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lol Found a page with a bunch of the televised curling events: here.

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lol There are few physical limitations to being a curler (there are wheelchair curling leagues and bonspiels too).

Competitive curling does require a certain level of fitness though.

3nodding All major bonspiels/tournaments, such as the Brier, Scotties, Roar of the Rings, Hot Shots, and so forth are televised.

heart Thank you for the support! I realized I should've taken a look at last week's entries to see if there was anything I could change, lol.

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3nodding Games are usually 2 hours long.

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redface Heheh. Yes, I am very passionate about curling.

3nodding Yes, I've seen other professions have their own leagues. Dentist leagues, accountant leagues, and so on. Curling's a great sport that way; you can join regardless of age, flexibility, strength, gender, ability. (For individuals who can't or don't want to crouch when releasing the rock, there's something called a "curling stick" whee ).

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twisted Heheheh~ Last year I was curling 6-7 games a week during the main season; not quite 7 days a week since I curled two games on Fridays.

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eek Ah! No! A league is a bunch of games and teams!

For example, Team A plays against team B while team C plays against team D on Monday. The next week team A plays against team C and team B plays against team D. This is not the same as a bonspiel, as there is no first place winner and there games occurring every Monday and all the teams get to play against every other team in the league at least once. At the end of the season there are play downs in which a first place team is decided to represent the curling club in the city's club championships; winning team of club championships goes to either district or provincial playdowns; and so on.

You guessed right about the medical league. The league is for individuals who work in the medical field and marital partners/children. 3nodding

redface Thank you for your support.

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**smiles** yeah me too....I hope we can knock this out in a few weeks now 'cause I am getting really weary of it....it turned cold on us and we weren't prepared for it.....
**laughs than yawns** boy how did they know the color of my yawns....

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ninja Entered my avatar before internet could stop me again. I will be in tomorrow's Ice-themed runway.

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ninja *pauses to break off a piece and leave it on the plate for you before vanishing with a trail of crumbs behind*

3nodding There are games that go on for an entire season through leagues. For example, I curl in a Ladies League every Monday afternoon for the entire curling season. I also curl in a Mixed League, a Medical League, and spare for two additional Ladies Leagues.

Hahaha, another curling term. Spare means you are not a usual member of the team, but the team in question only has 3 players and would like someone to curl in the place of their missing team mate for one game - or however many games the team mate is unable to play due to them being out of town, too busy, etc. You can play club in leagues with 3 players, but it is better to play with 4 players. Major tournaments strictly require 4 players.

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Bonspiels, when they occur, are usually two days long, yes. 3nodding

Mmmm.... *grabs entire batch* ninja



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