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PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2012 2:24 am
Pride: Kuroi'Nera
Owners: Chi Sohma
Did all active owners give their consent? Yerp
Meta Announcements:

+ The 2012 Meta: Bullets Over Broadway has started!
We would like all members to try and participate and if your looking for rp, this would be the perfect time to find some!
+ Seiji ( Janja'Nyoka x Nanashi )'s eldest pale son has been left in leadership ( The Boss ) as Nyoka x Nanashi both announce their temporary 'leave' from the pride. They are trying to branch out their trade routes as much as possible, in doing so taking a much needed vacation while their at it. This is a time of great joy! Contests are being held, and even hybrids ( + other species ) get the chance to take higher ranks past slaves!
+ Also in the mist of celebration, Seiji will be looking for some very strong willed cheetahs! Council positions are open for the taking! First come, first bite! If you think your cheetah has what it takes to be a council member~ Head over to our newest section to our subform! The Mafia Strategy guide: Rank Cheat Sheet!! All you need to knows right at your digits!
+ While the celebration of the new Boss is underway, something lurks in the mist of all the happiness... Not everyone will be happy with Seiji taking over! How does YOUR character feel about the pride's change of hands?
+ Check out the Pride announcements of the meta as it unfolds! ( And we need your help to do so! Many many prizes are in store for active members! From items, to unlocking new ranks! )
+ Out first contest is about to conclude! Head over to the [ Events ] section of the SoA guild to find our contest called: [ OPEN ] Kuroi Nera - Basket of Free cheeturs? [ PHASE 1 ] before it closes!
+ Our next contest: Bullets Over Broadway [ PHASE 2 ] - The Movement, will be starting Early May! So hurry and get your rps in! You can win extra tickets to raffles, auction points, item certificates and many more!

Misc Announcements

+ Make sure you update your breedings/joining/character updates forms for us! Please post! We think we are missing a few cub members! If you haven't already, head over to the memberslist to make sure your character is accounted for!
+ Two new threads have been added to our subform!
Mafia Strategy Guide, Basically a How to be a Mafia Member! From how to go up in ranks to the vast ways of the tunnels! Check it out for yourself! If you don't find what your looking for~ PM The mule so it can be added!
Breeding Lists, is now required so we can keep up with how many breedings we're getting and to help update our memberslist. Aka prepare for the cubbins!  
PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2012 8:22 pm
Pride: Mwezi'Johari
Owners: Ecavi
Did all active owners give their consent? Yes

All pride information has been rewritten. In the four years we've been around, a lot of old details have been changed- either by expansion or clarification and now the information posts reflect that. There is also plenty of new information, primarily in the Religion section! And a few ranks have had their duties expanded!

Please take a look but keep in mind none of this is supposed to be new information ICly.

If you have a pride member who is not on the member list or approved rogue list, please get in touch with me. Bits of lists may have been lost in the transfer.  


Magical Apprentice

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2012 7:22 pm
PostPosted: Sat May 05, 2012 5:04 pm
Pride: Ithambo’hlabathi (Bonelands)
Owners: Kaelyndra
Did all active owners give their consent? Y yes
Announcement: Information on the Fireking Outpost is up and running and can be found in the Boneland's subforum! You can assume that the outpost is now established. You may now RP Firekin/Boneland characters together in that outpost setting in the subforum of your preference.

The Boneland's thread has undergone some condensing! The FAQ thread, which was never updated, has been removed. As well, the updates are now all present as a union in the Basic Information thread. Check out that updates section, there is a little bit of information there. As well, the weather has been updated. A new rank can be found in the rank thread. Due to all these OC/IC changes, expect there to be several ORPs and potential PRPs offered for you in the next few weeks. We'll be looking for Ambassadors and bringing some in over the next month, and there should be more interaction with Abaholi soon.

In accordance with our discussion a few weeks ago, the Owner's List has been revised and updated. A big thanks to Neon for getting this organized! If you see any missing information, please PM it to the mule.  


Liberal Streaker

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Sat May 12, 2012 5:46 pm
PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2012 7:07 am
Pride: Myrsky Syntynyt
Owners: Princess_Feylin
Did all active owners give their consent? Yes
Please make sure that any challenge used as a JRP complies with the rules laid out in the Joining thread:
  • to be certed the challenger must either win or tie
  • the challenger must fight either a reaver or a captain
  • fights against thralls, freeborn, priestesses, or lawspeakers do not count

Please check over the member list to make sure everything is as it ought to be. PM the mule with corrections.  

Myrsky Syntynyt

Hygienic Raider

Epine de Rose

PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2012 2:29 pm
Pride: Bahari'mtoto
Owners: Epine de Rose, Syrius Lionwing
Did all active owners give their consent? Yup

Folks we're trying to update the memberlist at the moment. Could you please post every Bahari lion that you own for us? If you have an Adolescent/Adult lion who never did their Rites then don't worry, just post your desired rank alongside them and this will be updated accordingly as Adolescent Rites were temporarily suspended during the meta!

Open Rites Roleplay
Ram, the new leader of the Bahari'mtoto will soon be reinstating the traditional Rites to he Ocean. This will be done through an ORP where he will show that the ocean should be revered properly. You can RP fully here or simply post a single post with your lion so they can take their Rites again. This is in essence a renewal of respect and reverence towards the Ocean which was temporarily lost during the tsunami.

Open Rogue Breedings
From now until the end of the upcoming meta rogue breedings are going to be permitted in the Bahari'mtoto. However, this is going to come with some requirements. If you are unprepared to stick to these requirements, please DO NOT request a rogue breeding:

For full requirements, please see the Bahari'mtoto breeding thread, thank you!

Upcoming Meta
Stay tuned for the upcoming metaplot for the Bahari'mtoto which will be held in conjunction with the Kizi!  
PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2012 4:05 pm
Pride: Suka'Fumo
Owners: Cajanic
Did all active owners give their consent? Yes

OoC: The memberlist is being updated, finally! Please post any Suka'Fumo lions you have in the Memberlist update thread, located in the pride subforum!

IC: The time has come. Bwana is preparing to hand rule of the pride to his son, Dromio. The whole pride is in celebration for the upcoming ceremony! Dromio has opened the pride to visitors and new members, of all colors, and the pride has never seen so much excitement. But not everyone is pleased by the flood of change, and dark plots are in the works as well. Be on the look out for a big contest, RP events for everyone, new member fun, a second round of The Lost and much more.  


Generous Unicorn

Das Tor

Romantic Enabler

PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2012 6:12 pm
Pride: Aikanaro'hini
Owners: Das Tor, Manda, Sephiros Immortalis
Did all active owners give their consent? Yes
OOC - Attention to all member-owners; the information threads are getting a bit of an update! If you do not see your member on the member list by the time this is seen, it means Das Tor CANNOT find your member's information. Thus, the importance of everyone posting their info and updates to info! Also, keep an eye out in the future for a contest!

IC - The unthinkable has happened; Sinta'hare Hakuna'jina has been killed by an outsider. It is likely to have affected most of the pride in some way, as she was one of the oldest, most prolific members, and she was the one who taught many of those born into the pride how to fight. Three of her children will be hunting down the leopard that killed her. Unknown to the pride, however...she will return, reborn as a goddess.  
PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2012 11:43 am
Pride: Tokakinji
Owners: Lithia_Brandon
Did all active owners give their consent? I asked myself, and I said ok.
The Tokakinji information threads are now updated! There is a member list that is still in the process of being updated, and if your lion isn't already on it then posting in the 'Joining' thread with their information would be very helpful!

Also! Check out the 'Quest' thread in the subforum! You may get a free Toka from it!

IC Happenings:
The royal litter has been born! High King Uther and Queen Ygraine have welcomed a brood of ten princes and princesses into the Tokakinji! Celebrations are encouraged, and a general air of light heartedness and calm has settled over the pride in the wake of these good tidings!

Druids within the pride may not be as happy as others about this news. New heirs of the tyrant line to take the throne after Uther, raised in his shadow and image to continue his oppression of their kind. Perhaps make it even worse...

Recent sightings of a familiar, yet long dead, face has disturbed the peace and happiness that has followed the birth of the royal litter, but only to those few who are keen enough to notice it. A God has descended into the Castle, and is meeting regularly with Uther. The King does not speak about it, and rumors are spreading about who this God, who looks strangely similar to the assassinated King Talfrid, really is.

And what purpose he has here in the Tokakinji. Is he here to support the Toka and drive out the last of the Druids? Or does he bear magic and a sympathy for those who are said to support the more arcane and occult ways of life?

So far, there are only rumors.  


Snuggly Knight

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2012 7:56 am
PostPosted: Mon Jul 02, 2012 6:00 am
Pride: Theluji-Mkazi
Owners: ShinosBee
Did all active owners give their consent? Yes.
Announcement: Due to lack of interest and inactivity, the Theluji-Mkazi will be disbanding effective immediately. All SoA involved in the pride, from its meta, and those that joined normally, are free to go their own ways. ICly the dispersion of the pride is because an avalanche opened up a huge gap in the wall of the valley the pride resided in, and the land became unstable, forcing the members to retreat down the mountain and back into the rogue lands. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful, snowy memories!  




Mega Streaker

PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 10:53 am
Pride: Nchi'mahadhi Pride
Owners: Yin-bug and Chibi Sheepcat
Did all active owners give their consent? Yes
Announcement: OC: A contest is up for 6 lions! Make sure to check it out!
If you have a SoA that isn't listed on the member's list please make sure to post your information! Also there are many ranks open, if you are interested in any of them PM the mule! Also because of lack of time the Meta event has been canceled however you can still assume the flood has happened.

IC: The pride is recovering from the flood, there are still some missing members and there are still some things that need to be rebuilt but the pride is coming around with the new leader Mawi Mai leading the pride.  
PostPosted: Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:05 pm
Pride: Kuroi'Nera
Owners: Chi Sohma
Did all active owners give their consent? Yes
The next phase is coming up in the Meta, I know its been long but irl was sucking the time right up. But we're back in the roll! Noticed all the breedings for the 'Nera and congrats moms and dads- but some things you have to look for in the IC situations from the meta. Please be aware of them when rping! We're not discouraging you at all! War brings death and lives too!
Bare with all the changes, after the meta there will be new ranks coming in and a bunch more prizes to be given out!

Also PLEASE PLEASE if you had a breeding please make sure you post all that info in the joining thread for the litters and if you have a member that hasn't been listed, requote or quote chi to make sure everyone is accounted for- gets on the member's list! Updates have been slow because there is only one person doing everything, please help with a friendly nudge/reminder.

Rumors have been circulating and the one with the most grasp of the situation is Teo ( Right hand to Seiji, owned by Saint Sergio ) whom has been dealing with with a lot of the top secret hushush workings. Behind the scenes, but with the new council woman, Nkiruka ( The new council woman for in charge of the fighters, owned by Depawsit ) coming in to power despite the ONE STRICT rule of the former Boss Lady which was ( one woman in the council ). TWO are now in power, and not only that... she is a leopard! Rumor has it that she came out of no where and rumor has it, Seiji has something to do with it.

Along with other Rumors including a love interest for the new Boss which has spread a wildfire turmoil along with misc other things being said. The new boss being soft? No grasp on the pride? How did this get so out of control!? Who is spreading all this non sense! But whoever has, has ensued doubt and lines being drawn on taking sides. Suddenly, Hosoku ( The runner up son Heir owned by Day Dreamer427 ) had become the go-to leader for the purists. With lines drawn... the pride has become too stale and dangerous to breath!


Chi Sohma

Married Unicorn

8,125 Points
  • Member 100
  • Gaian 50
  • Person of Interest 200

KizingoZaa II

PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2012 1:09 pm
Pride: Kizingo'Zaa
Owners: Thalion
Did all active owners give their consent? Yes!
The annual metaplot has begun! This year we are teaming up with the Bahari for a seaside metaplot that will hopefully pave the way towards new and more interesting plots in the future, ease some of the heartbreak that both pride hae experienced, and form some relationships between the two ocean prides.

The first chapter of the meta has begun here. If you're late to the party but you're still interested in partaking in the metaplot, please sign up here so we know who to expect participation from.

Also, our owner's list is under reconstruction at the moment. Nerpin has offered to give us a face lift and it's coming along nicely. For those waiting to be added please bear with us, we'll be making updates as soon as the cleanup is complete. Please send any corrections directly to the mule so we can address them as they come.  
.:. Shadows of Africa .:.

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