloween Spree Event
Theme song: True Plan Composed by Takeharu Ishimoto
Listen Here

Bio: Paramiere is one of the leading digimon of the Chaos Organization, leading in strength and overall raw power. Her main mission is a life long servitude to the coming Chaos Lord. She believes that Marcus is the coming Chaos Lord and has decided to follow him, watching from the shadows. She does not consider him has a partner, but more like his watcher... a guardian angel cloaked in black armor. She bears few feminine qualities, but what she does claim in the vengeful fury of a woman scorn. If done wrongfully, she can become quite destructive. The secret to her power lies in his final form... Core Mode, where she bares all of the energy in her body on her armor. Wielding a sharp Javelin and Monstrous shield, Paramiere proves to both a worthy asset and horrific enemy.

After the Memories War, she was defeated and considered completely deleted. Luckily, when NEO restarted the digital world, she was also reborn. On the downside, once she was hatched, she became an official partner to Marcus, now having to depend on him in order to digivolve. To defend herself, however, whenever Marcus is not around, she retained some of her former talents. One of these talents was being able to summon a rapier (Dyno Tooth) to fight with.

Personality: Regimented, lacks a sense of humor, prone to seeking revenge, and is rather quick to scold and point out a foe's weakness. She has zero tolerance for emotion, pity, and sympathizing.

NiseAgumon Hakase--mutate--> Guilmon-Dark Digivolve-> BlackGrowlmon--> BlackWarGrowlmon--> ChaosGallantmon-Mode Change-> ChaosGallantmon Core

RP Line: Guilmon--> BlkGrowlmon--> BlkWarGrowlmon--> ChaosDukemon--> Core Mode

Battle Style: As Guilmon-BlkGrowlmon, she battles with a rapier called Dyno Tooth and breaths fire. As BlkWarGrowlmon, she uses nuclear energy in the form of multiple projections and goes hand-to-hand with sharp blades on both arms. As ChaosGallantmon, she takes a more defensive style, blocking with her massive shield and countering with her spear in the form of high-speed jabs and projected thrusts (Chaos Disaster[M]--> Damaging Pierce[M]--> Demon's Disaster[M]). Upon using Chaos Shot, a charged explosion, she changes into her Core mode and fights as she would in Ultimate except with the ability of flight and ice manipulation(Midare Ice Arrow[?]). A large majority of her attacks need charging, hence her defensive nature.


COde Name: DeviledEgg
Text: forestgreen
User Image
Arakune, the Digitamamon

2nd Tournament Partner: Easter Tourney 11'
Theme Song: Thin Red Line
Listen Here

Bio: An embodiment of all the emotions of his tamer. Arakune came into this world through Marcus, a parasitic digitama that was placed within a human and from there he fed upon the emotions of his tamer. From that, this digimon began something rather similar to Pandora's Box as he had experienced and fed upon nearly every emotion that the human body was capable of experiencing. Unfortunately, the majority of the emotions that he fed upon were negative, causing him to be able to digivolve into something quite repulsive and evil.

Personality: Possesses every emotion that a human is capable of and releases them at a moments notice. When not reacting with a variety of emotions, this digimon is immature and child-like; very similar to that of a child.

Digitamamon --> Devitamamon --DNA--> MaloMyotismon

Battle Style: Unknown


COde Name: FauxBrother, Gluttony
Text: Slategray
User Image
Ocelot, the Pandamon/BeelzemonBM
4th Event Partner: The Ol' Frontier Contest
Theme Song: El Dorado by Two Steps from Hell
Listen Here

Bio: Once a mighty demon lord copy, Ocelot ran the streets as a treacherous Beelzemon, consuming from sun up to sun down. One day he tried to become the top dog of the demon lords and challenged the Demon Lords for his right to be real as opposed to being a clone. His gluttonous power was no match and led to his demise. As punishment, his body was locked in and made dependent of a panda suit. This suit has a zipper on the back that he can use to unlock the suit and come out as the demon lord he once used to be, but upon doing so, he becomes like a fish out of water and starts to weaken at a rather rapid rate. He was called upon to retrieve Marcus and bring him to Lucemon for an experiment and then called to be his caretaker as the boy was left in a rather broken state afterwards. He chooses to keep the truth of his past hidden from those that are not close to him, this being the fact that he is a clone or copy with five brothers and a sister of the same origin.

Personality: Adventurous, hates being called out of his name, loves to eat and us Bamboo for random things, can be a little lazy at times, enjoys a good game of hide and seek when he is seeking. As Beelzemon he exhibits a hidden infatuation for Hiro, the Leomon, that shows itself in the form of a rather sadistic master.

Revolvermon --Unexpected--> Pandamon --> Bantyoleomon--DNA w/ Beelzemon--> Beelzemon Blast Mode --> Beelzemon --De-digivolve --> NeoDevimon --> Daemon [Robed] --mutate--> BeelStarrmon

RP Line: Revolvermon --> NeoDevimon --> Beelzemon (Trapped inside Pandamon) --> Beelzemon BM

Battle Style: As Revolvermon, he relies on gunmanship and trick shots. As Pandamon, he takes a ninja-like approach to fighting with some ninjustu and also combos well with Jou. Unnashou is his potential unlock skill that allows him to call on the underground bamboo forest of the Yunsan Province. As beelzemon is uses his cannon arm to fire plasma projections and then uses his Gluttony powers to consume his opponents and gain their powers (Dark Pentagram [M]).

Current stock: MetalSeadramon (River of Power), Leomon (Jūouken), Infermon (Hades Grenade), AncientMermiamon (Great Maelstrom), Transforms to Daemon [Robbed]


COde Name: ForestWitch
Text: Violet
User Image
Jou, the Lillymon

1st Contest Partner: Spring Fling contest
Theme Song: Kaguya's Theme, Lunatic Princess By Imperishable Night
Listen Here

Bio: A random forest spirit that fell in love tamer, Lucas even though she flirts the majority of the time with other guys that she sees. Although her tamer considers her as a familiar, she is content with being close by him. She enjoys writing especially fan-fiction romance. Love is the next thing to religion in her book. Upon unlocking her potential from a close friend she changed from a fairy to a sage. Now she enjoys studying old text and learning the ways of a magician from books she stumbles on. She still enjoys a good fan-fiction every once in a while, but she has also come to see that there is a need for boundaries to be set on it.

Personality Flirtacious, hyper Calm, impulsive Thinks things out, easily distracted Focused on the goals at hand, Likes to experiment.

Lillymon --> Togemon ---> Grapeleomon --(mutate)--> MagnaAngemon --Dna w/ DoruGreymon-->Alphamon.... Finished

RP Line: Togemon --> Lillymon

Battle Style: A nature-based witch that uses her powers to manipulate nature and force rampant growth that is always rather deadly (FairyVine). Combos well with her battle partner, Ocelot


Battle Theme: Your Truth is my False
COde Name: ApocalypticChild
Text: burlywood
User Image
Waltz, the Lucemon

6th Event Partner: Brain Trainers
Theme Song: Chopin- Revolutionary Etude
Listen Here

Bio: Once an entity that inhabited the crevices of Marcus's mind, this parasite first functioned as a side-effect to a potion that was giving to Marcus to replace his removed digital soul. After a near complete possession of Marcus's body and forced trip to the future, a goldramon exorcised the spirit in the form of a digimon soon whom called itself Waltz and was told, by Kimiroga, to never be allowed to taste Marcus's DigiSoul. Soon identified as a Lucemon, it was then discovered that it was a little more, with the word "X-Death" branded on its arm in digital code. Little is known about this digital being, but it chooses to take the form of a Lucemon and then later digivolves into the powerful Dexmon when dark soul is applied in heavy amounts.

Personality: A devious imp or a digimon that is all reality an imperfect copy of the real Demon Lord of Pride. He has a strong liking for orchestrated music and playing the game of Infinite Riddles. He also shares a liking for literature and tea time.

Cupimon --> Lucemon ---mutate---> Gabumon --> Garurumon --> DORUGremon --> DexDORUGoramon --> Dexmon

RP Line: Cupimon --> Lucemon --warp--> DoruGreymon --> Dexdorugoramon --DNA w/ Chaosdramon--> Dexmon

Battle Style: As the rookie, Lucemon, Waltz uses light to create massive explosions as well as to create blades of pure light that will circle around him till he grasps them to defeat his foes. When it digivolves into its dragonoid forms, it brings destruction upon the land through meteor showers. In it's final form, it bears the ability to break down digi-cores within a certain radius and absorbs it.


COde Name: GrandFalcon
Text: coral
User Image
Terra, the Hawkmon

6th Contest Partner: Harry Potter Digimon Contest
Theme Song: Salva Nos
Listen Here

Bio: Fellow comrade and lover to the Crusader Digimon, Bartz. Terra set out on a quest to find Bartz, only to find she too had developed a chaotic subconsciousness inhabiting her body that would cause her to change into a mindless beast known as Ornismon. Because of this she was find Bartz AND save herself from the misery of losing control, she sought out for a way to master her viral taint. During this pilgramage, she came in contact with a tamer who seemed to suffer from the same situation, but had seemed to master it. In hopes of learning this control for herself, Terra bound herself to Marcus Eghos and has been a rather successful ally in aerial combat.

It is believed (though not currently revealed) that aside from being comrades, she and Bartz are some digital version of married. Both she and Bartz are unaware that the 3rd member, Hamalie suffers from the same condition and searches for them.

Personality: A very strict lady-digimon that holds a regimented personality that comes close to that of Paramiere's. Unlike Paramiere, she tends to lose this persona whenever Bartz is involved and shifts to something similar to a bubbly schoolgirl, especially when he takes up his righteous leader tone.

Eaglemon <--- Parrotmon =Mutate= Garudamon --> Ornismon

RP Line: Hawkmon (see hawkmon) --> Aquilamon (see hawkmon) --> Parrotmon --> Eaglemon --Dark Slide Evolution--> Ornismon

Battle Style: Similar to Valkyrimon, Terra specializes in keeping a fair amount of distance and pelting her foes with a myriad of wind based attacks. As a Hawkmon and Kokatorimon, she uses her feathers like ninja stars (Feather Slash [R] and Feather Sword [C]) and as a Parrotmon, she exercises skill in electrical attacks (Moljnir Thunder ). As an Eaglemon, she demonstrates a deep knowledge of bird digimon, able to perform many of their signature attacks and performs a Potential unlock through use of Kaiser Phoenix [M]. In this mode, all of eaglemon's attacks are strengthened as she takes the form of a large bird covered completely in golden flames. However, when her alter ego takes control (low stamina), she changes to a mindless Ornismon that thinks nothing other than casting destruction through heavy gusts and explosive beam rays.


-InsertEgoHere- Liger
Vice Captain

Married Shapeshifter

14,050 Points
  • Married 100
  • Signature Look 250
  • Dressed Up 200

-InsertEgoHere- Liger
Vice Captain

Married Shapeshifter

14,050 Points
  • Married 100
  • Signature Look 250
  • Dressed Up 200
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Digimon Party (Part 2)
______Other digimon-______

COde Name: Calypso
Text: indianred

Esumi, the Ranamon
User Image
1st Tournament Partner: Team Battle Tournament
Theme Song:Welcome to MY FanClub's Night by Sheryl Nome
Listen Here

Bio: Having started as a young flower (lalamon), Esumi was captured by the beauty of the spirit of water and changed to a Ranamon. In the state she pursues a career in theatre and with her manager/tamer, Marcus. Her dream is to perform in a Broadway musical and then move on to becoming a world-famous opera singer, bringing smiles and sighs of relief to all that hear her voice, but for now she is content with being a singer in a local club band called "Egocentric 5." When angered, she calls upon the furry of the seas to overwhelm and flush away her enemies.

Personality: A bit of a drama queen, over-exaggerated, prone to random tantrums, shy at first glance, easily flustered.

Lalamon --> Ranamon --> Calimarimon

RP Line: Lalamon --Spirit of Water--> Ranamon--> Calamarimon

Battle Style: Rarely goes hand to hand, but can manipulate water sources to fight for her (Whipping Waves). She can even create clones of herself from water that will get their hands dirty instead of her (Dark Vapor).


COde Name: N/A
Text: purple

User ImageOmega, the Omnimon
User Image
2nd DNA Partner: With ChrisShadowheart
Theme Song: Hypnotica by Two Steps from Hell
Listen Here

Bio: Omegamon emerges from a combination between Destino as MetalGarurumon and Rook as WarGreymon. His power is near legendary but almost never seen due to the presence of dark soul. But when the light is threatened he appears to defend it with sword and blaster in hand. When he is needed, he is aided by Hiro as Chaosmon and Jou as Alphamon. These three make the Trio of Divine Resolution, casting down all darkness. The legend of this trio is said to have inspired Kimiroga to form the Guardians of Helios.

Personality: He represents valor and bravery that most tamers wield when they need it the most. However he is always silent, believing that actions do more than words. He sees Chaosmon as a slight threat and rival, but will still work along side the chaotic warrior when necessary.

Metalgarurumon + WarGreymon--> Omegamon

Battle Style: Similar to Chaosmon, Omnimon uses mixed combat as he uses both sword at close range and cannon at short range. He also has limited ice and fire control(Omega Howling[M]), usually only to increase his own attacks.


COde Name: DarkDragon
Text: dodgerblue

User ImageNoark, the Darkdramon
User Image
1st Unknown Shop Partner, Produced by Umon
Theme Song: Fate of Sixty Years
Listen Here

Bio: Noark was originally owned by a member of the Chaos Organization and was sacrificed to corrupt the mighty Leomon, Hiro and create the killing machine, Chaosmon. From there, he lived as a spirit inside the lion, causing all sorts of mischief in the digimon's mind. Noark was eventually exercised by Kimiroga as a Goldramon and given a body from use of one of his spiritual summons, Umon. Now that he has a body of his own, he wanders around searching for a purpose for living.

On the other hand, after living within Hiro for so long, he's developed a bit of a crush on the lion. He's continuously spying on Hiro and rather envious of Ocelot and their relationship.

Personality:Even though he was exercised, he still wreaks of chaotic intentions and negative emotions. Every chance he gets, he tries to influence Hiro into joining with him to make Chaosmon. Outside of that state, he feels weak and powerless.

Umon --> Darkdramon

Battle Style: While Hiro prefers close ranged combat, Noark prefers to stay somewhat ranged with his Gigastick Lance. Even though he can operate on a close range with various stabbing techniques, he tends to stick to lasers and flinging dark matter at his opponents.


COde Name: N/A
Text: coral

Terra, the Hawkmon

User Image
3rd Tournament Partner: Christmas Rookie Tournament (2nd place)
Theme Song: See Terra
Listen Here

Info: See Terra.
*As there was no real need for this digimon, this little guy serves as components to previous and future digimon. For starters, it serves as the Rookie base for Eaglemon and for second it later becomes a key component to the creation of Mugen, the Chaosdramon.

Personality: For [R] see Terra, for [M] see Mugen

Digimon Art: Hawkmon --> Aquilmon --> Garudamon --mutate--> MetalGreymon --DNA--> ChaosDramon

RP Line: N/A

Battle Style: N/A

COde Name: BritishTechy
Text: midnightblue

Kinnon, the MarineDevimon

User Image
10th Contest Partner: Return of the Dark Masters
Theme Song: Electronic in Velvet Room by ATLUS
Listen Here

Info: Once a member of a traveling circus show, Kinnon was in charge of the technical aspects as well as served as the aquatics performer, wowing the crowd with stunning light shows as he traversed the massive circus tanks in his many aquatic forms and displayed expert marksman acts that would impress all ages. After the fall of the circus, Kinnon left the technical field and pursed a life on the sea and eventually became a member of the Rowdy Sea Devils, a small band of pirates led by a rather rambunctious Agumon. It was here that, though he would attest the circus life was better, that he found peace even in the ship raids and village pillage, that he found comfort in living out a life that fit his viral attributes. Through use of his circus acts, he was a rather stable member that could easily take to the seas to get an upper hand on the enemy ships. This however came to a close when he was confronted by Raji and his growing team of digimon. After witnessing how Cadaiver could single-handily take on the entire crew (and winning), he saw this as an opportunity to try something else. Perhaps Raji's adventures will be able to satisfy his nearly insatiable desire for something to entertain him.

Personality: A conniving techy with a bad habit for getting in trouble. He prefers to watch from the side lines and takes a rather manipulative role amongst his allies, all for the sake of entertaining his high desires for drama.

Digimon Art: Vilemon --De-digivolve--> DemiDevimon --> Devimon --mutate--> Gesomon --> MarineDevimon --> Pukimon

RP Line: Vilemon --> Gesomon --> MarineDevimon --> Pukumon

Battle Style: Through all of his states, he relies on maneuverability and marksmanship, be it through eternal darts (Devil Darts [R]), Ink shots (Deadly Shade [C]), highly pressurized bursts of venomous water (Dark Deluge ), or even literal needles (Needle Squall [M]). One thing to note is that all of his attacks are venomous in nature, working more so as a debilitating measure to allow his allies to go in for the kill. All in all, he is mainly a support as opposed to a downright powerhouse

COde Name: TinyCaptain
Text: orangered

Mushu, the MameTyramon

User Image
2nd Unknown Shop Partner
Theme Song: A Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander by dBu music
Listen Here


Personality:Because he always has a desire to show his dominance over other digimon, he displays that he has a rather commandingly aggressive nature very similar to that of a little dog with the mind of a big dog. He is always looking to get into trouble, and has a bit of a dirty mouth on him (curses more often than necessary).

Digimon Art: Umon --> MameTyramon

RP Line: MameTyramon

Battle Style: Mushu epitomizes on his small size, his high speeds, and his raw strength in combat. Being a dragon type, he has some fire abilities, but none in the form of fire breathing. The most he can pull off his turning himself into a spiked fireball the bulrushes into targets with his Lariat Helmet technique. Other than that, he likes to run into targets with claw attacks and a rather ferocious biting attack called "Mame Bite 1000"

COde Name: Tactician
Text: Red

Darius, the Tactimon

User Image
11th Contest Partner: Digimon Tamer Island's casino
Theme Song: Absolute Configuration by Yuki Kajiura
Listen Here

Info: A traveling swordsman with a wish to spread the doctrine of the Tachi Counting Techniques. With his trusted Sword of Storms blade, he 'teaches' the illiterate and punishes the stubborn the ways of the Tachi. With a love for those that are open to learning, he encountered a tamer that wanting to learn everything about the world including Tactimon's interesting technique. Having found a new pupil to instruct, Tactimon has been following this tamer, having acquired the nickname because of the comparison between Tactimon's weapon of choice and another game character from the real world.

Personality:A patient swordsman that prefers a life of peace over constant battles. Similar to his digital name, he is a tactician through and through, both on and off the battlefield. Always thinking and usually seen talking to himself about what to do if this or this were to happen. Some would almost say that he is OCD as he will do a task multiple times, just to be sure that it has been done and done to the best of his ability. However, this patient mindset even follows him into battle as he prefers to give his opponent the first turn.

Tactimon --mutate--> Venomyotismon --DNA--> Malomyotismon

RP Line: ??? --> Tactimon

Battle Style: A master tactician and a person that loves to count. In his fighting style he uses his extreme counting abilities and his Sword of Storms blade to express a myriad of attacks based on stabbing the blade into the ground (1st - 3rd Tachi techniques) and swinging at opponent (Death, Enlightened, & Nothingness Tachi), and thrusts at the opponent (God, Star, & Castle). He also has back cannons for more destructive and ranged methods

COde Name: TwilightSoul
Text: fandango (#B53389)

Tyrion, the Strabimon

User Image
12th Contest Partner:Ascent of the Fallen
Theme Song: King of Shadows by Sombra
Listen Here

Info: Found beaten, bruised and on the verge of death, Tyrion was found by his soon to be tamer and was nursed back to health. Upon waking up to the unfamiliar area with no recollection of how he got there or any events prior, he naturally showed a rather aggressive demeanor and attempted to escape. Upon making contact with the tamer, a prophetic outburst of images would display themselves in both the human and Tyrion's minds.The burst showed the two beings interlocked in some ancient transformation. The empathetic phenomena had take a bit out of the two, leaving them both wondering about what had taken place. From then one, this one moment would start the beginning of both digimon and human on a mission to understand their connection to one another.

Personality: Emotional scarring of a past nearly cut from his mind retains an unseen hold over him that makes him reluctant to talk to others or even making friends. He struggles with trust issues even in those that say they won't hurt him or claim to be his friend. This digimon of light is covered in the black tar of depression. His digimon's eyes are two different colors and he keeps close a purple scarf though he doesn't remember from whom or wear he acquired it.

Shoutmon --Mutate--> Renamon --> Lobomon --DNA--> Strabimon --> Lowemon --> JaegerLowemon

RP Line: Strabimon + Human --> Lobomon or Lowemon --> JaegerLowemon --> ???

Battle Style: While in his rookie state, Tyrion relies heavily on its speed and dexterity to work a manner of hit and run tactics on its enemies. Once it evolves with a human, its attacking methods become a lot more sophisticated; as lobomon it wields two swords and becomes heavily aggressive. However as lowemon, it takes a more defensive mage stance, attacking mainly in a countering methods, but preferring keeping its distance with a variety are dark-based projections.


COde Name: GreenEyes
Text: Carmine (#96001 cool

Orobus, the Ogremon

User Image
13th Contest Partner:Digimon Adventure Part 1
Theme Song: Eavael- Circle
Listen Here

Info: Completely unaware of its life prior to the restart, Orobus lived his life as the Pirate Captain of the infamous Ogre Gang whom made a name for themselves as little league predators of the sea. His newest question was the quest for digivolution and a tamer all his own. It was in this search Orobus encountered and kidnapped Raji in an attempt to acquire that the boy owned. However, in his success at kidnapping the boy, he spurred on evolution of Raji's digimon and was defeated. Upon getting ready to be deleted, Raji convinced his partners to have pity on the goblin and promised to help the digimon gain the power in an appropriate manner.

Personality:Similar to the term green-eyed monster, Orobus suffers from extreme envy. He craves power, money, fame; he wants it all and has no problem forcibly taking it from those that have what he wants. When he doesn't get what he wants, he has tantrums and goes on violent mood swings. When he puts his mind to into the task, he can be be a rather inspirational source to those lower than him, able to inspire 'minions' to join his cause, no matter whether its a right or wrong.

Digimon Art: Tentomon --Dedigivolve --> Motimon --> Tentomon --Armor--> FlamWizmon --> Tentomon --mutate--> Goburimon --> Ogremon --warp--> Titamon

RP Line: Motimon --> Goburimon --> Ogremon --> SkullSatamon --> Titamon

Battle Style: Throughout all of its stages, it takes a berserker's mindset making up for its speed with brutally powerful swings and strikes from its weapon. Though it prefers a more up close and personal stance, Orobus is somewhat proficient in manipulation of its spiritual energy and manifesting it in a sphere or bomb-like effect (Goburi bomb [R] > Haoken [C] > Nail Bone > Koou Meijin).


COde Name: LustyFire
Text: Avocado (#568203)

Priapus, the Phelesmon

User Image
14th Contest Partner:DTI's Bonfire Night
Theme Song: Poison's Theme by Hideyuki Fukasawa
Listen Here

Info: A young imp of the incubus class that had a desire and goal to be the best incubus in the entire digital world. Breaking away from the rest of the devilish horde, Priapus sent on a person pilgramage to pillage every village of its virgins and whores. During his travels, he encountered a traveling circus and was, strangely enraptured by a Rosemon and followed her. What kept him around was how resilient she was to his charms. After her death, he went hermit, stricken by love and then lost.

Personality: As a servant of lust, Priapus is 100% dedicated to wooing those around him. He has no gender or even age preference. Sure he will take in to consideration that it's pointless to flirt with a child. Being a master of wordplay and an excellent judge of personality, he uses silver words to bend the will of his prey, with hopes of ruining them with scandalous debauchery that will leave them completely debilitated

Digimon Art:
Flamedramon -Armor Crush-> Veemon -mutate-> Candlemon -DEDark-> Boogeymon --> Phelesmon --> Murmuxmon

RP Line: Candlemon --> Boogeymon --> Phelesmon --> Murmuxmon

Battle Style: Priapus is the perfect definition of being a "Love, not a Fighter." Though most of his forms have weapons or some combat prowess, he has little to know power behind them. In this case, he uses his words to disorient the opponent and lure them into a false sense of security to the point that they disengage or are left open to his more offensive companions.

[size=24]COde Name: N/A[/size]
[size=10][color=]Text: [/color][/size]

___, the ???mon

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Theme Song:
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:48 am

Chaos Organization

((League of Sinister Chaos Digimon))

-See Paramiere-

-See Cadaiver-

-See Doroku-

COde Name: SeaTitan
Text: black

Banye, the ChaosMetalSeadramon

User Image
8th Contest Partner: Digital Thanksgiving
Theme Song: Treacherous Seas by Antti Martikainen
Listen Here

Info: Banye is the most illusive of the Chaos members. Despite needing water to do most of his traveling, he somehow is always able to appear from a water source, whether they are connected or not. Unlike the other members of the organization, Banye's history is just as illusive; not much is known how he came to be or even if he was ever once a regular MetalSeadramon. The only person that would possibly know this sea titan's history perished in reviving Marcus as a Chaos Tamer.

Personality: Personality-wise, he is like a mix of all the other chaos members, minus Chaosdramon. He can be regimented like Paramiere, choosing to be serious over making jokes, loyal like Doroku but only to those that deserve it. He can be sadistic and blood-thirsty in combat, but prefers to not completely lose his sanity like Cadaiver can and will do at the sight of red. At best, he is modest only choosing to make himself none when entirely necessary.

Digimon Art: kokotorimon --Dna w/ Akokotorimon--> Gigadramon --DNA w/ Whamon--> Gigaseadramon --DNA w/ MetalSeadramon--> ChaosMetalSeadramon

RP Line: R confused ?? --> C confused ?? --> Gigadramon --> GigaSeadramon --Slide Digivolve--> ChaosMetalSeadramon

Battle Style: N/A


COde Name: Armageddon
Text: darkred

User ImageMugen, the Chaosdramon

User Image
7th Contest Partner: Captain America Contest
Theme Song: Storm Catcher by Epic Action & Adventure
Listen Here

Info: This beast of destruction was created by the unifying of Majooj (metalgreymon) and Yajooj (Metaltyrannomon), the brothers of Armageddon. This beast was once sealed away because of the power it commands and for being able to obliterate areas at a time on its own. The power to summon this beast was sealed away and the key was broken into four parts and given to the four chaos digimon till the next Chaos Emperor returned to the digital world. Being assumed to be the next Chaos Emperor, Marcus has the ability to access these keys and bring this machine back to life. The question is, will Marcus control it or will it control Marcus? When it is not in the form of Chaosdramon, it takes the form of two agumon with matching chaos tattoos on their opposite eyes.

Personality: When in twins form, Mugen is very similar to a child in behavior and attitude. Even though he still reclaims all of the memories of his past life and the many battles that he engaged it, this seems to have no effect on the twins' maturity. As Chaosdramon, it is very similar to an emotionless mech that is fueled by dark power that can either comply with commands or go into a berserking rage.

Digimon Art: Agumon --> DarkTyrannomon --> MetalTyrannomon --DNA w/ metalGreymon--> ChaosDramon

RP Line: Agumon Twins --> Greymon & DarkTyrannomon --> MetalGreymon & MetalTyrannomon --> Chaosdramon --> ???

Battle Style: As the twins, both agumon carry large axes and fire balls of fire at the enemy target. However, their styles are quite different as Yajooj is the more InYourFace fighter while Majooj prefers distance. As Chaosdramon, it is similar a mobile suit equipped an a massive amount of artillery that includes but is not limited to guns of all sizes, laser cannons, rocket launchers, and hi-Intensity plasma cannons.


Guardians of Helios

((Secret Organization of Vaccine Types))

COde Name: ExorcistDrake
Text: darkkhaki

User ImageKimiroga, the Goldramon
User Image
4th Contest: Love is in the Code
Theme Song: The Dragon's Breath by David Arkenstone
Listen Here

Bio: Kimiroga is thought to be the founder of the Guardians of Helios and acts a powerful sage of wisdom. He tends to stay the base located about the clouds, but when he does, he hides his power within a paper-mache shell. In times of need, however, Kimirago casts away his phony facade to take on powers of a dragon and a holy creature. Before he came into power as Goldramon, Kimiroga was a work-out craving dinosaur known as Tyrannomon. He then sought out to master this power and digivolved into a much stronger version of himself, known as MasterTyrannomon. From there, he had wanted nothing more than to get stronger than that. It was in this search that he became Goldramon and came to understand his true calling and created the Guardians of Helios, an organization formed completely by Vaccine digimon, with one goal... to eradicate the forces of evil known as Virus digimon.

When Kimiroga came in contact with Marcus's partner, Hiro, he quickly noticed that the King of Beast was troubled by a dark force within him and performed an exorcism to remove the force (Umon--> Darkdramon). He was slightly troubled when he force came alive after being removed, but then noticed this to be a perfect opportunity to learn about Virus digimon and how to better remove them.

Personality: He has a rather cheery personality that often leads him to bust out in hysterical laughter. When he isn't training, he is resting, soaking in the sun and then working it off. In the presence of other members, he acts as an old man speaking in riddles. However, in the presence of Benivold, he tosses the wise act and pulls an extremely dangerous happy-go-lucky demeanor. Some would believe that he does this to simply annoy the knight while others would think it was an attempt to make Benivold not so serious...

Omekamon--Mutate--> Tyrannomon--> MasterTyrannomon--> Goldramon

RP Line: Tyrannomon --> MasterTyrannomon --> Goldramon

Battle Style: Unknown


COde Name: FlamePaladin
Text: firebrick

User ImageBartz, the ShineGreymon
User Image
5th Contest Partner: Digital Shore
Theme Song: Gale
Listen Here

Bio: Bartz was the leader of an anti-virus subgroup, within HELIOS, known as the Righteous Trio of Helios, but the group managed to bite off a little more than they could chew and ended up becoming corrupted gaining alternate personas, his called itself Ruin. Because of this incident, Bartz and his comrades, Terra and Hamalie, are forever tempted by thoughts of impurity. In Bartz case, he is constantly at a battle with his subconsciousness, as he also developed a counter entity that called itself Burst. After a many grueling mental and physical fights, Bartz broke away from the group to try and purify himself of both egos so that he could return to his beloved Terra as well as their ally, Hamalie.

Personality: A paladin of burning justice with an uncanny accent that reminds one of an English bloke. Like previously stated, his digital heart burns for justice, chivalry, and anything else that a warrior of good would strive for. He seems Benivold as a boot liker and refused to accept him as Kimiroga's second in command, believing that (despite his condition) he could be a better 2nd.

Ruin Mode <-- ShineGreymon --> Burst Mode

Battle Style: Bartz is a master swordsmen and proficient in fire manipulation, usually to accent his powers rather than as an offensive force. When he shifts between Burst and Ruin, fire becomes his main weapon with many forms that he can change it into to fit his needs. The only thing that separates the two alters is that Ruin's is powerful but wild and Burst is more refined and cleaner in its forms.


-See Terra-

COde Name: TwoFaced Hare
Text: wheat

User ImageHamalie, the Antylamon

User Image
9th Contest Partner: Digi-Easter
Theme Song: Dose of Innocence by Neutrino
Listen Here

Info: Hamalie is a member of the Guardians of Helios and the 3rd party member of the the Righteous Trio with Bartz and Terra. However, just like Bartz and Terra, she too was tainted in an overwhelming battle against chaotic digimon. This unholy persona takes the form of a rather masculine virus form that went to call itself Faust. This male alter ego tends to always come out when she wishes that it did not. Her only escape from such changes is to revert to her ultimate stage, Antylamon, whom happens to be mute for some reason.

After the incident that left all three members unstable and inadequate for service to the league, all three left on a pilgrimage of purity, but were separated. To this day, Hamalie/Faust continues to search for her companions.

Personality: Hamalie is the kindest, most sweetest digimon that anyone could ever meet. She is quick to aid allies in whatever they need as long as it is morally just. On the other hand, as Faust is the exact opposite in morals and behavior. He is a trickster that will lie, cheat, and even steal what he needs. Having trust in him is like having no trust because he will betray as soon as he loses interest in your bribes. Antylamon is a neutral middle that usually keeps to itself.

Digimon Art: Cherubimon Vaccine --De-Digivolve--> Antylamon --Dark Digivolve--> Cherubimon Virus

RP Line: Antylamon --> Cherubimon Vaccine (Hamalie) or Cherubimon Virus (Faust)

Battle Style: Both Hamalie and Faust use the power of heaven's lightning as their main weapon of choice, but as one might expect Hamalie's lightning has is light while Faust's lightning is dark in nature. Antylamon, however, does not have special powers to use in combat. This rabbit uses its long arms and powerful legs to combat foes in a close-quarter combat style. One thing it can do is change its hands to axes for more damaging blows.


COde Name: King's Saber
Text: Brown

Benivold, the Duftmon

User Image
1st Donated Partner: Its a Party now!
Theme Song: Protecting My Devotion by Nobura
Listen Here

Info: As a mere PawnChessmon, Benivold was forced to join the Guardians of Helios to attempt to answer the question, "Are all Virus Digimon evil?" Though he rejected the idea and often rebelled in youth, he eventually came around thanks to the humorous leader, Kimiroga. In time, this virus digimon became extremely loyal to the Dragon digimon and only listened to him. In a battle with a group wild virus digimon, the courageous spirit within him came forth and allowed him to pass from a virus digimon to a Vaccine Digimon, Duftmon.

As years passed, Benivold succeeded in all the tests given to him and eventually became 2nd to Kimiroga in command of The Guardians. When Kimiroga is not present, he takes it upon himself to serve as the leader till Kimiroga returns.

Personality:Benivold is a digimon that remains loyal to Kimiroga and his mission, seeing all others that oppose them as a threat needing to be immediately eliminated. Though some may see him as cold-hearted, he is exactly that except when talking to Kimiroga. He's said himself that it was do to the dragon's carefree stupidity that he is unable to retain his stern personality. In conversation with the dragon, he finds himself face-palming more times than thought possible. Benivold finds himself questioning Bartz's convictions, his loyalty to the group, and always has an eye on the dragon, waiting for the moment to catch him in the act and remove his head.

Digimon Art: Pawnchessmon --> Angemon --mutate--> Leomon --> Grappleomon --Dna w/ SlashAngemon--> Duftmon

RP Line: PawnChessmon --> Angemon --> Grapleomon --> Duftmon

Battle Style: Benivold is a master fencer and tactician. With his trusty saber, Benivold goes into battle with a strike and counter based fighting style where he fluidly moves through opposing hits and strike at the opponent's weak points. He also is a master of energy manipulation, able to wield it and strike from afar with destructive pierce and swipe attacks.

-InsertEgoHere- Liger
Vice Captain

Married Shapeshifter

14,050 Points
  • Married 100
  • Signature Look 250
  • Dressed Up 200

-InsertEgoHere- Liger
Vice Captain

Married Shapeshifter

14,050 Points
  • Married 100
  • Signature Look 250
  • Dressed Up 200
PostPosted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:49 am

Hall of the Titled
((Official digimon by Events and Others))


COde Name: BanHammer
Text: silver

Baihumon, the Baihumon

User Image
1st Recognition Partner: Award for being Vice Captain
Theme Song: N/A
Listen Here



Digimon Art:Bahihumon

RP Line: Baihumon

Battle Style: Being very similar to a god among digimon, Baihumon does not really have need for a specific battle style other than having the ability to petrifity his targets with his special attack Kongou and then shatter them with his spike-ringed tail. And if they're not really worth all that, he can merely step on his targets thanks to his massive size when compared to other digimon.


COde Name: TyrantGod
Text: mediumseagreen

Merukimon, the Merukimon
User Image
1st Event Partner: Winter Olympics 2010

Bio:As I said, I am Merukimon, the Messenger of the Olympus Twelve. Over the past billion centuries my I as well as our brothers and sisters have watched over and searched for tamers worth of our power. In doing so, we set up a tourney to decide who would be the best choices. With me being the speed of the team, my event was surrounded by the use of speed, in the form of a chariot contest. Here I stumbled on little architect-in-training Liger. He showed much promise so I aligned myself with him. Hopefully he will grow under my watchful eye.

Personality: Regimented, serious, quick to scold, enjoys a good race even if he always wins, humble to an extent, and a gentleman to the ladies.

Merukimon --> WereGarurumon --mutate--> MagnAngemon --DNA w/ Cyberdramon--> Goldramon

RP Line: Gabumon (see waltz) --> Garurumon (See Waltz) --> WereGarurumon --> Merukimon

Battle Style: Much like Gaomon, uses speed to deliver many fist-based attacks (Thousand Fist). He uses aztec magic to either summon beasts, heal injuries, or create gaps in space for easy escape (Keriyukeion).


COde Name: SilentBrother, Wrath
Text: cornflowerblue

Granville, the Daemon
User Image

7th Event Partner: Rise of the Demon Lord '11
Theme Song: The "God" Fist
Listen Here
Bio: Better known as the Elder brother of Waltz, he is also a copy of the original Daemon that seemed to develop a kindred bond with Marcus was the boy's chaos symbol was warmed into the crest of Wrath. Little is really known about this particular digimon as he is usually quiet. According to Waltz, Granville is slightly hard at hearing for reasons unknown.

As one of the many unfortunate siblings of a prideful Lucemon, Granville was another member that suffered the price of imprisonment in a puppet digimon. His puppet form was an etemon, another digimon thought to have the same musical interests as he does. Similar to Ocelot, he is made rather dependent on this form, but is still able to channel his wrath through it, just not his flames.

Personality: He is a bit of mental musician with a constant melody going on in his head. Contrary to popular beliefs, this Daemon prefers to be left alone to his music. A failure to comply usually results in him reverting to his usual wrath-bearing self in which no one is safe.

Daemon --DeDigivolve--> SkullSata --Mutate--> Etemon --> KingEtemon

RP Line: Etemon --When Zipper is pulled--> Skull Satamon --> Daemon

Battle Style: Though he prefers not to fight, fire is Granville's weapon of chose. Whether projectile or CloseQuarterCombat, this digimon uses his Evil Inferno as a manner of dealing the finishing touch. While Granville is both an Etemon and SkullSatamon, he uses a bow-staff like fighting style where his weapon of choice as SkullSatamon is his bone staff and his weapon as an etemon is a halberd-like staff with a microphone in the place of the blade.

User Image
PostPosted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:51 am

Marcus, age 17, awakens in the digital world

Marcus meets Alter for the first time

Enter the City for the first time

Steps in the presence of Angels

The search for food continues!

Return to the mountains with new allies

Return to the Teacher, bruises and all

Trial 1: The Devil's Pet

Trial 2: Sea Food


Trial 4: Buggy Twins

Trial 5: Graveyards of the Lost <-- Not finished TT^TT

LONG three year gap!!

Memories War

Prologue: It starts --> Brief Reunion --> Extermination --> To the Inn --> Intermission? --> To late --> Back to spying

Mission 1: Base of the Mountain --> I AM MINI-BOSS --> Sidetracked --> Back to the Inn

Sidequest (1): Egg Hunt --> Scolded --> Return to Inn --> Back to the Beginning --> The Real Mission

Mission #2: With guns Blazing --> WTF?! another Intermission

Mission #3: City of Oil --> Pick up --> The end of Machines

Major Side-quest: The Message --> Worst Rescue EVER!

Mission #4: Seashells, Seashells, by the sea --> Return to the Wasteland

Break: The re-iteration

Wrapping up (2parts of awesome):
- Unseating the Knights of the Round
- Exorcising the Spiritis

Epilogue -->


Search gone wrong --> At the Inn... once more --> Return to Base with Plan in Hand --> The Dream --> Just passing through --> Arrival in Darkness --> Castle of Darkness-->

Side:Cadiaver & Paramiere, Ocelot --> Cadaiver and Paramiere... Return

Ocelot, the Bounty Hunter --> Enter Ocelot

Aftermath --> First light in a while --> Results of withdrawal --> Passing through2 --> Passing Through3 --> Same area, less gap
Dojo then a Plan --> Closure to a Future

-----Present Day-----
Back to the Present --> Makeshift Hideout --> Gap shortened --> Search for the team -->

EPIC FLASH BACK! --> Recruitment... -->

Trials of Chaos Begin: R1, Sadistic Clown --> R2: Black Knightt --> R3: Blazing Dragon

-InsertEgoHere- Liger
Vice Captain

Married Shapeshifter

14,050 Points
  • Married 100
  • Signature Look 250
  • Dressed Up 200

-InsertEgoHere- Liger
Vice Captain

Married Shapeshifter

14,050 Points
  • Married 100
  • Signature Look 250
  • Dressed Up 200
PostPosted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:52 am
~Links & Zeldas

Check out my Art shop

-->User Image<--
Click ME!!!

To The Deck


My old profile

governor= TABAAN
Arrow- MAL
of god= oiad
go down=uniglag
all powerful=iaidon
angel= merifri/murifri
shrine= arba
spirit= gah
speech from god= loagaeth
surge= molvi
thrusting= malprg
life= malpirgi
of= a
Rain= FAFEN[/spoiler[
PostPosted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 9:54 pm
Club Occupation(s):

Club Manager:
User Image
Marcus Liger

Assistant Manager

Resident Band Members: Egocentric 6
User Image
Band Leader/ Lead Guitarist: Leomon
Drummer: Machgaogamon
Vocalist(s): Ranamon & Lillymon
Bass Guitarist: Stingmon
Synthesizer/ DJ: Silphymon

User Image
Security Supervisor: Guilmon
Bouncer 1: Beelzemon
Bouncer 2: Asuramon

Bar & Diner
Head Chef: ChaosPiedmon
Cook1: MameTyramon
Cook2: Digitamamon
Waitress: Snowagumon
Waiter: ChaosWargreymon
Busboy: Omekimon
Bartender: Anubimon

Local Customers
All the other digimon

-InsertEgoHere- Liger
Vice Captain

Married Shapeshifter

14,050 Points
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-InsertEgoHere- Liger
Vice Captain

Married Shapeshifter

14,050 Points
  • Married 100
  • Signature Look 250
  • Dressed Up 200
PostPosted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 11:44 pm
Digimon Owned by Level and Type




_Rookies_ w/ RP Lines
Gaomon > Gaogamon > MachGaogamon > MirageGaogamon > Burst
Armadillomon > Leomon > Grappleomon > BantyoLeomon > Chaosmon
SnowAgumon > Monochromon > Triceramon > Spinomon
Salamon > Gatomon > Silphymon > Valkyriemon
*NiseAgumon Hakase > Deltamon > MetalGreymon > ChaosWarGreymon
Guilmon > BlkGrowlmon > BlkWarGrowlmon > ChaosGallantmon > Core
Lucemon > ??? > DoruGreymon > Dexmon
*Gabumon > Dobermon > Cerberumon > MaloMyotismon
*Lalamon > Togemon > Lillymon > Rosemon
Hawkmon > Aquilamon > Parrotmon > Eaglemon
Vilemon > Gesomon > MarineDevimon > Pukumon
*Demi-Devimon > Devimon > NeoDevimon > ChaosPiedmon
*Shoutmon > Tyrannomon > MasterTyrannomon > Goldramon
*Renamon > Garurumon > Antylamon > Cherubimon
Strabimon > Lowemon > JaegarLeomon > Rhihimon
Agumon > DarkTyrannomon > MetalTyrannomon > Chaosdramon
PawnChessmon > Angemon > Grappleomon > Duftmon
Tentomon > Stingmon > MegaKabuterimon > HerculesKabuterimon
*Goburimon > Ogremon > SkullSatamon > Titamon
Candlemon > Boogeymon > Phelesmon > Murmuxmon

Leomon x2


Grapleomon x3
MegaKabuterimon (Blue)
Lillymon x2
Lillymon X
MagnAngemon x2

MirageGaogamon (+Burst)
Imperialdramon PM
Bancholeomon x2 (+Burst)
AncientBeetlemon {Ancient Warrior}
ChaosPiedmon {ChaosGeneral}
ChaosWarGreymon {Chaos General}
Beelzemon (+BlasterMode) {Demon Lord}
Daemon x2 [+Robed] {Demon Lord}
Alphamon {Royal Knight}
ChaosMetalSeadramon {Chaos General}
Goldramon x2 {Great Dragon}
ShineGreymon (+Ruin, +Burst)
Cherubimon (+Virus variant) {Great Angel}
Duftmon {Royal Knight}
Merukimon {Olympian}
Rosemon X

_Super Ultimate_

_Human Spirit_

_Beast Spirit_

_Fusion Spirit_

Umon #1: Darkdramon
Umon #2: Mametyramon

Locked Lines
-Tyutyumon --> Doggymon --> BlackRapidmon --> Parseemon
-Koromon --> Cutemon --> Dobermon --> Kyukimon --> BantyoStingmon--> Baccusmon
-Hawkmon --> Harpymon --> Karatenmon --> Ravemon  
PostPosted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 11:49 pm
Artist Corner

Made By Rae Jou for mez >w<

User Image
User Image
User Image

By Pummel_Muss

User Image

By Im Windspirit

User Image

By Excaliburace

User Image
User Image
User Image

By FireBringer_Kain
User Image

By ListenFeelEnjoy
User Image

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser Image

User ImageUser Image

By Nire-chan
User Image

Random Tidbits~~~

Acquired Item(s):
User Image

Dream Team(s):

User Image
User Image User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
Duroku ---------- Bayne --------- Cadiaver ------ Armageddon ---- Paramiere

Digi-Memory Knights
User Image NightMare Soldier: Paramiere, The Silent ChaosGallantmon (Gorgon Spear & Shield)
Virus Buster: Jou, the Mystical Alphamon (Digi Tome)
Dragon's Roar: Void, the Passionately Destructive Spinomon (Bloody Needle Coat)
Nature Spirits: Hiro, the Vengeful Bancholeomon (Beast Blade)
Wind Guardian: Himaki, the Free-spirited Valkyriemon (Frost Sword and Burning Phoenix)
Metal Empire: Destino, the Obedient Zeedgarurumon (Infinity Tank)
Deep Saver: Kannon, the Violent MarineDevimon (Ink Whip)
Jungle Trooper: Yevon, the Sparkling Giant HerculesKabuterimon (Thunder AxeHead)

Final Wishlist

User ImageWelcome, my friends... I am Cadavier, the ChaosPiedmon and the narrator of this tale of epic tragedy. If you are here then that means that you are an acquaintance of my tamer... Marcus the Fool... Why is he called "The Fool?" Well then, allow me to tell you... starting from the very beginning....

In the digital world, there are many beings. Each could be categorized as one of 22 major Arcana (my specialty). The most prominent species, as of late, have been human tamers, whom are all what we would consider as fools. Fools on a quest for something that the real world did not offer them. Each on is destined for a planned fate be it grand or tragic. This tale that I have for you will be no different. So Let us begin this tale at the beginning with our Main Protagonist in this epic tragedy, Tarot 0, Marcus Eghos... The Fool.

User Image

Before our fool's descent into the digital world, He was but a mere child with a computer pet known as Gaomon. They went on many adventures together until one day, they ran into a bit of trouble. Naturally, Marcus felt that they could take on the challenge, but was horribly wrong as our hero was forced to watch as his partner was ganged by a group of wild Goburimon. This was the first run in with the many horrors that would soon visit him as he continued watched. In his last effort to "save" his partner, Marcus grabbed the screen of his computer and began to scream for his digimon to run away. As he did this, the device (known as a D-Arc digivice) and his computer screen began to glow with a blinding light. As the boy tried to reach his digimon through voice, he barely noticed that he was being pulled into the screen. Eventually everything went black...

Marq soon awoke to find himself inside of a dojo-like shack with his digimon, Gaomon, looking over him. He also noticed another digimon, a large lion-like digimon known as leomon. Gaomon began to explain how it was Leomon that saved them from the goburimon and how happy he was to finally meet Marq in person. As one would expect, this all came as a surprise to Marq, but none more surprising than finding out that he was now in the digital world. After much rest, pinching to wake up, and much more, the Leomon took Marq under his wing and taught Marcus and Gaomon the basics for surviving via Digi-Modification and even the basics to Digi-Soul. As a test, Marq and Destino (gaomon) underwent a test known as the "Trial of the Eight Kings." Unfortunately, Marq failed to aid his partner and was sent on a quest to learn more and make friends and then return to try again.

His story only grows more twisted from there....

-InsertEgoHere- Liger
Vice Captain

Married Shapeshifter

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  • Dressed Up 200

Black_Blood Cat

Anxious Kitten

9,750 Points
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  • Bunny Spotter 50
  • Cat Fancier 100
PostPosted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 11:51 pm
Yep, welcome to DTI..again! o uo

Awesome! I like your pose <3

Oooh, hey Merukimon~
I haven't seen you a lot o wo
PostPosted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 11:53 pm
Oh sorry about that I'll try to keep it to a minimum, that's what happens when I start watching a bunch of comedies at midnight sweatdrop  

Vice Captain

nuGen Staff Lead

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  • Gaian 50
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