Welcome to my profile!
    My name is Nicki Weaston90 and I have been on and off Gaia since 2006 and I absolutely love it here! <3

    I love meeting new people and I'm always up to making new friends, I do accept friend requests, but only after I got to know you first
    So please send me a PM and get to know me, I am a very friendly person!

    I also love to give out some sound advice and help my fellow Gaian's too, If you need any help, just drop me a PM and I will try my best to find a solution for you!

    A Bit About Me: ~

    ~ My name is Sarah.

    ~ I'm 26 years old.

    ~ I love anything that's Vintage.

    ~ I into all sorts of music - Dance, Pop, Instrumental, Rock, Jpop, Jrock Ect...

    ~ I hate Hip Hop and Jazz though ^^;

    ~ I love books! I'm a massive book worm!

    ~ I'm into anime and manga too!

    Also please make sure to check out my Quest Thread please, Bump's and Love's are greatly appreciated!

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                  [SIZE=10][color=#666666] Hello and welcome to my Journal! ^^ My name is Nicki Weaston90 {but everyone calls me Sarah in real life} I'm a very happy and chatty individual {and also new to this Journal thing ^^;} [/size][/color] Here you will fi



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                  no problem~ have fun with them 3nodding

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                  Cute avatar and profile~c:

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                  My pleasure, enjoy :>
                  Nymph of Spring

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                  Nymph of Spring

                  I help where I can.
                  I'm struggling myself..and I have 67mill.. So.. I know where you're coming from. I've always been well-off on Gaia.. and I've always helped when and where I can.. because I can.

                  Just pay it forward. If you see someone struggling.. Help them out. Might not be a lot.. but a lot of little deeds add up. emotion_yatta

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                  You have great taste in anime then! wink
                  Thanks for the compliment regarding my profile :3

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                  Grazie, and good luck!

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                  Hi right back at you. Oh yes, I ignore them, and we had some not so lovely exchanged words. And they aren't going to stop me from playing it. But I do think that for security and privacy issues, names shouldn't be displayed. Only the scores. That way people won't know who is winning all the time and won't bug them. I hope that Admin decided to fix the problem. There's so much that needs fixing right now, such as the bad lagging and freezing up of computers since the centering has started. 3nodding

                  Hope you're having a wonderful day/night. whee

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                  Hi there!

                  It's understandable to get upset at times, bu it's great that you've realized that next time you should just walk away. I hope that from now on you continue to enjoy the site!

                  And I'm only a volunteer, so I don't actually work for Gaia, but thank you nonetheless!
                  chibi loving 101

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                  chibi loving 101

                  Sorry I didnt answer earlier! I would gladly like to talk to you about this ... -sniffle- Im glad to have someone to actually talk to about this .... -hugs you- Thanks for the support!
                  chibi loving 101

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                  chibi loving 101

                  Omg! Its been a long while! I've been pretty awesome lately ... well not really ... my parents might be getting divorced ... my mom keeps on thinking about it and Im scared its going to happen... T ^ T


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