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Okay new info so what’s to know curse a lot be it because I’m mad or because I just cant think of being intelligent at the time but I do. I am hyperactive moody crazed and general happy go lucky guy. I am ADHD (no surprise) probably have depression and a little bi-polar (not gay you tards). I can be giggles and candy one minute an hour later be the wrath of black dragon. I get bored easily and there for must entertain myself be it acting like a total loon, completely random, or just plain stupid. If I seem like I give you a hard time it is because it means a few things
1 (female) I may like ya and or have feeling for ya (male) I consider ya a close friend and therefore trust ya
Two you may have done something silly there for its fun to make a joke out of it and hound you for it forever or until I find something better
3 if I tell you anything personal it means I trust ya and hope you wont go spreading it around to be an arse.

I make fun of myself more often than not because one it is better to laugh at yourself than to be laughed at. I refuse to believe that I can’t do anything unless I know I can’t. (My ego cannot be constrained). Therefore, that is me in a nutshell of and I guess I need to add these things too. My names David, I’m 25, I’m an anime freak, sword collector, a decent cook, a good friend, I dislike idiots trying to take advantage of me or hurt my fragile state of reality, If I fight it better be a good reason, I don’t drink or smoke not my thing and I will always say it, I say my mind hence my sig if ya don’t like what I say ignore me, if I talk over ya head sorry I do that to because I can. I cannot type worth a damn so shut up already about it. My past is painful if I talk about it listen you may learn why I am me. well that’s it I guess what some more info pm talk to me or instant message me but never assume you get anything from me unless I want to. blah blah shut the ******** up

<yep thats me and my bone scythe more pics of it in the journal
here's a little bit of my art mostly my top three favorite



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Antiq Report | 07/29/2016 3:11 am
So you're back eh? You can check out any time you like, but you can NEVER leave xd
Kapraliv Report | 05/13/2016 1:18 am
I see you.
RyanJakobi Report | 04/30/2016 6:38 pm
Can't complain. Working with a Gaia Hiatus Recovery Centre. It's good.
RyanJakobi Report | 04/28/2016 8:40 pm
You are indeed back...albeit briefly...or longer...maybe.


You good?
C0pyC4T Report | 03/15/2016 9:09 pm
I know it, XD but art takes time, the profile takes a few time.
C0pyC4T Report | 03/15/2016 4:48 pm
it might take time XD also need more drawings
C0pyC4T Report | 03/09/2016 10:21 pm
heart thanks ^.^
C0pyC4T Report | 03/09/2016 6:23 pm
Thanks ^.^
C0pyC4T Report | 03/09/2016 3:12 pm
C0pyC4T Report | 03/09/2016 11:33 am
is supposed to be showed just an our, or so, but i missed to change it XD



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