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Fragmented Self who wanders through life like a dreamer and wades through the river of dreams as though it were the only truth left in this world
Don't judge me too harshly, but I started playing Tomodachi Life not long ago. I created versions of my characters, including Sakura, Axel and Chi. First thing I did was get Sakura married to Axel, but I didn't have to do much because they were drawn to one another naturally. Now I'm desperate to get them to have kids. I just... wanna see. It feels like I get to watch their happy ever after, and it's totally uplifting in a really dorky pathetic way.

I officially broke things off with Jon May 9th, and things did not go well. Ugh. I don't mind being the one to break things off. I slept with Brandon that weekend prior and thought Jon wouldn't want me after that so it would be easier, but he still wanted me. He "made" me a mixtape. I put it in quotes because he had been saying he would make me one, or had one ready, since we first broke it off last June. Then he said he was working on the playlist again this February and was all nervous about it since he had never made one before. He wanted to make a cook album booklet for me, just like I had done for him but didn't want to copy me. Dis kid. He totally made it all last minute with PINK ******** PAPER. He made the "I'm the Beast and you're the Beauty" reference because he prolly thought that was "romantic." It's not. And the big kicker is that he didn't even burn the cd. He gave me a blank cd with a playlist written out for ME TO BURN ONTO IT. Oh. My. God. I wanted to strangle him. He bitched to me as I broke it off that he put so much time into it and it was a waste of his weekend. DOOD. What did it take you, TEN ******** MINUTES?! No. Just, no. I sound like a harsh b***h but he kept stringing me along for so long about this and how he didn't know how to make me happy because he was romantic but not in that way. Glad it is ******** done.

To be clear though, the reason we needed to break up was that I was making him a better person but he hurt me. When I was around him, I was not a better person and putting energy into making him a better person took away from WHAT I NEEDED FOR ME. Besides that, he didn't have the personality type I needed for the future stability. I've had way too many fights with him to ever believe that him changing could fix everything. Nope.

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