My name's Liza Shea. I'm from small town New England and that about says it all.

one love.

ps - I'd like to thank the WG for being there when I was crippled and continuing to be there.

I guess I heard about original sin,
I heard the dude blamed the chick
I heard the chick blamed the snake.

And I heard they were naked when they got busted,
and I heard things ain't been the same since.


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Wickey poskets and baby Jesus

this is most likely going to be me writting sporadicaly about nothingness and whatnot.


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Naw, don't. emotion_hug

Unless you pay attention to signatures, then it's hard to tell if they are OCs.

I guess that's why there's so much drama in the OC. People are taking OCs seriously. When they shouldn't be. :c

Anyway. Don't feel dumb. emotion_hug

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Yup, people were and are RPing in the WGs.

Including me. Well, not so much anymore but yeah. They are there. lol

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Good night, I was talking about the actor-turned rapper from Degrassi!

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Cool? Nah.

Why not find a topic in the ED that is light that you could comment on? <3
The term "YOLO" was around before it was popularized by Drake.
It's a small feat, but it is something you want!

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I am anti the new items! They are not the same as the old items. I am quite sad. I do not want to conform too much. gonk
They are beautiful, they are just not for me.

I am still only in the WG, AT, and Quest/Charity forums. We should branch out together! Which forum have you always wanted to visit? heart

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Aww! How is Gaia treating you? Which forums do you frequent now? <3

I've been steadily back for a little over a month and a half now. =)

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Hello! Not offensive at all! I have not been super active on Gaia this decade until this past year!
How are you doing? =)
The Magical Yuri Toaster

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The Magical Yuri Toaster

Awww. emotion_hug
Azuki Azusa-chan

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Azuki Azusa-chan

The Magical Yuri Toaster

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The Magical Yuri Toaster

*kidnaps you* ninja



Blizzard Juno <3