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Dapper Werewolf

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 02, 2009 5:35 pm
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The planet Zi and its ion-rich oceans gave birth to a large number of metal life forms. Some went on to become the humanoid Zoidians. Others became the creatures known as Zoids, mechanical living beings with a core as a central life-force.

For centuries, the Zoidians lived in small tribes with an emphasis on survival, as their planet was wreaked with earthquakes and volcanoes. As the tectonic instability quieted down, their numbers grew, and people had time to squabble over territory. They took and modified the wild Zoids of the planet, eventually altering and changing them into massive war machines. In ZAC 1955, Helic Muroa of the Wind Tribe, who had tired of the constant battles, united the fifty tribes of the Central Continent into a single nation. He managed to convince his rival Guylos (of the Earth Tribe) to ally with him as well.

Helic's two sons, Helic II and Zenebas Muroa, inherited his nation after his death in ZAC 1978. Zenebas favored aggressive foreign policy, preferring to attack first and ask questions later in contrast to his brother's more peaceful approach. Tensions mounted, and he left after a bitter quarrel and framing by the Republic assembly, splitting the continent into two groups; the Helic Republic in the east and the Zenebas Empire in the west. The two nations went to war in ZAC 1980, beginning a series of low-scale conflicts.

In ZAC 2029, a ship from Earth, the Globally 3, crashed on Zi in the middle of the Central Continent. The survivors joined both the Empire and the Republic, using advanced Earth technologies to increase the war potential of the Zoids. The intensity of the war increased, as new Zoids like the Gojulas and Iron Kong were deployed. The two sides battled for nearly a decade, until the Republic deployed the super-heavy Ultrasaurus. With the Ultrasaurus, the Helic Republic was able to defeat the Zenebas Empire.

Emperor Zenebas himself fled, traveling to the Dark Continent of Nyx. Once there, he made a bargain with the emperor of the Guylos Empire to rebuild his army. In ZAC 2042, he returned, invading the Republic with a force of new Zoids. The Zenebas forces quickly advanced with the rollout of the Death Saurer in ZAC 2042, crushing the capital of the Republic. The Republic's government survived, and planned a counter-offensive in the midst of guerrilla warfare in the mountain ranges. In ZAC 2048, they deployed a new Zoid, the Madthunder. With the new Zoid, they were able to defeat the Death Saurer armies and destroy the Zenebas Empire.

Zenebas fled again, but before he could reach the Dark Continent, the forces of the Guylos Empire ambushed him. His army and its Zoids were absorbed into Guylos', who started a new series of conflicts with the Republic. After a successful landing and a long offensive through the brutal terrain of Nyx, the Republic army faced Guylos' trump card, the incredibly powerful Gilvader. To defend itself, the Republic created the Orudios and finally the King Gojulas, a monstrous Zoid that spearheaded a final offensive.
PostPosted: Mon Nov 02, 2009 5:36 pm

In the far reaches of the Milky Way, on the Planet Zi, there exists metallic life forms that posses superior fighting skills. These are the Zoids. Warriors by nature, Zoids have been used as the ultimate weapons in an ongoing war between the Imperial forces, and the Republicans of Planet Zi. What side will you be on? Will you fight for the republic or listen to the commands of Zenebas? Or will you be an independent working for whoever has the biggest pocket? With the war in full bloom you're bound to get caught up in it somehow.
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Dapper Werewolf

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Dapper Werewolf

9,100 Points
  • Conversationalist 100
  • Megathread 100
  • Gender Swap 100
PostPosted: Mon Nov 02, 2009 5:37 pm
User ImageZoids

Who will your partner be? With such a vast collection to choose from. All zoids in this rp will have an IOS. "Integrated Organoid System", or "black box"—a self-supporting artificial intelligence program that allows the it to learn and adapt on its own. So zoids can just as easily reject their pilots and disobey a command while in battle.


* Aquadon - Frog Type
* Arosaurer - Allosaurus Type


* Bamburian - Panda Type
* Barigator - Crocodile Type
* Battle Cougar - Griffin Type
* Battlerover - Ornitholestes Type
* Bear Fighter - Bear Type
* Berserk Fury - Tyrannosaurus Type
* Bigasaur - Diplodocus Type
* Bio Kentro - Kentrosaurus Type
* Bio Ptera - Pteranodon Type
* Bio Raptor - Velociraptor Type
* Bio Raptor Gui- Microraptor Type
* Black Rhimos - Rhinoceros Type
* Blade Liger - Liger Type
* Brastle Tiger - Tiger Type
* Brachios - Brachiosaurus Type
* Brave Jaguar - Jaguar Type
* Buster Eagle - Eagle Type


* Cannon Spider - Spider Type
* Cannon Tortoise- Tortoise Type
* Cannonfort - Buffalo Type
* Command Wolf - Wolf Type


* D.A. Lizards - Fuzor Zoid Type
* Dark Horn - Styracosaurus Type
* Dark Spiner - Spinosaurus Type
* Decalto Dragon - Dragon Type
* Demantis - Mantis Type
* Descat - Panther Type
* Diablo Tiger - Tiger Type
* Dibison - Bison Type
* Diloforce - Dilophosaurus Type
* Dimetrodon -Dimetrodon Type
* Dimetroptera - Dimetrodon/Pterosaur Type
* Double Sworder - Beetle Type
* Dragoon Nest - Lobster Type
User Image

* Elephander - Elephant Type
* Energy Liger - Lion Type
* Evo Flyer - Microraptor Type


* Fire Phoenix - Phoenix Type


* G2 Rex - Tyrannosaurus Type
* Gairyuki - Tyrannosaurus Type
* Gator - Dimetrodon Type
* Geno Breaker - Tyrannosaurus Type
* Geno Saurer - Tyrannosaurus Type
* Geruder - Triceratops Type
* Gilvader - Wyvern Type
* Glaive Quama - Longisquama Type
* Godkaiser - Tyrannosaurus Type
* Godos - Tyrannosaurus Type
* Gojulas - Tyrannosaurus Type
* Gojulas Giga - Gigantosaurus Type
* Gordos - Stegosaurus Type
* Gorhecks - Stegosaurus Type
* Gorilla Tron - Gorilla Type
* Gravity Ptera - Pterodactyl Type
* Gravity Saix - Cheetah Type
* Gravity Saurer - Suchomimus Type
* Gravity Wolf - Wolf Type
* Grounchar - Echidna Type
* Gul Tiger - Tiger Type
* Gungyarados - Dragon Type
* Gun Sniper - Velociraptor Type
* Gun Tiger - Tiger Type
* Gunbluster - Ankylosaurus Type
* Guysak - Scorpion Type
User Image

* Hammer Rock - Gorilla Type
* Hammer Head - Hammerhead Shark Type
* Hardbear - Bear Type
* Hayate Liger - Liger Type
* Heldigunner - Iguana Type
* Helcat - Panther Type
* Houndsoldier - Shepard Dog Type
* Hover Cargo - Snail Type
* Hurricane Hawk - Hawk Type


* Ice Blazer - Doberman Type
* Iguan - Iguanodon Type
* Iron Kong - Gorilla Type


* Jet Falcon - Falcon Type
User Image

* Killerdome - Crab Type
* King Baron - Lion Type
* King Gojulas - Tyrannosaurus Type
* König Wolf - Wolf Type


* Lanstag - Moose Type
* Leoblaze - Lion Type
* Leogator - Lion/Alligator Type
* Leostriker - Lion Type
* Lidier - Lion Type
* Liger Zero - Liger Type
* Lightning Saix - Cheetah Type
* Lord Gale - Gargoyle Type


* Maccurtis - Crawfish Type
* Madthunder- Triceratops Type
* Matrix Dragon - Fuzor Zoid Type
* Malder - Snail Type
* Mammoth - Mammoth Type
* Marder - Ornithomimus Type
* Molga - Caterpillar Type
* Mosasledge - Mosasaurus Type
* Mugen Liger - Liger Type
* Murasame Liger - Liger Type


* Nightwise - Owl Type


* Orudios - Pegasus Type


* Parablade - Parasaurolophus Type
* Ptera Rayse - Pterosaur Type
* Pteras - Pterosaur Type


* Rainbow Jerk - Peacock Type
* Raynos - Pteranodon Type
* Rayse Tiger - Tiger Type
* Red Horn - Styracosaurus Type
* Redler - Dragon Type
* Rev Rapter - Velociraptor Type
User Image

* Saberlion - Lion Type
* Sabre Tiger - Tiger Type
* Salamander - Pterosaur Type
* Savinga - Flying Squirrel Type
* Sea Panther - Hermit Crab type
* Seismosaurus - Seismosaurus Type
* Shadow Fox - Fox Type
* Shield Liger - Lion Type
* Sinker - Ray Type
* Snipe Master - Velociraptor Type
* Stealth Viper - Viper Type
* Storch - Archeaopteryx Type
* Storm Sworder - Pteranodon Type


* Thunder Cannon - Triceratops Type
* Twinhorn - Mammoth Type


* Ultrasaurus - Ultrasaurus Type
* Unenlagia - Unenlagia Type


* Valkyrie Caesar - Lion Type


* Warshark - Coelacanth Type
* Whale King - Whale Type
* Whitz Wolf - Wolf Type
User Image

* Zabat - Bat Type
* Zatton - Dinosaur Type
* Zeekdober - Doberman Type
PostPosted: Mon Nov 02, 2009 5:38 pm
User Image

If you've never seen Zoids or are confused about what it is. Check out some of these vids :]]]

Liger Zero VS. Berserk Fury - Zoids AMV - Duel of the Fates

Final Battles

Zoids Battle - The Death Stinger VS Van and Raven (and everyone else)

Zoids Battle - The Blitz Team VS. the Shadow Fox(Backdraft) .... Ready..FIGHT!!

Dance with the devil - Liger Vs Fury


Dapper Werewolf

9,100 Points
  • Conversationalist 100
  • Megathread 100
  • Gender Swap 100
Roleplaying Madness~

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