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Welcome to my store. If there's anything you would like please PM me and I'll see if I can put it up for sale.


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Last Login: 08/15/2015 2:10 pm

Registered: 03/29/2007

Gender: Male

Birthday: 10/23/1989


I like to cosplay on Gaia. A LOT. So don't be surprised if I change a lot.


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SkullMaryBooty Report | 08/16/2015 5:17 am
i usually get all my animes from : o
SkullMaryBooty Report | 08/15/2015 12:33 pm
oh nice : o
SkullMaryBooty Report | 08/15/2015 12:20 pm
Hello, thank you once again for accepting my friend request ;v;

how are you?

chillin92 Report | 07/08/2015 4:46 pm
that too, but never played star ocean though. Downfall difference is Tales consist with healing potions, true but lately found out Jude Mathis for example his fighting style is similar to Jin Kazama except potions and healing involved.
chillin92 Report | 07/08/2015 4:42 pm
.... You know when playing tales games acts the same as like playing Tekken and Soul Calibur right? XD? You should try it out one of these days.
chillin92 Report | 07/08/2015 4:39 pm
XD I'm a sucker for Tekken games and half circle motion fighting games including beat em up.
chillin92 Report | 07/08/2015 4:38 pm
That's what I'm into currently. Since finding out from last year Tales of the abyss was my first tales game ever to play and finding out Namco did made a new gen based from the grandfather of the tales Tower of Druaga, pretty fun to be honest. From Abyss, got into other ones like Symphonia, Graces, Xillia, and now the upcoming new one Zethria. Yeah, ever since last year did some research about some tales games and Tower of Druaga. Shocked that most tales games like Destiny and Symphonia for example most of their references is originally backed up by Tower of Druaga itself, dungeons, weapons etc. The 80s original game was really fun! It basically introduced me into the tales series in general while on the other hand Tower of Druaga -of course it's the early 80's what's to expect pfft- is like Pac-Man XD!
Other rpgs into are SRPG like namco x capcom, Fire Emblem, and heck Final Fantasy Tactics A2 and psx version. Here and there taking time on enjoying games when playing. Sometimes if up to the challenge, test myself with speedrun. Either or currently now casual and a speed runner. What kind of player are you? In real life Tournament gamer? Speed Runner? Casual?
chillin92 Report | 07/08/2015 4:26 pm
Yep. But choosing only 1 out of all, sticking to it.
chillin92 Report | 07/08/2015 4:26 pm
Reminds me, I'm more of a fighting/Beat Em Up gamer type of player and enjoy sometimes a bit of RPG games. Not really into RPGs cause used to like Final Fantasy, until they finished with Lightning Returns that was it. Capcom, a Street Fighter type, got into Rockman series ever since oddly X in X1 has the ability of Ryu's Hadouken and X2 Ken's Shoryuken, and Li's appearance on one of the final games that they made is only megaman 9, never played the older ones only 1, 6 7, 8 and 9. Not that much of a fan of that except for the X series only got into. Then there's Gunvolt another type of story, kinda reminds me of Metal Slug a bit on Neo Geo. Anything that's half circle games in fighting games only enjoy like king of fighters for example. Used to compete in real life fighting game tournaments and only once made it into the finals playing the first Street Fighter IV tournament. No, not the final finals like evo or other must pay to play, a promotion when the game was newly made. Competed mainly in arcade shops in person tournaments and learned a lot from pros and finalists in my area. Yep, only enjoying now is speed running and only will play against the computers to practice in fighting games. Unless if it's a real life tournament that's held in my area again, then only time I'll compete.
chillin92 Report | 07/08/2015 4:09 pm
o .o;; oh, that's a lot. I have more to say on anime but it's a lot as well. Sheese, that "what's your favorite?" thought was top 1 out of decades. Well, the OVA's on Tales only saw was Abyss. Odd they never announced it everywhere except if lucky on dvd on places like ebay or amazon for example. Out of all anime that I enjoyed is my die-hard anime, is the grandfather of the Tales series "Tower of Druaga" anime. As for childhood favorite.... most in my time was PokeMoN while that was meh, only Original Yu-Gi-Oh. Didn't said Yu-Gi-Oh because it has the same title but for other series excluding with little Yugi and the rest of the crew Tea, Tristan, Joey, Kaiba, Mokuba, etc. and only the original only liked.
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