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~ 💎 In memory of our warm friendship 💎 ~

As of May 12th in the year 2019, I am no longer around Gaia Online anymore. I have given this account and everything I have to my beloved darling. If you are curious why I have left the site, please see my last Gaia journal entry for details.

Take care! ~

Outdated Info.

gaia_angelright Mmm, what to say... I'm an old Gaian who's been in this site for over 12 years. I lurk more than I post these days. Sometimes I'm active, other times I'm not due to IRL priorities. I am friendly and a bit open to people but at times I may sometimes seem rude, though I always have a good reason for everything. I enjoy chats in the forums, guilds and chatrooms/Discord more than Private Messages. I don't like being rudely pestered nor do I like people who speak to me in an unsavory, vulgar language or misbehave with me. I also don't like gossip and drama, so please keep them out the door. Though I don't mind jokes and humors, I prefer you keep them civil.

I don't like sharing much about my real life stuff at this point as I prefer to keep that separate from my online life. But, I will share only a few things: I work in local hospitals and clinics, and as a weekly volunteer at my church's soup kitchen (have done it for 7+ years.) I'm also a caring mother to my own darling family. heart I am devout and strongly believe in God, and I always follow His doctrines set forth to humanity in the Holy Books through ages. Because of my strong devotion, I love Angelic stuff and dislike some devil/demonic stuff in this site. I respect my friends' likes though.

Please do not send me a random friend request! Send one only after I have gotten to know you in a long while. In meantime, we can still be "friends" without having to be on each other's list. Over time, if I grow to like you a lot, I may send you a request myself or accept a request from you. I'm more likely to respect people who are friendly, considerate, holds a good character and upholds good morals and principles rather than fame and skills alone. Naturally I will like you more if we have a lot of interests in common and/or if we play a multiplayer game together and I find you to be a good adventuring companion.

As much as I love seeing profile comments, I don't like using them for excess spam/chatting, nor do I like seeing people being rude in their comments or talk in chat-speak (or else I will delete them!)


gaia_angelright My Gaia self:

Name: Anamosa Valentine
Race: Elven (Genetically Enhanced)
Preferred Classes: Arcane Spellcaster, Arcane Archer
Alignment: True Neutral

Likes: Cakes, sushi, avatar art, cranberry juice, mapo tofu
Dislikes: Pork, alcohol, smokers, dirty language, harassers and elitists

Favorite color: Crimson
Favorite cars: Red 1999 Corvette (IRL car but kinda old now), Saleen S7 Twin Turbo
Favorite Mobile Suit: ZGMF-X13A Providence

Implied Personality:
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gaia_star Thank you for visiting my profile page, and have a good day!

~A. Valentine

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gaia_angelright Mementos of the past:

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My Gaia Shop in old days:
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My patch:
If you like my profile, feel free to add my patch to your quilt!


My Quilt

~Quilt removed due to many profiles shut down or inactive for a long time. Maybe I'll make a new one later in the future~


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Falcon Starlight Report | 06/09/2021 6:38 pm
Falcon Starlight
[In response to several inquiries]: my previous comment in this profile two years ago didn't mean that Anamosa has passed away. She just went "dead" in the world of Gaia Online (in other words, she literally quit forever.)

Dr. Valentine alive and well in real life, running her own clinic and is working towards her surgeon license. And no, she's not coming back to Gaia. She's pursuing and achieving greater aspirations in real life, instead of wasting her time in this website. I suggest you guys and gals read her last journal entry for details. 3nodding

See you, folks! Good luck to your IRL hopes and dreams! emotion_yatta

Koyado Report | 02/16/2021 11:38 am
Happy Birthday Valentine!User Image
Rayar Scarlet Report | 02/16/2020 6:09 am
Rayar Scarlet
I know you are no longer around in this website but I just wanted to say here: Thank you for taking care of my account and my stuff while I was gone, Anamosa! heart You have been a wonderful friend to me!

I will visit your house soon, it's been so long since I last came over!

Also, Happy Birthday! yum_cupcake heart

Falcon Starlight Report | 06/05/2019 7:42 pm
Falcon Starlight
[ In the memory of Anamosa Valentine ]

A caring wife, mother, friend, comrade, mentor, benefactor, emoticons maker

And charismatic leader of the Glade Star pilots.

Rest in peace among the stars!

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Elite Rare Report | 05/14/2019 7:11 am
Elite Rare
Very Nice Page, Avi, and Avi Art! smile heart ninja
Yasha Victoria Report | 05/09/2019 9:23 pm
Yasha Victoria
Oh hiiiiii!!! Oh my goodness, I've been off for months now. I'm good.. How 'ya doin?? xd xd xd
User_16189463 Report | 05/06/2019 5:06 am
Thank you for buying from me !!!
Paper Mache Dollfie Report | 04/28/2019 1:35 am
Paper Mache Dollfie
D'awwww thank you for the birthday wish! <3
User_16189463 Report | 04/23/2019 7:23 am
Wonderful to hear !!!
I'm finally saving up for my angel avi!! I had an idea and I'm gonna go for it >:3c
User_16189463 Report | 04/23/2019 6:25 am
Thank you !!! I hope you're doing well as well??? heart heart heart


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You mean the world to me! We will always be together!
In this life, and the next!



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