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The Inexplicably Unfortunate Life Severus Snape
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A Princely Memory
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 10, 2009 1:59 pm
Fan Fiction Contest for October:

The dishonorable Honorable

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5 points to every one who enters, with an additional 10 points to the winner!

Grand Prize for this Contest:
Choice of one:
Panda Plushie
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2000 gold
Mistress Dress (HR Wesley) your choice of color

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Your story must fit with the Gaia TOS and involve Severus Snape.

Original stories that you wrote yourself as well as "found" fictions are welcome!
(Hint: Haven's Index sticky in the main Forum has links to some great Fan Fiction sites ).

If you are posting part of a longer story (perhaps one with chapters), be sure that what you post stands alone as a story, in other words it's a complete story in itself whether you read more or not. Please don't post anything freakishly long.

1. Send 100 g entry fee in a trade to AccioFunds, Haven's mule.

2. Owl (PM) Accio Funds with the following information:
Your name
Name of Story
Which House you are in.

3. Post your FanFic in this thread yourself after paying the entry fee.
Post the story, not just a link to where you found it. You can post a picture(s) with it. Be sure to say where you found the picture, and name the artist or copyright holder if possible.

Include in your post in this thread:
Your name
The name of the FanFic.
Which House you are in.
Did you write it? If yes, put: Original Story.
If you didn't write it, be sure to put the author's name and the link to where you found it

You may write some comments before the story if you wish.

One entry per member per contest.

Keep in mind:
Spelling and grammar will count, so please spell-check and/or have someone beta read your story. Even if you didn't write it --please fix/correct spelling and grammar if the story needs it.

Keep everything PG-13. You are allowed to tweak a found fiction if you think the story needs it. Be sure to note that you edited the story, if you do so.

If you submit a story you wrote, say so. You get extra credit towards your score.

How Stories Win at Haven
4 Prefect Points (if a prefect enters the contest, they don't owl in a vote, but may vote in the poll)
4 Points -one from each Head of House
1 Point - Minister of Magic's choice
5 Points to the Winner of the Popular Vote
3 Points to the Second Place Popular Vote winner
2 more Points if it's an Original Story (You wrote it)
minus -1 point for any spelling, chatspeak or grammar errors.

16 Points possible maximum; in case of a tie, we will have a random number draw in order of submission.


We are accepting NOW until November 1st, midnight PST
Voting begins as soon as poll is up, ends November 15th

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 20, 2009 6:09 am
Greenest Of Green
An original story written by Kitsune no Zetsumei in Ravenclaw, first posted at fanfiction.net under the username of RulernAvOst in 2007.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J.K Rowling, and I claim no ownership besides the plot.

I apologize for any grammatic errors. English is not my first language.

Death is but the next great adventure. Every wise man knows thus. It's common knowledge that some starts their greatest journey much earlier then most.

Some even starts it before they even start to live. While the lucky ones - or the unlucky ones, depending how you look at it - walks that road much later than the rest. However, some people fear that journey. They fear the unknown. And they start a quest.

And his specific quest, a quest for Eternity, none shall achieve.

They waste their lives, seeking it. When they finally end their futile quest, it's too late. Everything they once had, is gone. Everyone they loved; gone. Their lives are at its end. Many men and women have lost nearly their entire lives on a quest for Eternity. Actually, the current problems people were facing at the moment, was because of such a man.

He like many other's failed to realize one life altering fact...

Only through death, could you achieve your Never - Ending.


A pair of black eyes belonged to a man that fell into the first category. However, there had been a time when onyx eyes had burned with desire for eternity. Fortunately, as time passed by, he grew older and a little bit wiser. It also helped that a pair of twinkly blue eyes had a fondness of talking with him about such matters.

His fear of the unknown had ceased to be.

Of course, bad decisions were plenty in his life. No matter how much pride those dark eyes possessed, he couldn't deny the factor that had made him who he had been. Who he was? Who he is? He wasn't so sure anymore.

But it didn't matter now though. Perhaps it had mattered once, but not now. And it never would matter in the future.

His mother… the kind blue eyes; the beautiful green eyes that still haunted his dreams, and had been for over two decades.

All gone.


Green eyes stared into black.

Perhaps... just perhaps.

He could leave a small, insignificant piece of himself behind. Perhaps he wouldn't be completely forgotten. He let his memories flow through him, hoping those green eyes would get the message. Green eyes widened. Very good. The beholder of those eyes had understood. Relief. He hadn't felt relief for such a long time. Not since that night... Since that night when he thought he had saved that beautiful flower.

Thought being the keyword.

Those piercing green eyes stared into his. Greenest of green; the greenest of Emeralds. Those beautiful eyes - so much like hers.

So much like the eyes of that one flower; the one flower who stood out from the rest.

He'd always loathed him. Looking so much like that man, only with her eyes glaring out of his face. Rubbing salt into the wound, as they say.

The black eyes closed them self to the world, escaping the painful memories. Escaping those painfully beautiful eyes. Green, so incredibly green. Emeralds.

Oh Castitatis Lilium.


White. Everything was white. Yet even though you'd expect it to feel cold, dead... It wasn't. Quite the opposite actually - It was warm. It was... home.

The white room seemed to stretch onwards forever. A white table stood a little away from him. Around it was white, soft - looking chairs and couches. Footsteps! He whirled around and stared, his black eyes wide. Everyone was there. His beloved mother, the old man, the twin, the metamorphmagus, the mutt, the werewolf, the scarred man, and several more.

Even he was there.

And yet, despite the hatred, the envy, the rivalry... Despite everything he was glad. Even she, the beautiful flower came. And they hugged like the oldest of friends, just as he had with everyone who was there. Past arguments, past disagreements, past childishness... it all seemed so unnecessary. It didn't matter.

They talked. No one knew for how long. It might have been hours, it might have been weeks. It might have been years. But no one knew and no one cared. Time didn't matter anymore. They talked and laughed and joked. And finally, he was happy.

All Was Well.


Green eyes, like the most beautiful of emeralds sparkled in joy, as she watched her second grandson being born. In the afterlife, you could watch over those that you'd left behind. Hazel eyes twinkled of happiness beside the emerald eyes. They were now proud grandparents of two boys. However, there were more happy, joyful eyes around them. Amber eyes, blue eyes, gray eyes, pink eyes, two unmatched eyes, and even his eyes. The darkest of black.

The green eyes, so like the one's that resided in the afterlife, looked down upon the now newborn baby. Brown eyes smiled. And asked him what the child's name would be. Hazel eyes had been thrilled when his oldest grandson had been named after him. Everyone was excited to hear what the newborn child would be called.

"Albus Severus. After the bravest men I have ever met."

The light blue eyes widened before getting a full - blown twinkle in them, as the child was given his name. Black eyes widened as he heard the words uttered. Why? Why would he name his child after him? The green eyes beside him sparkled. A beautiful smile was bestowed upon him. She thought her son had picked a good name. Dark eyes looked at the newborn who had just opened his eyes. Greenest of green they were, and he was glad. His memory would still live on.

The memory of Severus Snape would go on, in a newborn child with eyes of the greenest of green. The same green eyes as the woman he had loved.

Dragon In A Tree


PostPosted: Tue Oct 20, 2009 8:34 pm
Happily Ever After?

[Original Story] written by turayza and posted on ffnet under the same username early 2008.
I'm a Ravenclaw.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter && Co. owned by Rowling. No copyright infringement intended.

After a full month and a half of pestering, she finally agreed. It had taken piles and piles of letters, flowers, chocolates and a few light love potions (not that he'd tell her) to get her to say yes. He couldn't wait for the Valentine's Ball!

When the day finally arrived, he dressed in his customary black. In his arms, gently cradled, was a bouqet of red roses. Lily came into the ballroom, and his mouth dropped open in shock. She was practically aglow with light. Lily looked amazing. Her reddish-orange hair cascaded down her back in gentle curls, and her vivid red dress glinted under the flickering lights. He grinned with excitement. This could pave their future!

His breaths grew faint. His palms grew sweaty. The ballroom was filled with people, but the only person he could see was Lily. She walked towards him, with a hesitant smile playing on her lips. As they neared, he reached out to give her the flowers...but she walked right past him, into James' arms.

I never in the teeny tiny story actually refer to Snape by name, but I should hope that it's pretty obvious.

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Image belongs to the artist behind Potter Puffs, Naomi.  
PostPosted: Sat Oct 24, 2009 11:19 pm
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The Inexplicably Unfortunate Life Severus Snape

Written by Fumetsu Hime (Me, Haley)
From the notorious Ravenclaw House of Hogwarts

The cold voice filled the room with terror. His red eyes full of hatred and greed. Each word that rose to his lips, Severus did not comprehend. Oh but how powerful they sounded! Echoing off the stone walls. It didn’t matter what they meant, or the sacrifices they would bring, they were true. Oh so true. They whispered promises, promises that would ensure a lifetime of happiness. What man in his right mind would turn down such an offer? The respect? It would be yours. The popularity? It would be yours. The wealth? It would be yours. The girl? …All yours. Severus’ heart pounded with excitement. Finally. He would be the man everyone wanted to be. The man everyone looked up to. The man who had anything of everything he could possibly desire. Lily, her too. How unfortunate, and how devastating, when things did not go at all according to plan.

He was laughing. Oh that vile creature! He laughed and laughed as Severus sobbed and pleaded. How could this happen? What had he done to deserve this? Oh this beast, he could rise the dead! Severus knew he could! He could bring back his Lily. He could save her. How could he kill her? Severus sobbed and sobbed as the man, no, monster, spoke of how her eyes widened in her last moments. Oh how she had screamed! It was exhilarating. Severus could hear no more. He threw himself upon the monster. The essence of his pain. He grasped his wand tightly and shoved it to it’s throat. Oh how it chuckled. With a mere gleam of his eye, Severus was forced across the room and hit the wall with a deafening crack. How weak he was. He could not even avenge the one he loved.

He lay upon the marble floor. No one in sight. He pulled out the knife from the kitchens. One by one he made slits on his wrists. One for each mistake he made. He watched the blood flow from the open wounds. His final tribute to her. His own life. The blood pooled onto the floor. He was feeling weak. He could not avenge her death, but he would end a life for her. Oh how he dreamed of the afterlife! For that is where she would be! Her hair swirling about her face, dappled with falling snow. Her green eyes glowing from the lights of heaven, with cheeks of rosy red. Her beautiful white wings would embrace him. He would smell her sweet perfume as he held her to his chest. He could see it already. But Alas! A thief in the night! That Potter boy! He whisked her away, and her frightful cries rang in Severus’ mind, when he awoke in the infirmary.

Darkness. That is all it is. This life we live in. How dare he? Steal her eyes? Yet have the face of that thief! The same hate. The same anger. Severus stuttered in his sentence. The boy had distracted him so much. He paused to glare at the snickering students, and resumed his lecture on disintegrating solution. He wished he could use it on the boy. How defiantly the pest looked at him! As if he were better than him! Then the monster’s cold words echoed through his head. He was weak. So weak…and even the likes of this boy reigned above him. He was nothing but a useless servant. Hatred coursed through his veins. His hands shook as he passed out ingredients from the storage closet. That girl, Granger, she had her hand up again. Oh the misery. Dealing with these worthless lumps of life every day. Escape is impossible at this point. Despair fell over Severus like a cloak, choking the life out of him.

He dreamt of Lily again that night.

A puppet in the hands of a monster. How fitting. Severus the puppet. The weak, trembling puppet who not a soul cares about. A poor, deserted puppet, growing dusty on the back shelf. Spider webs woven through his mangy hair. The puppet has a jewel. The monster wants the puppet’s jewel. Severus laughs. Oh what a fool am I? Why? No matter how loyal, I am just another toy, turning to dust on the shelf.

Dying. The poison spreads. Speeding through his veins. Mixing with his blood. Tainting his very soul. The boy. Why is he here? He shouldn’t be here…he must know. He must know the love I feel for his dead mother. The memory, slipping through my mind on a silken strand. Run boy, run. You haven’t much time, and mine is up. Light fading. Feeling of peace. What is this? Ay, Nirvana. And there she waits! My heavenly angel! Cheeks pink and hair dappled with falling snow. Holding her close, smelling her perfume, I will fight the thief for her, in this new world.

Fumetsu Hime


PostPosted: Tue Oct 27, 2009 4:05 am
Name: TonksAsKid
House: Represent: HUFFLEPUFF!
I did not write it - got it from fanfiction.net; it was written by Roni Black. But it touched my heart. I could really see Severus doing just this. I had to change one word to keep it PG.

Roni writes<snip> I have especially been trying to write a Severus/Lily fic... but it was really hard. Then at last I was inspired, and here it is.
This story takes place somewhere around the end of Severus and Lily’s sixth year, approximately a year after Snape’s Worst Memory. I’m aware of the fact that this memory could NOT be real because it would have definitely appeared in the original Prince’s Tale, so you may call it a slight AU as it obvoiously contradicts some facts about Snape never being close to getting what he wanted. God, I just love Severus so much now, don’t you?

A Princely Memory
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


Seventeen-year-old Severus Snape was staring at a miniscule bottle of golden liquid resting in his hand. He wasn’t sure he wanted to do this. No, that wasn’t true: he longed to do this, he was desperate to do this, but... was it the right thing to do... for her?
He had won this bottle fair and square. No one could say he hadn’t. Mulciber had received two tiny bottles by owl post – his father was an extraordinary potion-brewer – and Mulciber was planning to keep them both. But then he had a better idea.
“You get me all I need to brew a Polyjuice Potion, and I’ll give you one of the bottles,” he told Severus.
“What do you want to brew a Polyjuice Potion for?” Severus asked suspiciously.
“None o’ your bloody business,” Mulciber snarled. “You want this potion or not?”
Severus stared at the bottle. It was such a silly question – who wouldn’t want liquid luck? His spirit rose at the thoughts of all the things it might help him do: get a good revenge on James Potter, perhaps, and get top marks at Herbology – he hated Herbology – and Lily... what about Lily? His heart lifted with sudden hope... Could this be the answer? Maybe one lucky day was all that he needed to set things right between them, get her to talk to him again, to forgive him... maybe even... he didn’t dare to think about it, it was too good to be possible, but then again, this was the thing to get you lucky... Maybe just lucky enough get the thing he had been longing to for so long?... Goodness knew he needed this bottle; he had never had any reason to consider himself a particularly ‘lucky’ person. Truth to be told, he was quite the opposite.
“I do,” he said, trying not to look too eager.
“Right then,” said Mulciber. “You brew me a Polyjuice Potion, and you’ll get one of these in reward.”
Severus narrowed his eyes darkly. “Brew you the potion? You didn’t say that before.”
“Well, I’m saying it now,” said Mulciber sharply. “You’re the master in Potions, aren’t you? Old Slughorn does love you almost as much as he loves Evans. Surely you can brew a Polyjuice Potion.”
Severus raked his brains. “It will take a while, you know,” he said. “It takes about a month to brew a Polyjuice Potion, and I have to get all the ingredients first, too...”
But Mulciber simply played with the tiny bottles in his hand, allowing the golden liquid that filled them to glow in the sun. Severus’s eyes, however, were not focused on the bottles; they had trailed to the far end of the Great Hall, where Lily Evans was sitting at the Gryffindor table with her back facing him. Her dark red hair was glowing in the sun as well, and to Severus’s hungry eyes this sight was a thousand times more tantalizing than a bottle of luck.
Severus sighed deeply. “I’ll do it.”
A smirk spread over Mulciber’s face. “Good,” he said shortly. “I’ll be waiting.”
Stealing the ingredients from Slughorn’s stores was quite easy. The next time Slughorn held a Slug-Club supper, Severus – who had never been invited to a Slug-Club event by Slughorn himself, although Lily had sometimes invited him to accompany her to the parties – snuck into Slughorn’s stores and stole shredded skin of Boomslang and powdered bicorn horn. Other ingredients were easily found in the student store cupboard.
Brewing the potion was quite easy as well. Mulciber had warned Rosier, Wilkes and Avery, who shared their dorms, that Snape was brewing a potion for him and they’d better hold their tongues – none of them cared. Severus simply set up a corner to place the cauldron and let the lacewings stew.
During the meals, Severus felt more restless than ever, as his eyes made the usual trail over to the Gryffindor table to pause on the red hair. Soon, he told himself. Soon... A chance... At last, a chance... And every time he saw Lily walking down the halls, talking to her friends or laughing loudly at someone’s joke, and felt the usual pang of jealousy, he tried to soothe himself. Soon, I’ll have a chance to do something... get closer...
“How long will it take?” Mulciber barked after nearly three weeks. “You said it would take a month and I need it already! All I saw you do so far was sit and stare at a nearly-empty cauldron with a small fire under it!”
“The lacewings need to be stewed for twenty-one days exactly,” said Severus calmly, knowing Mulciber didn’t have the foggiest idea what he was talking about, “and then I’ll be able to add the other ingredients; I’ve got them all ready. It will be ready next week, I promise you that.”
“You’d better keep your promise,” said Mulciber nastily, “or I might change my mind about who I’m giving my Felix to!”
He drew out the small bottle and waved it menacingly in front of Severus’s face. Severus was not impressed; he knew Mulciber was only trying to pressure him, and he knew the Polyjuice would be ready soon; but seeing the small golden bottle and thinking of all the possibilities it held made him want to snatch it from Mulciber’s hands. He controlled himself, though, and merely smiled coldly. “It will be ready in a week.” And then, he thought, maybe he, the unluckiest student at Hogwarts, would finally get his wish, if only for one day.
The Polyjuice Potion was ready exactly one week later. Severus called Mulciber into the room and Mulciber came at once. Severus summoned a glass and filled it for him. Mulciber quickly drew out a small hair from his pocket and dropped it in the glass. The potion hissed and turned an radiant shade of green.
Mulciber drank it. Severus watched, expressionless, as he fell to his knees and twitched in pain; after a minute or so he got to his feet again – only he was now identical to Horace Slughorn.
Severus blinked.
“And why, may I ask, was it so important to turn into our beloved teacher?” he asked sarcastically.
“He’s got a thing going with Aurora Sinistra,” said Mulciber in Slughorn’s voice. “He’s having another Slug-Club party tonight, so he’ll be out of the way; I’m going to find out what Aurora kisses like tonight.”
Severus had to stuff his fist in his mouth to avoid laughing. Everyone knew Mulciber had a crush on the Astronomy teacher, who was young and very pretty, but Severus had never assumed Mulciber actually believed he had a chance with her; and he had definitely never imagined he would go that far to get her. And besides, the idea of Slughorn having an affair with Professor Sinistra was ludicrous, and Severus knew the last thing Mulciber would find out tonight was ‘what Aurora kisses like’.
It was none of his business, though. He had done his part; the bottle was his. “I believe there is something you owe me, then,” he said.
“Oh, yeah...” Mulciber hurried to his trunk and pulled out the miniscule bottle. “There you go. Well, I’m off.”
“One hour, don’t forget,” Severus warned him. “Get away before it’s over and come back here to change again, or you’re bound to be expelled.”
“Don’ worry.”
Mulciber loped out of the room as fast as he could on Slughorn’s short legs. Only after the door was closed behind him did Severus allow himself to snort loudly. The whole thing was ridiculous and he knew Mulciber would soon be back, blaming the entire world for his failure.
Now... Severus’s eyes paused on the bottle in his hands. It was his at last; pure, liquid luck, enough to last 12 hours. The only question now was – when?
And, of course... what will he do once he drinks it?
And only now did doubts rise in him.
His brilliant plan did not seem so brilliant, all of a sudden; it might have even been foolish and reckless. She trusted you and you called her a Mudblood. You made friends with Mulciber, you made it clear you wanted to be a Death Eater and kill people of her ancestry. There is no way she is ever going to forgive you, she has made herself perfetcly clear on that. She wants nothing to do with you anymore. What makes you think a tiny portion of luck will make her forgive you? What makes you think it will make her want to be friends with you again? And for heaven’s sake, what made you imagine she would fall in love with you just because you’re lucky?!
Severus buried his face in his hands; his shoulders rose and sagged in painful breathing. Even Felix Felicis was worthless. There was no way Lily would ever fall in love with him. Hell, there was no way she would even talk to him again. He had ruined it, ruined it forever with his own hands. And all the Felix Felicis in the world couldn’t change the fact that Lily Evans would always and forever despise the Dark Arts.
His worst fears would become a reality and he knew it. It was over three months that he hadn’t seen Lily and James Potter fighting. They had always been fighting before; now nothing. Potter didn’t taunt Lily and Lily didn’t make nasty remarks when he spoke; Severus had even seen them smiling at each other, Lily rather shyly. He knew they were not dating. They were not even friends, not officialy, anyway. He would have known if they had been anything; nothing ever remained a secret at Hogwarts. But with every day passing he knew more and more clearly: Potter had been in love with Lily for six years, and Lily would soon begin to return his feelings.
And this thought was more than Severus could take.
But as much as it stabbed his heart to imagine Lily dating Potter, kissing him in public, walking hand-in-hand with him and God knows what else – Severus knew Lily well enough to realize that this was what she wanted, deep down, only she was not yet able to see it herself. It would happen, sooner or later, and he would just have to brace himself and watch the girl he loved so desperately and the boy he had hated for six years start dating. This was what Lily wanted and there was nothing he could do to change that.
It had been pointless; this effort of the last month had been nothing more than a waste of time. Lily would never talk to him, never lay an eye on him, never see him differently and Felix Felicis COULD NOT CHANGE THAT.
And then a plan formed in Severus’s mind and brought a smile to his thin lips; he quickly brought the bottle to his mouth and took a tiny sip – he then looked at the bottle again. He had drank about a third of it. Four hours of luck.
Then a wonderful feeling spread inside him, completely opposite to the feelings of despair and pain he had been filled with a mere moment ago. It was an exhilarating sense; he knew what he could do... and he knew exactly how to do it, too...
He got up and went out to the common room, then to the hall of the dungeon. It was after ten thirty and he knew sixth-years were forbidden to be out of their common rooms now, but tonight he knew nobody would catch him, and he was not afraid. He slowly went up the stairs to Slughorn’s office and hid in the shadows in one of the corners, waiting for the supper to end.
The door flew open a mere minute later and students came pouring out, talking and laughing very loudly for some reason. Severus waited; Felix told him that Lily would be the last to exit, exactly as he had hoped.
“Good night, Professor Slughorn!” Lily yelled as she finally came out, laughing and wiping her mouth, obviously having drunk some beverage a moment earlier. Severus knew he could take his time; Lily did not seem in a hurry at all, lingering around and leaning to look out a window as Slughorn closed and locked his door. Severus knew Slughorn wouldn’t open his door again tonight.
Lily was drunk. He knew it. He had been lucky – she had drunk too much firewhiskey at the party. Not quite intoxicated to pass out, but intoxicated enough so she would hardly remember any of what was about to happen – it would be nothing but a fade, foggy memory in her mind.
Lily was leaning on the windowsill, her long hair falling around her and on her back, her wide, green eyes staring dreamily outside. In Severus’s eyes there could be no sight more beautiful than this one. Elated at her beauty, he slowly stepped out of the shadows, exactly when it occurred to him it was the right moment to.
“Lily,” he said softly.
Normally, he knew, she would jump out of her skin. Tonight, however, she only turned her face to him in surprise.
“Severus!” she said. Her voice was not full of the anger or revulsion he had feared; only surprise and, perhaps, slight remoteness. “What are you doing here?”
“I was waiting,” he said. “Waiting for you.”
“You have? Why?”
“I wanted to see you. You know I’ve been wanting to talk to you in a long time.”
She stared down at the floor. “Severus, I really don’t think we have anything to talk about.”
But Felix told Severus he was not to give up; she did not mean these words. “I know we can’t be friends anymore, I know you don’t want to have any connection with me, but please, I just want to hear you say that you forgive me for what I said last year.”
Her eyes widened in shock, then she sighed. “Sev – “
“Lily,” he said, taking a step closer, “I know we can’t go back to being best friends. I know we can’t. But only tonight, talk to me. Let me talk to you. I know you want to talk to me.”
She looked up at him, her green eyes glistening in the moonlight. “You’ve really hurt my feelings last year, Sev,” she finally said. “I – I was so hurt when you called me... a Mudblood.”
“I know,” he whispered. He sat down on the windowsill, and as she made no step to follow him, he tugged her to sit next to him. Touching her hand was heavenly, and Severus suddenly felt warm all over.
“You have no idea how much I’ve been torturing myself about that,” he whispered. “I couldn’t forgive myself for calling you... that. I promise you, I have never thought of you as anything but my best friend and – and – “
“And what?” she asked, still looking up at him.
He paused. Not yet, he told himself and Felix Felicis agreed. Not yet. “I want you to forgive me.”
“It’s not that – that simple, Sev,” she murmured, yawning. “I have been so angry with you all year – “
“I know,” he cut her off, “but for the sake of what we had – I know it was precious to you – you held our friendship close to your heart, didn’t you? So for the sake of your best childhood friend, that you cared for, that was important to you, forgive me.”
And these words had an effect: Lily slowly nodded.
“I forgive you then, Sev,” she said. “You’re right, we cannot ever be friends again – you’re so into the Dark Arts, Sev, why?” She looked in his eyes for an answer, but as he merely bowed his head, she went on: “I can’t understand why you’re doing all the things that you’re doing, but I will forgive you for what you said, because you – you really were my best friend all through my childhood, and I have to remember that too.”
If only she could remember saying that, Severus thought bitterly, but then he reassured himself – as his job was not yet finished.
Lily seemed extremely tired. She yawned again. “Sev – I – perhaps I should go up to bed.”
“No,” he whispered. “Tonight, you’re still my friend. Come here.”
And he pulled her to lay her head on his shoulder.
“Sev,” said Lily, her eyes closed, “this feels weird.”
“Does it?” he murmured, feeling himself no less intoxicated than she was, breathing in the amazing smell of her hair, closing his eyes as well as he felt her head on his shoulder and her side pressed against his. He knew she was foggy and allowed himself to lay his head on hers, fully breathing in the smell of her hair now.
“I mean,” said Lily, her voice husky, “because we’re suddenly friends again...”
“Only for tonight,” Severus whispered as he brushed his fingers through her hair. God. It was soft and silky between his fingers; his whole body was on fire. Her hair was every bit as amazing to touch as he had dreamed it to be; he could touch it forever.
“You never used to do that,” Lily said, sounding distantly surprised, as though not sure why this was not bothering her.
“Only for tonight,” Severus repeated as he allowed himself to continue. For a long time, the two of them sat like this on the windowsill; Lily dozing off on his shoulder, his hand playing with her hair; it was nearly twenty minutes before Felix told Severus it was, at last, time.
He leaned it and softly whispered in Lily’s ear: “Can I ask you something?”
“Of course,” she murmured, her eyes still closed.
“Have you ever been kissed?”
Lily opened her eyes. Had she been sober, Severus knew, she would jump and demand to know why he was asking that. But tonight she was drunk, and she only said faintly: “Huh?”
“Have you ever been kissed?” Severus repeated, his heart thumping in his chest.
Lily gazed at him for a long moment. She seemed to struggle with herself, but then give up, as she was too exhausted. “No,” she said quietly.
“Well,” said Severus, “since we’re on ‘only for tonight’ terms, and everything...”
Lily sat up straight and looked at him. Severus would have taken it as a bad sign, had Felix not told him it was all right. Wait... wait...
Then very slowly, she closed her eyes, and this time not to doze off; and extremely slowly, with his heart beating in his chest so hard he was sure that either she could hear it or Felix had made her go deaf, Severus leaned in.
He paused for a moment mere inches from her face, drinking in her beautiful features and how they looked from so close: closer than he had ever been to her, and closer than her would ever be again. And then, at long last, he closed his eyes too and kissed her.
A bomb might have fallen right next to them or a whole orchestra of violins might have started playing; Severus would not have noticed anything except the million stars that had exploded in his head and all through his body. He was tingling all over with warmth and pleasure; every small inch of his body was aching to feel her, to pull her close, to devour her. Instead, he kept the kiss very soft at first, allowing his lips to brush against hers – God, her lips were so soft. He pulled back slightly to allow her a chance to regret.
Lily opened her dizzy eyes and smiled at him, a little mischievously. She hadn’t smiled at him like that in over a year. “I don’t think that was a real kiss, Sev,” she teased.
And before he knew how it had happened, he had wrapped his arms around her and pulled her on his lap; she shifted herself on his lap and gasped a little as she felt him, but he pressed his lips hard and hungrily against hers before she could say anything else, burying his hands in her hair.
Lily moaned slightly, and at last she was kissing him back. Her lips parted for him, and Severus did what he had been dreaming of doing for so long and slid his tongue into her mouth; there was nothing in the world to beat that feeling, nothing at all. This was heaven. It was amazing. Her tongue met his and struggled for a moment, then slowly it was a more caressing touch.
One of his hands went down from her hair to her waist, all the while his whole body shivering with delight, and his other hand trailed down to touch her cheek. He brushed his fingers against her cheek as their kiss deepened even more. Yes, heaven could not possibly hold greater pleaures than this...
Then Lily broke the kiss, panting slightly, and Severus took the chance and kissed her around her mouth and then along her jawline; he then allowed himself to lower his head slightly and kiss her neck.
“I – “ Lily murmured.
“Shh,” Severus whispered, and with a tremendous effort, he stopped. His whole body screamed with protest; every bit of him wanted to continue what he was doing, to go further, to never stop. But he took a deep breath, swallowed hard, and got to his feet.
“Come on,” he said softly. “I’ll walk you to the Gryffindor tower. You’re exhausted and you need to get some sleep.”
Lily did not protest, but took his hand and walked next to him in silence all the way to the tower. Five minutes later they were standing in front of the portrait.
“So,” said Severus softly.
“So,” said Lily just as softly, her eyes lingering on his, foggy and yet smiling. “I had a good time tonight.”
“Me, too,” he said.
“It does feel much better... now that I’ve forgiven you...” she added as an afterthought. “And I also thought... it was nice... to seal it like we did.”
“With a kiss?”
They looked at each other for another long moment and Severus knew she had to leave, right now, or he would never be able to let her go.
“It’s our secret,” said Lily, as though wanting to make sure.
“Yes,” he agreed. Leave me. Leave me already.
Never walk away. Don’t go.
“Well,” said Lily, “I’m really tired, Sev... I’m going to bed now. Thank you for tonight.”
“Thank you,” he said.
She hesitated, then leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. “Good night, Sev.”
She turned to the portrait. “Chocolate Frogs,” she said, and the portrait swung open.
“Good night... Lily,” he called after her, and she turned her head and smiled before she vanished inside.
Fifteen minutes later, after having watched Mulciber throw a fit in the common room over Sinistra punching him in the nose, Severus was climbing into bed as he remembered the remains of the Felix Felicis. He took the tiny bottle out of his pocket and examined it. A century seemed to have passed from the moment he drank it. A century, and a mere moment.
The bottle was still two-thirds full. He could still use it for something else.
But no. Severus knew he would never, ever use this potion again. He had gotten his wish, and nothing could grant him any more than he had received tonight. Lily had forgiven him and kissed him; it was even her first kiss; she would not remember anything in the morning, and this too was for the best – she would not be mad at him for taking advantage of her drunkness.
She would end up with James Potter, he knew it. And she would be happy. But this night’s memory would never have to go away.
He had kissed Lily Evans. He had actually and truly been Lily’s first kiss...
He threw the bottle to the floor and stomped on it. The tiny bottle broke into even tinier pieces of glass and the golden liquid was spilled on the floor. Then he drew out his wand out and muttered, “Evanesco.” The liquid and the remains of the bottle evaporated.
Severus couldn’t care less. There was nothing more this potion could give him. He dropped himself onto the bed and stared at the ceiling, smiling broadly at last; he was indeed lucky after all. In fact, right now he felt like the luckiest person in the world.
The End.
And now, my favorite quote of The Prince’s Tale:
“But this is touching, Severus,” said Dumbledore seriously. “Have you grown to care for the boy, after all?”
“For him?” shouted Snape. “Expecto Patronum!”
From the tip of his wand burst the silver doe: she landed on the office floor, bounded once across the office and soared out of the window. Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears.
“After all this time?”
“Always,” said Snape.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 08, 2010 5:20 am
I put up the poll since LHH hasn't done so yet. Because the new term has already begun, I will issue the points for the entries and the winner towards the 2010 term instead of the 2009 one. Great fics, everyone! whee  

Minerva the Bookwyrm

Minerva the Bookwyrm

PostPosted: Sat Oct 16, 2010 11:43 pm
It doesn't appear that anyone else is going to announce the winner for this, so I shall. I tallied the points and the winner is...*drumroll*...Fumetsu Hime for her original story The Inexplicably Unfortunate Life Severus Snape. biggrin Congratulations on winning 10 points for Ravenclaw! I'll notify LHH in an e-mail that she needs to log in to Accio Funds and send you your prize. whee  
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