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JimAboo Report | 04/03/2016 3:33 pm
JimAboo Report | 04/02/2016 1:57 pm
Whomper Report | 04/02/2016 12:44 pm
A wild Stamos appeared! surprised
JimAboo Report | 09/03/2015 9:32 pm
3nodding heart
JimAboo Report | 07/24/2015 6:56 am
Happy birthday.
JimAboo Report | 12/30/2014 9:04 pm
emotion_hug I may have changed my Name Stamos but I'm still your Jimmy.
azuneko1 Report | 08/20/2014 3:26 pm
thank you for purchasing
Awkward_Ginasing Report | 08/05/2014 6:32 pm
Ah, I made animal crossing take the backseat. It takes WAYY too much to play that game o.o
If I were home, I'd probably be playing Infamous: Second Son all day haha
Now that's, a fun game 3nodding
Awkward_Ginasing Report | 08/05/2014 6:01 pm
I know of the feeling. I've been away from pokemon for ever now, I had work so much. I gotta be thrown in again xD
I forgot I was "registered" in this tourney in another league, so I gotta compete haha
What other games have you been playing?
Awkward_Ginasing Report | 08/05/2014 5:53 pm
How've you been? I haven't talked to you in a while sweatdrop