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Stuff I just throw in here. = - =
I hope I don't cr-

I feel like a loser right now! You probably wont read this!!
I really miss our talks and our silliness. I miss you and I want you back. I am crying right now. omfg.
I am such a lame-o.
I don't know how to be your friend again.. It's been so long.....

Wow. My tears taste like nothing.
They aren't even salty like tears are suppose to be. : (

I hope you still aren't cutting, and I hope you're at least a little happier now.
I would only wish that you were happy.
I am crying because I remember how much you cared for me...
But whatever, right? I'm not important... I'm just mean and selfish. I am a terrible person, and I'm sorry for that! I really would do ANYTHING to go back to the way it was.
I miss you so much, and I look at your blog and I think, "I bet she doesn't like me. I bet she won't like me anymore".... I just feel terrible.

I've lost all my friends in real life because all they did was use me, or make me sad. They ruined my life, and I wish you were there to talk to me.. I wish I could check on your journal and another would be there..
I wish SO HARD that we could have met each other in real life. oh my god. i«m crhing so much. I hope you don't hate me still.
It's like, 8 in the morning. ugh.
I have a headache now.
I hope one day, you get on and check my journal...
I need to update my profile and make it more, LESS JAPANESEY. Jfc
I still remember the songs we shared. I have them downloaded, and when I hear them, I start to cry. I don't know why...
Lynne is one that makes me remember you. It just sounds way different then other songs and I remember listening to it while we were friends.
I really wish you would...... notice me.... senpai....
lol no

Ughh. I have so much news and stuff to tell you! i really wish you'd tlak to me!
also, On your birthday, I wished you a happy birthday... on your phone
the text messages. I did.
And I never got a reply...

How old are you, 16 now?
You might be getting a car/license/job/something soon..
I got a car and a license... I quit my job though... I also might be moving to Dallas at the begining of my seniour year. It kind of sucks, BUT AT LEAST THE CONVENTIONS WILL BE CLOSER. HAHAHSSHA

I'm still a loser... And I still have those drawings of America and Germany and s**t. Like the ugly Germany ones. And the America and England sexy ones.
I miss those sex games too. Haha..

I wish we could become great friends like we use to.
That is my only wish..

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