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Fragmented Self who wanders through life like a dreamer and wades through the river of dreams as though it were the only truth left in this world
Months Too Soon
I will attempt to draw pictures of characters from my supernatural class for my creative project. This I have much hope in.

I finished Season 3 of VGHS and it was very fun to watch. I was pleasantly surprised.

I am scared of all this graduation prep that I am messing around with these days. Right now I am waiting. Right now my hair is falling out. My boob have been hurting these past two days and it freaks me out that my left side might also start lactating. I really don't want both boobs to start yet. It's just... too soon. I've never been pregnant and I don't even get a period. It doesn't seem right. Please don't let it happen, okay?

These days I have wished more than one occasion that I knew a foreign language, maybe French or German... so I can read other texts that have not been translated. If I knew Latin that would be swell. Perhaps if I knew Greek I could be oh so chic.

I look in the mirror and think I am pretty. I pass on by then return to my disgust and horror. How could anyone love me or find anything worst staying? I tire myself out then lay in bed, staring at myself in the mirror once more. I love you? My dear, I comfort you like a child and do not judge.

I have heard what they did to her. I HAVE HEARD! [weeps] They

I mourn my trail of lovers. I learned from them well, but I weep for the parts of them that can never return. I recognize in them the parts of me that shall die and mold from the lessons. Love is a catalyst even when spurned.

I took all the photographs that featured me from the ones displayed in her kitchen and hid them under a mat. BWAHAHAHAHA! THAT ******** b***h! My grandmother doesn't deserve the remembrance of me! IF SHE ******** WANTS ME IN HER LIFE THEN SHE HAD ******** BETTER TREAT US BETTER! Until that day, I want to burn the bridge then s**t in its ashes! I don't mind being the villain in this case. I'm not proud to say this, but I would not be sad if she were dead. No one should ever wish another person dead, and I can't say I would be happy about a life extinguished, but I don't see what happy purpose she has left in the lives of other people? She causes us all pain. Yet, I would not wish another person's parent to die. I would never wish that ache upon anyone.

Sometimes I think that I have a duty to go to the St. Francis reunion, but on my best behavior, so that other people can get the closure that they need. I don't think I would do anything except wait for others to approach me, then leave early. I think of how much pain it would give me and how much joy to see that certain people were still alive. It would honestly make me happy just to know that. I'm pretty dumb.

One of my superpowers is the ability to empathize with other people. This doesn't sound like a superpower, but I am able to live and learn things through just knowing other people or hearing them speak. I don't get the first hand experience but my understanding of the event or emotion is more than most people due to my ability to absorb all of the emotions at the time and conditions that were upon them. To me, it feels as though I am there with them and I learn lessons quickly though this method. HOWEVER, I over empathize and get into these sorrow ditches because I pick up too much stress from my boyfriend's shitty work situation or extra humbled at work due to the misery of my boss. I have trouble disconnecting. One day though, I'm going to have someone else reach into my soul and find my friendmate. That person is going to be so special! I CANT WAIT! >W<

My name is Jennifer. March of this year, I forgot my own name while attempting to sign the role sheet in British Lit. I was really shaken up from that. It sounds really trivial; but for me, I often imagine other parts of me are different people so it meant that I thought one of those personalities were vying for control. I thought that I was losing control of who I was. That's a really scary thing people.

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