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Fragmented Self who wanders through life like a dreamer and wades through the river of dreams as though it were the only truth left in this world
Last Finals of the Semester
I don't know if I told anyone here yet, but I'm graduating in December 2015. I have one more semester to go, then I'll be all done with school. I will graduate with an English degree and hopefully get a job with the state of California right away so my benefits are all taken care of and I can get some real job experience. That's what I am hoping. C: I'm pretty damn positive.

My last test for Brit Lit is today 3-5 pm then my final paper for Supernatural in Lit is due Fri by 3pm but, I have work 7:30 to 1:00 so I'm trying to turn it in tonight.... IF I ******** FINISH IT, lol. I can do it. UGH, I hope. I will. I can.

I had fun today watching Lex stream her chance item thing. I bough 5 afterwards because I wanted some prettyfullness too . w . Bah, I was supposed to write the demons up for the rp but I got super tired... I don't think I ate enough? D: I gotta stop starving myself. It should be easier as summer comes in to remember to eat.

Boyfriend and I made up. I was going to break up with him because we weren't communicating and it was not worth dating someone if you weren't really together at all. I was losing interest in him really bad. With his new job though, it is easier for us to spend REAL time together and not just booty call, which makes me more confidant when I'm with him. Yay!

I totally forgot what I was getting Christy for her bday..... and now I remembered: an apron. DUH. ********. I bought her shirts and.... now I feel dumb. Lol. Whelp, looks like someone is getting 2 gifts. Thanks memory. Thanks.

I have a splint, which works like a retainer but it is thicker for bitin. I LOVE THIS THING. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how awesome it is to alleviate the pressure from my jaw because I bite or grind when I sleep. I used to love when they gave you the blocks to prop open ur jaw because I could gnaw on it >w< I LOVE THAT! Hehe I know it isn't good for you and I sound like I'm ******** teething, but it is soothing. The action is almost hypnotic and distracts from the need to eat. Know what else helps when you don't want to eat anything? Water. Water. Water. Yup. Oh, don't chew gum when you're hungry because it decreases your appetite and if you postpone eating too long because you are chewing gum, it can make you sick. Yes, beware.

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