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A magical trip awaits you in Lucia's mind...
Letters, Found Not Sent
Hiya, all who are reading~

It has definitely been a while since... any word from me. I am not, to my knowledge, dead. I’ve been busy or depressed, both of which disable me from writing. Summer is rolling around and I’ll hopefully make something of myself then. For now, though, I want to introduce another series of journal entries. I haven’t been very faithful to the previous series, but they are, like myself, not dead (only a little itty bit outdated).

The idea this time is a series about letters to people who I need to talk to but, due to my own incompetence or the sheer inconvenience of the state of the world, I can’t talk to. Basically, the title of the entries will be something like, “A Letter to...” and in the entries, I’ll say what I must say.

I’ve been thinking about this series for quite a while, actually. I’m not sure if it has been circulating in my head for a few months or a few years. However, when my brain first started yearning for an escape like this, it was not going to be a series of letters. Instead, the idea began as a series where I list the heroes in my life and the details as to why I considered the heroes as heroes. It then changed into a series where I would write about people who have changed my life in general, either drastically or in a trivial but somehow worthwhile way. Then I thought it wise to write directly to these life-changers. Eventually, I wanted to open it up to everyone who has changed me at all—that is, pretty much everyone.

I think this’ll be a coolio series since it’ll be personal and freeing for myself, and hopefully interesting and maybe mildly insightful for you readers. I’m sure the vast majority of you won’t relate to these series on as deep a level as I am hoping right now, but I’ll try to give as much content around the letter as possible. As for the person who the letters will be intended, they might never read the letters. After all, I don’t typically share this journal with people I know in my physical world.

I will leave this series up to sharing. In the unlikely chance that you, the readers, recognize the individuals being referred to, feel free to send them a link. As for myself, I’ll leave it up to luck.

That is all for now. Unfortunately, no lyric snippet today. Next time for sure, though! I’ll go attend my nightly matters. To all those who rest in the shadow of the earth, have ever so pleasant dreams~! As for those who are under the light of the Sun, have an absolutely spectacular day! yummy_smilies/icon_puddi.gif

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