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PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 12:28 am
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It has been 13 years since the first meteor shower that changed the fate
of the world forever.
But, as often the case, the human race was not ready
of such changes and the world came to fear and loath those who were
mutated by the meteors power. Their fear was not completely misplaced.
As the saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Not all
of those who became mutated used their new found powers for good. This
caused an epic power struggle between those who had been changed, and
a great battle took place, destroying most of the city of Knoxburgh. Those
who survived, became hunted by a government program known as
“The Daedalus Project” and were forced to hide.

Shortly thereafter, the city began to rebuild what was damaged, including
their lives. Reconstruction has been completed save a section of town
called the “Subdistrict“, where traces of mutagen radiation remain and
those with powers live and hide. The mutants have been all but eliminated,
leaving a small, hidden group.

Meanwhile, the rest of the city is about to break out into chaos as another
Meteor shower is headed towards earth. The government has taken action
to keep these meteors from infecting any more people. But unfortunately,
not all were successful, and now a new group of mutants are popping up
everywhere. How will the city of Knoxburgh hold up against this second
oncoming? It will crumble and fall once more, or will this time be different?
PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 12:29 am

Hey everybody's gotta have 'em.

1. Please follow all Gaian ToS.
2. Follow the guilds ToS.
3. Romance is allowed. Keep it Pg 13
4. You may kill other characters, but you must have their consent. Then please inform me of the agreement.
5. Please no not post until AFTER you have been accepted.
6. There is no rule six.
7. PM your profiles. If you post them, you will be denied.
8. Title your PM: Orange soda?
9. Follow the Character outline given. If you have anything you think should be on there, put it under extra. That’s what it’s there for.
10.PLEASE don't join and then never post! If you want to leave this rp at any time, just tell me! I won't be offended and try to talk you into staying. I'd just like to know so we're not waiting for weeks on end and wondering if you are ever going to post.
Rules are subject to change at any time    



PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 12:30 am
Character Outline

[color=Your color][b]When I look into the mirror I see:[/b] [/color] [Picture OR detailed description]
[color=Your color][b]My parents named me:[/b][/color] [Character name]
[color=Your color][b]I am currently:[/b][/color] [Age]
[color=Your color][b]I stand at:[/b][/color] [Height]
[color=Your color][b]I prefer:[/b][/color] [Sexual Preference]
[color=Your color][b]I am:[/b][/color] [Marital sat.]
[color=Your color][b]I can:[/b][/color] [Powers]
[color=Your color][b]I can also:[/b][/color](Opt) [Sub-powers if any]
[color=Your color][b]People say I'm:[/b][/color] [Persona]
[color=Your color][b]My history:[/b][/color] [Background]
[color=Your color][b]Anything else?:[/b][/color] [extra] (opt)
[color=Your color][b]My strings are pulled by:[/b][/color] [Gaian Name]
PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 12:31 am
Former Heroes:

This section is for those who would like to bring their heroes from Meteor Showers Bring Strange Powers into this rp.

Agatha "Gidget" Morris - Rikki Tikki Travi
Ako Riosu - The Count of Monte Carlo
Annabella (Annie or Anna) Carina Soulsmith - mc2
Tansy Hinzard - JewJewBeans
Trinity Smith - PixelMuse



PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 12:32 am

This section is for Heroes affected by the second meteor shower.

Amelia Fray - DeviantLuLu
Apollo Mikazuki - Natsa
Deora Alvarez - Deora
Erin Leigh - DeviantLuLu
Justine “Justice” Monroe - JewJewBeans
Kerana Carter - Kerana
Orion Mikazuki - Natsa
"The Shaman", "Grandpa", Richard Gutterson - DeviantLuLu
Theonis Richards - Nova Blancke  
PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 12:34 am
Former Villains
This section is for those who would like to bring their villains from Meteor Showers Bring Strange Powers into this rp.

Charles Ray - Rikki Tikki Travi  



PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 12:45 am

For newer Villains affected by the second meteor shower

Jezebel, Kali, and Liadain - Tatsoi
Jordan Knightly - Deviantlulu
Liv Crystalion - Nova Blancke
Shane Morris - Rikki Tikki Travi  
PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 1:14 am

Lillith Hinzard -JewJewBeans  



PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 1:15 am

If y'all help remind me, I'm going to try to actually keep this updated about every ten pages with a small summary.

Pages 1-10
Trinity and Gidget meet Deorda who steals Gidget's wallet. When they discover the young woman is a Meta-human, the two Heroes deiced to help her by taking her to Valhalla to help her learn how to control her powers. From there they go to the Subdistrict where Gidget splits from the group when she runs into Tansy. The two of them are trying to figure out how Tansy got there and are piecing together the puzzle known as Angel, but things don't work out so well, and Angel flies of . Meanwhile, in the main part of the city, Justine has been giving a Seeing Eye Dog, Hans from her old police friends and is making her way home. Hans however has a different plan and drags the blind woman to the subdistrict where she re-meets Gidget.

Pages 11 - 20
Gigdet and Justine make a plan to make Justine a new set of eyes to help her 'see'. The two go back to Valhalla to start working on the creation. Gigdet needs Shane's help and while they were talking, Shane broke off a part of himself which chased after Trinity before taking over North. Deorda got the full tour of Valhalla and met her roommate Kerana. The two got to know each other better and meet up in the lounge with Trinity to have dinner. Meanwhile, Gigdet performs the surgery on Justine to place her new eyes in, and all seems to be going well... for now.

Pages 21-30
Angel and Theonis become close as she helps him find a place to stay in the Subdistrict and he helps out his fellow Meta's by buying them food from the money he won at the casino.
At Valhalla, Justine's surgery goes well and she meets some of the other's living at Valhalla. The brothers Apollo and Orion stumble their way into Vahalla, and are welcomed in, hoping that they will find themselves at home. At the same time, it is now known that North was taken over by Shane's biomass and possibly someone else as well, little does the group know that it already has. Trinity is off to try to find the biomass before it frees Shane, while Gigdet goes topside to investigate three new Meta-Human's causing trouble. And all the While, Ako is making his way closer to Knoxburgh.

Pages 31-40
After a short confrontation, Gigdet manages to bring the three girls back with her to Valhalla. During which Ako shows up and joins the small group on their way back. Tansy and Theonis wind up making their way to the crash site only a few short minutes after the group leave as the two try to help, only causing them to start a scream match and expose their secrets to each other.
Meanwhile, Back at Valhalla, Deorda and Justine have a nice chat over dinner. Trinity is still on the case for Shane's bio-mass, which she is sure have taken over Alec, a boy who can see possible outcomes of the future. "Alec" and Kerana go to take dinner to the three sisters, and find out that gigdet might not be what she seems too. While Gigdet and Ako start to catch up on what's happened the last 13 years.

Pages 41-50
Tansy and Thenois make their way to Valhalla and meet up with Ako and Gigdet. Annie, who had been with the Dautalas Project for the last 13 years also joins the reunion. Annie insists she has to see Shane and learns the truth behind Gigdet’s death and Shane’ experimentation.

‘Alec’ convinces the sisters and Kerana to help it free it’s master, “For the good of Gigdet”.

Liv also makes her way to Valhalla, little do the employees know that Liv is really working against them.

Pages 51-60

Between 'Alec', Kerana, Jezebel, Kali, and Liadan it doesn't take long for them to break through all five doors. Trinity comes to stop them, but Jezebel quickly erases her memories of the entire day. In freeing his master 'Alec' is killed and eaten by the Bio-mass of Shane, which places Kerana in shock.
There is a short confrontation between Shane and Annie, and then another one between Shane and Gigdet. Lia drains Gigdet of her power, almost killing her (Maybe) and makes way for the four of them to escape. Annie awakens and comes back, telling Shane she doesn't plan on letting him leave and joins the team.
Meanwhile, Justine and Deora go shopping for headphones. Tansy switches back and forth between herself and Angel causing confusion for Ako and Thenois. And Liv starts to make 'friends'.

Pages 61-70
Annie, Shane and the Sisters make their escape, while Trinity and Gigdet try to prepare themselves and Valhalla for a possible attack from The Daedalus Project. Deora and Justine are separated during the chaos of the attack, but Ako quickly helps Deora find Justine as Deora herself is found by her roommate Kerana.
Gigdet decides that there is a Mole at Valhalla which is the reason the Daedalus Project has yet to attack, and summons her friends to a meeting and shows/tells them what she really is.
Meanwhile, Shane, Annie and the girls stop at a motel with plans to attack the Daedalus Project Headquarters. Lia stands up to her sisters for the first time ever before they all get some rest.

Pages 71-80
Ako, Tansy, Kerana, Justine, and Deora all react to seeing Gigdet’s robotic body (most of them) for the first time. For some, it is easy to take, causing questions to answer themselves, for others it is hard. For all, it’s shocking. Afterwards, they are all shown to their rooms to get a chance to rest.
Liv and Amanda become closer as they bond while Liv comforts Amanda over North’s death.
In the morning Kerana and Deora make muffins in their room, Theonis meets Gigdet and Trinity, the later of whom helps him to get some food, while Gigdet goes to hopefully help Tansy.
Annie awakens Shane, who goes to check on the Sisters.

Pages 81-90
Trinity and Theonis run into Apollo and Orion for a short while before Trinity brings Theonis to the Training room to help him with his powers. After dropping Theonis off there, Trinity goes to the doctor for a check up.
Shane walks into the sisters fighting and clams them down, only scold them, causing them to make a choice. Either have their parents help them to hide, or go with Shane and Annie to Daedatlus. The sisters choose to stay with the pair and help their attack on Deadalus.
Tansy goes with Gigdet only to find out that Gigdet plans on going inside Tansy’s head, literally, to trap ‘Angel’ so that Tansy may be free of her. But things don’t work out as well as Gigdet had hopped when Gigdet begins to see and feel more then she bargained for.

Pages 91-100
Inside Tansy’s head Gigdet find the ‘Real’ Tansy who talks of a mysterious man who she ran into years ago that has been using her. Although she doesn’t know his name.
Trinity and Theonis talk about Theonis’ past. Theonis then decides to help Trinity catch Shane and Annie. They go to Justine for help, who gives them some advice. Although she informs them that she could be more help after she adjusts to her new eyes, so they go on ahead without her.
Shane and Annie drop the sisters off at one of Shane’s safe house before they go out to eat, when things go wrong . Annie reveals that she has a son, a twisted project of Deadalus. Trinity and Theonis meet up with them and a fight ensues.
The Sisters met Liv and Larry in the safe house. Shortly after getting there, they must hide with the others as Deadalus comes in to check for Meta’s in the building.  
PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 11:16 pm
Now open and accepting!



PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 12:52 pm
The woman shot up in her bed. Frowning her reached over and hit the button on the top of her clock. "The time is 10:24 AM." Justine sighed softly as she threw the covers off of her and made her way over to her closet. Grabbing a hanger, she quickly went about her daily routine, finishing with tying the clean white cloth over her eyes. She smiled as she grabbed her cane and headed out the door.

It took her a few moments to get out onto the street. Once she did, she paused for a moment, readjusting herself, she started down the street towards her favorite spot for breakfast. The small dinner was only three blocks away from her home, and she had visited it often before the accident that had happened only a few weeks ago, but now it became almost a daily thing.

Justine sighed as she though back to before she had become blind. She had been able to do so much that she couldn't do now... but at the same time, there was so much she could do now.... it was just that now, she couldn't tell anyone.... And the only friends she had had where on the force, and would turn her in in a second. But hey, nothing was perfect... right?
PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 7:14 pm
Trinity walks into the diner with her hood concealing her face. She wore a long green trench coat, a purple mid-rift shirt with a pair of black pants and a pair of boots. One could tell she is a seasoned fighter and had endured many battles. She requests a mocha frapacino along with an oatmeal with fruit. Once both are served she walks to a table, one that was next to Justine's. Calmly she drinks her drink, eats her oatmeal and thinks to herself, it's good to be in the light again...Teshou, my sensei, was right... I should have head his warning about training in the shadow realm. All I could do now is hope that it was enough preparation... she sips her frapacino a little.  


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The Count of Monte Carlo

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 7:58 pm
"Creeps." Deora muttered as she walked away from the alley. The group of boys hidden in it's shadows continued to heckle and cat call at her, as they always did when she happened to walk by whatever alleyway hey were hanging out in at the time. She swore they were stalking her sometimes, a thought that made her want to shower the second it came to her mind. She'd dubbed them the Rat Pack, though only one of them truly resembled a rat, ugly tail and beady eyes included. The other two were just slimy, dirty, and generally unpleasant. The only good thing about them was that they were apparently smart enough to learn a lesson after one beating. They hadn't always been polite enough to keep their distance, but Deora had put them in their place in a display that likely would have made her brothers proud.

The smell of food took the nasty thoughts out of her head. There was a diner up ahead. She put her hands into her pockets, but he already knew what was there: five dollars and sixty-seven cents. Just enough for the best breakfast she'd had in a while.

The bell above the door jingled as she entered, and she cringed as a few people turned to look at her before going back to their meals. She looked around a bit for an empty seat before spotting one at the bar. She went to it, all too aware of the cop seated not too far away.  
PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 9:49 pm
Justine didn't look up when the bell rang. But she was intrigued. Judging from their weight, walking pattern, and heart rate, they were both female. And she had never ran into either of them. She also knew that neither of these woman had ever been here before. She sipped on her coffee and stared ahead at nothingness.

She wasn't a officer of the law any longer, since she lost her eyes, but she was always paying attention to as many details as she could. She was always watching, listening, doing what she could. Finishing her first cup of coffee, she tilted her head to the side. The second woman to enter was nervous for some reason. She rose her hand and waited for someone to come and refill her coffee.


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PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 10:38 pm
Deora couldn't help but glance around the diner every once in a while until her food came. The simple breakfast of scrambled eggs, grits, and black coffee was the most beautiful thing she'd seen in a while. She bowed her head to say a silent thank you before digging in. The fork made more noise than she liked as it clinked against the plate with each bite, but her normal affinity for stealth was the last thing on her mind.

She remembered what her life was like only a month or so ago, when she was still with her family. This kind of breakfast was an every day thing. Now it was almost a luxury.

As her mind calmed from the warm food, she looked around the diner again. Colors seemed a little brighter, people seemed a little friendlier, and that woman her instinct told her was a cop turned out to just be a blind woman enjoying her breakfast as well.

Everything seemed more dangerous when she was hungry, she was always on edge. She wasn't always like that, and she wished she didn't have to be.  
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