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Vice Captain

PostPosted: Thu Aug 05, 2004 10:49 pm

Well well...this is the FFFG RP Thread that can be found in it's original state here.
(NOTE:The RP is still going on there until this thread is finished)

I, Chibicid, have undertaken the great task of moving the thread to the guild page. It shall be a great endeavor, but worthwhile in the end. Hope you enjoy!

Story will start on Page 2.

PM me for any suggestions, comments, etc.
PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2004 9:22 am

Ayame: Another update. Those pages that were affected with the "curse of the 20s" have been fixed! So the entire RP is now in its transfer completion 3nodding

Ayame: Holy crap, we're done with the transfer! Feel free to roam through the memories. All that is missing are those pages that have been inflicted on what I call the "curse of the 20s" (because at page 41 and every 20 pages, the message says that the page is currently being archived). Hopefully not too much has been missing and feel free to continue on with the RP! biggrin

sweatdrop Thanks for picking up my slack Ayame... heart

domokun Kaede has volunteered to do the summary! heart heart

xd Thank you for the profiles Ayame!!!

heart Memories are a grand thing. I found where I joined the thread (page 60...lol) and read a bit around there. Hehe. I was such a bad RPer then. xp

idea I need someone to volunteer to make a summary as I put in more story. I can do the timeline. PM me if interested.

exclaim A grammar nazi would be nice too....I know I've probably made some errors that should be fixed.

whee If you have any suggestions for all the "reserved" spaces I have on the bottom let me know. smile  

Vice Captain

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2004 9:28 am

The characters in the RP and their amulets' name and element.

(the colors will be used throughout the RP to differentiate between characters)

Ayame (Naoko) - Void, Daemon and Kaen
Kelwyn (Daewyn) - Life/Earth, Terra
Gwyn Masamune (Gwyn) - Mind/Gravity, Kain
Shuichi (Shu) - Time, Anubi
Pharoah (Phey) - Fire, ? <-- replaced by Kaede's character, Verdis Talamar
Kohki (Baikasu) - Lightning, Mancor
Chibicid (Bryce) - Wind, Narya
Tanasha (Tanasha) - Fate, Quirky
lucavi (lucavi) - Holy, Dark Zodiac, Vormav <--to be replaced by Tahpenes' character, Malikk
Anatares (Anatares) - Illusion, ?
Nida (Nida) - Poison, Xachta
Shaolin (Shao) - ,---replaced by Sion Zell, NPC

NPC's will be shown in this color, as well as random RPers who had a part in the story.

Ayame: Also, normal black text indicates either narrative (meaning me DMing the place) or a noted time lapse in the RP...as that tends to happen a lot. sweatdrop  
PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2004 9:37 am
Character Status:

Update 3/5: Ayame The list has been updated. Shuichi is now permanently an NPC.
Whether a character is active, NPC, or MIA.

Current active members for the RP:
Gwyn Masamune

***Ayame: Phey has been killed off is replaced by Kaede's character, Verdis.

Current NPCs and MIA members:

Reika, Mistress of Fire
Kato, Master of Earth
Dante, Master of Wind
Feiyuan, Master of Water
Ryden, final guardian to Nekleska Temple
Nyra, another guardian to Nekleska Temple
Layla, priestess of Halconia and Ryden's host
Wyvern, a mysterious guardian for Dante
Sion Trest, water bearer
Shuichi, bearer of Time

Human Cactuar

Vice Captain

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2004 9:54 am
Character Pictures

Links to pictures of characters drawn by our very own Ayame!

Just Click Here to See Them smile

Ayame: Updated the web address and added Lucavi's sketches online 3nodding  
PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2004 9:55 am

A basic line of flow through the RP with Locations, Character Entrances/Exits (when they joined/went MIA), etc.

*Introductory Forest
-Naoko Enters
-Phey Enters
-Shuichi Enters
-Shaolin Enters
-Luxator Enters
-Rubicant Enters
-Baikasu Enters
-Daewyn Enters
=Battle Shadow Behemoth
-entrance to Melbane
-Melbane temple
=Battle dragon ghosts
-Gwyn Enters
=Shuichi's 1st test
-Naoko disappears
-Naoko encounters Dante
-Enter Gwyn
=Phey's 1st test
=Daewyn's 1st test
=Shao's 1st test
-Shuichi's guardian turns to a coyote
=Baikasu's 1st test
-Shuichi manages to find everyone in temple and takes them outside(excluding Naoko)
=Naoko's test
-End 1st temple: Melbane  

Vice Captain

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2004 9:57 am
Story Summary:

A basic summary of the story that will be updated every now and again. Kaede has graciously volunteered to do this. THANK YOU! heart

Okay... the rough draft of the Summary thus far is done. If you want to glance through it, it is as follows, but be warned, I will be making corrections to it in the near future(with any luck) sweatdrop as I haven't even read through it myself yet sweatdrop . So, without further ado, Kaede's one day summary through pg7 of ChibiCid's edit version thus far!
... I'd edit further, but I can't actually access the pages in the actual rp. eek
Drawn by the glowing of their amulets, four strangers meet in a darkened forest. They are Ayame, Phey, Shuichi, and Shao. Initially suspicious and hostile toward one another, the group decides to work as a team at the bidding of the voices in their amulets. Ayame explains to them that their amulets are all parts of an ancient relic meant to seal away evil. The ancient relic is the guardian Crest of Astantia, and each piece contains the soul of a guardian of Astantia who risked their life to save the world from Morcadia, the world of evil. She explains that to fully restore the power of the amulets, they must travel to the temples from which each amulet originated and there unlock the puzzle of each amulet.

Deciding to find a place to rest at the nearest town, Naoko and Shao explain they are not welcome in towns - Shao is an exiled ninja and Naoko is a surviving member of the Melbane village. After a bit of discussion, Naoko and Shao decide to go into the towns with their newfound party. Using magic, Naoko transports them to the nearest town, Rohing, where they find out about Phey's past, and how it led her to live a life of theivery. Shuichi and Shao recognize Naoko's magic and Shao comments on such, but Shuichi remains silent. Heading to a new inn, the Musashi Inn, all of the travelers feel a sense of unease about the place, but then decide to continue on anyway, not vocalizing their apprehension. Initially being treated kindly, when the innkeeper catches a glimpse of Naoko's eyes he practically refuses to let them stay at the inn, but the intervention of a stranger who pays for their rooms gets them the original rate for staying there. Phey encounters an eccentric old Cleric in the inn's lobby, and a man with eyes similar to Naoko's watches the group, unnoticed.

Meanwhile outside of town, a mysteriously dark Rubicant has raided and adventurer's party of an artifact and is heading toward Rohing in search of the bearers of amulets, bent on stopping them.

Naoko abruptly exits the inn, beginning to lose control of the void and not wanting to harm anyone nor be completely found out. Before leaving, she catches a glimpse of the man who had silently observed them, and suspiciously notes him as being familiar to her. The stranger who had helped them, Baikasu, steps out after Naoko. Phey wonders off to find her friends after giving Shuichi his room key, as Shao and Naoko seem to have disappeared. An orphan, Daewyn, who has recently stolen an amulet from a rich traveler sees Naoko, and when her amulet begins to glow, decides to follow her. Eventually we have a large string of people trailing Naoko, and people trailing the people trailing Naoko, including Shao, Daewyn, Baikasu, and a strange woman.

When Naoko finally notices all the people, she stops her release of the void, dropping down to confront the strange woman, who Baikasu wordlessly indicates he will try to help her with. However, upon holding the stranger at gunpoint, he realizes that the woman was a shadow behemoth, and is forced to jump away. When everyone is lost in the void in which they are fighting, Naoko tells them to use their amulets to see what is happening. When they do so, they discover that Naoko is fighting the Behemoth with her katana, and that guns are useless against the beast. Through an accident, Phey discovers that her bright gems hurt the creature, and cooperatively shoves them into open wounds inflicted upon it by Baikasu and his sword. Suddenly Rubicant shows up, mentally manipulating the Behemoth and slaying it in one fell blow.

After everyone responds with suspicion to the newcomer, they are forcfully thrown from the void, since Naoko can't hold all of them in it for much longer. When they reawaken outside an alleyway near the Musashi Inn, the first to note Naoko missing is Shao. Everyone regards Rubicant with suspicion after he introduces himself as a monster hunter. When he starts to leave, intentionally dropping a dejected comment as bait, Phey swallows it up and strikes up a conversation with him. When Daewyn tries to leave, Phey apprehends her, and continues speaking with Rubicant, who is feigning a great deal of concern for Naoko.

Meanwhile, Naoko stumbles through another part of town, quite injured and coughing blood. When she finally reaches Musashi Inn, she collapses, and Shao runs to her aid, carrying her into the inn. When everyone gets into the inn, they are surprised to see Naoko's wounds healing. She opens her eyes to see the man she had thought familiar before staring at her with wide eyes, and is immediately suspicious of him when she recognizes him as her brother, Dante. After a mental exchange in which he degrades those who are mortal, Dante leaves, and Daewyn, having explained herself asks Naoko if she can stay with them. Seeing that she too had an amulet, Naoko concede that it should be fine for her to travel with them, wondering how she became the group's leader. When the topic of Rubicant's pressence in their party comes up, she grows suspicious of him, as he claims to know nothing of amulets - much less possess one - but allows him to tag along to help them.

Immeadiately following this, Rubicant disappears, saying he will meet up with them in the morning. Shao is very suspicious, but merely heads off to bed, trusting Naoko's decision. Meanwhile, Rubicant sets up several traps in the path to the first temple, hoping to off Shao or some of the other amulet bearers to make his job more easy. Back at the restaraunt, Phey and Daewyn remain preoccupied with their large heaps of food, while Baikasu and Naoko discuss Rubicant. Naoko seems to have trouble with her food, merely picking at it as if tit is little more than a necesity. When asked by Daewyn why the behemoth was following her, Naoko changes the topic, telling them that there are some temple ruins nearby which they can investigate the following day. As she pays for her meal and heads up to her room with something nagging her mind, a snister creature smiles in a sinister manner, deep underground. Baikasu pays for everyone else's meals, leaves a generous tip, and retires to bed. Daewyn latches onto Phey, who happily lets the young orphan share her room with her. Naoko mentally reflects on the exchange with her brother, and that the ruined temple she mentioned was that of her hometown.

The next morning at breakfast, the group decides to let Rubicant come along with them. As they leave, the sinister entity from before notes Rubicant's pressence, irritated at having to deal with him before the rest of the group. As they walk and converse with each other Phey seems to begin developing a little crush on Rubicant, while Shao's dislike of him is very open. Naoko is perplexed by Daewyn's cuirous and amiable nature, but distracted, as both she and Shao become aware of her being watched. When Rubicant goes to the front of the group to speak with Naoko, Baikasu draws Shao aside to speak with him about not trusting Rubicant. The two agree that they should covertly try to find out more about him. Naoko and Rubicant both notice a teleporting monster trailing them. Meanwhile Rubicant talks to himself in his head including metal questions of her being single, and Naoko accidentally listens in on it. Responding telepathically, Naoko explains why she hasn't acted against him, and replies that she is single, and not the average Melbane. After a few of them notice something hanging around, Naoko calls on the power of the amulets to destroy what turned out to be demons, then they enter Melbane.

Upon entering, Naoko warns of ghosts, and advises that they travel in one large party. At Shao's request, Naoko explains Melbane's past as a Xenophobic city, and how she and her brother are half human and half Melbane. She also explains that when humans attacked out of fear, catching them off guard, she and her brother became two of the only surviving Melbane left. At the end of the day they stay in one of the abandoned homes. That night as everyone ponders the events of the day, Rubicant wanders to the temple where he has a conversation with Dios, the guardian in his amulet. It tells him that he will lead the elements into battle and defend the gates of Hell. After being told he shall not kill the other amulet bearers, being made aware of his caring for them, he wretches, sobs, and passes out.

When everyone realizes that it is too quiet and their amulets go haywire, telling them to search for "master" or "Dios", they leave to look for Rubicant, being told all is over if he is lost. However, no one notices that Naoko has disappeared into the void, becoming possessed, eyes glowing the amber of her brother's element.

While her companions try to find a way into the void to help Rubicant, Naoko mentally battles her brother, who then waits to destroy her friends. Daewyn and Phey find Rubicant and revive. He immeadiately rushes off to Naoko, face marked by concern. Meanwhile, Shao and Baikasu are englufed in the void of the false Naoko. Naoko's mother tells Naoko she can use her to save her friends. In doing so, Naoko's mother takes hold of Naoko's body, and ousts Dante from the void, making him visible to Baikasu and Shao. The two then call on their amulets to help them. When they run finally get the false Naoko cornered, Baikasu sends Shao to get help. He runs into Phey and Daewyn, and the two follow him back to where Baikasu and the false Naoko were, only to find them gone. Meanwhile Naoko chants words enabling her mother to possess her and break the mental prison set by her brother.

Naoko's mother shatters the false Naoko like glass, then tell Baikasu that her daughter is fine. When Phey, Shao, and Daewyn arrive, Baikasu explains to them what happens, after a few inquires of the whereabouts of Rubicant goe around.

Just as Rubicant recovers, he bumps back into a false, very demonic version of him, who then heads off to destroy the people he had initially intended to. Trying to hurry back and help/warnb his friends, he finds himself stripped of his usual powers. His only option is yelling a warning to them. Everyone in response, calls upon their amulets, and prepare to battle with fake somethings. As the false Rubicants fall upon them, Naoko calls on the power of the void and uses it in combination with her katana to destroy them.

Right then, Rubicant comes running back and apologizes, when some black smoke seeps into him. Everyone is warned by their amulets or instinct that Rubicant/Dios is being controlled by something. Then Baikasu asks Naoko about what happened, and they discover she has no memory of it. After Rubicant makes some lame excuse about leaving his sword and disappears off into the distance, the party (minus Rubicant) continues on into the temple, guided by Naoko's mother. Meanwhile, the possessed Rubicant speaks to himself of needing to destroy the temple to avoid their unlocking its secrets.

As they travel deeper into the temple, Naoko's mother warns them that they are to face a "True Battle", which still occurs in the depths of the temples.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2004 9:59 am
(by Ayame)
To all members:

The following characters are, for now, up for grabs for anyone: (Main characters are in red, NPCs are in blue)

Human Cactuar


Also, for MIA characters, please delve through the profile post where the profiles for their characters are displayed and -- as well -- look through their posts to get a feel for their character unless you want to kill MIA character off.

Other characters who have participated in the RP have not replied as of yet of their current status, so I'm still leaving those characters left to NPC by the other members until they either PM me back and tell me what's up.

***One note that I have to add is that Rubicant and Shaolin have thus somehow disappeared from the RP....Shaolin was replaced by NPC Sion; Rubicant -- under strange circumstances -- disappeared into the netherworld (aka he's not with the group anymore); Human Cactuar just mysteriously appears once in a while but does not make any contact with any of the characters of the RP.***

*** Another note is that if you want to change your character's profile (ex. expand it, etc.) please go to the new Character Profile thread

*** And finally, Shuichi's character (Shuichi) is permanently an NPC. This is due because he had such an affiliation with his guardian (and he had such an interesting past). Those who want to NPC him, please look back on his posts of his past as well as the profile he had given to me on the Character Profile thread.  

Vice Captain

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2004 10:03 am
PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2004 10:05 am

Vice Captain

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2004 10:12 am
PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2004 10:17 am

Vice Captain

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2004 10:23 am
PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2004 10:29 am

August 9 - Set Up Layout
August 10 - Finished Pages 1-10
August 11 - Finished Pages 11-13
August 27 - Finished Pages 14-15 (sorry it's taking so long...)
August 30 - Finished Pages 16-17
September 19 - Finished Pages 18-25 eek
October 23 - Finished Pages 26-27 sweatdrop sweatdrop
(Ayame) January 1 - Finished Pages 28-34 xd
(Ayame) January 5 - Finished Pages 35-40
(Ayame) January 9 - Finished Pages 42-50 whee
(Ayame) January 16 - Finished Pages 51-55
(Ayame) January 21 - Finished Pages 55-60
(Ayame) January 30 - Finished Pages 62-65
(Ayame) February 5 - Finished Pages 66-70
(Ayame) February 13 - Finished Pages 71-74
(Ayame) February 24 - Finished Pages 75-80
(Ayame) March 12 - Finished Pages 82-90 eek
(Ayame) March 17 - Finished Pages 91-95
(Ayame) March 28 - Finished Pages 96-100
(Ayame) April 3 - Finished Pages 102-110
(Ayame) April 9 - Finished Pages 111-120
(Ayame) April 12 - Finished Pages 122-126
(Ayame) April 15 - Finished Pages 127-130
(Ayame) April 24 - Finished Pages 131-END OF RP xd xd  

Vice Captain

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