There was this guy who was taught that the world was black and white, but along his path through life he starts a new beginning.... Quiet, shy, and sensitive this boy was during high school. An average student who was label a goody boy geek to all his male friend, and label as nice guy to the girls. He didn't open much to anyone but when he did you can cut out quiet, shy, and sensitive maybe keep sensitive in but add in physical. But since he was known to be such a good kid, he wasn't invited to much of his friend's parties nor did anyone even speak of anything fun to the guy. Just talks here and there about how good and great it is between his friends. Until he decided to crash a party at his friend's place.... everything changed since then.. Even himself.....

When Yuri made his way through his friend's party a lot of people were amazed that he was even there to begin with thinking he was too good of a boy to party. Though he didn't quite fit well with the party theme, he was trying to get buzz and get loose like the others. There he got drunk to the point where he was trying to escape from the party, instead fell off the edge into the forest. He tumbled down to a river bed and saw something that was going to change his whole entire life. He found two mini twin spite fiend, a boy and girl. He didn't believe his eyes that they were real and thus he provoked the two by splashing water at them. The two mini spite fiend's colorful flame died out, pissing them both off. Yuri was starting to sober up as the mini twin decide to play tricks on Yuri. The mini twin used their powers to shock Yuri stunning him in place before he can run away. But the timing was too good and just as he was stun in mid run. The mini twin flew over to look at him, his body suddenly falls face first as he shallows in one of the mini twin. His body started to burn from within and then his body started to glow as it was about to burst like a volcano.

Waking up the next morning Yuri found himself sleeping in his friend Rai's bed. But he didn't feel too good and got up to grab his things to leave. Just outside the door Rai came back to get everyone breakfast. Yuri waves and says hey, but notice his voice was different and his hands didn't look like his. Freaking out a bit as Rai approaches Yuri introducing himself to Yuri thinking Yuri was his long lost twin sister. Yuri then knew that his entire body had changed into a female. Yuri walks away from Rai and went straight home. Luckily Yuri lives alone since his parents live in another state, while trying to think of what happened yesterday. Yuri had a conclusion that the mini twin had curse him because he provoked them. Not long afterwards Moou a close friend of his came by and ring the door bell. Yuri jumped up to the doorbell and was trying to think. Moou still at the door calls Yuri's cell, as the phone inside her packet started to ring. Moou started to shout at Yuri to open the door. The female side of Yuri began to tremble as she opens the door.

Moou saw a girl opening the door and thought it was someone Yuri had slept with yesterday when he went missing. Moou stun at how cute Yuri was, he stood by the door waiting for Yuri to come by to introduce them. Yuri then invited Moou inside saying she was actually the twin sister of Yuri by the name of Yuna. Moou started to take interest in Yuna because Yuri never told him he had a cute sister like Yuna. Yuna getting uncomfortable decided to serve Moou tea. The two spoke for hours about Yuri's youth until Moou finished Yuna's ninth cup of tea. Moou couldn't hold his liquids inside any longer and excused himself into the bathroom. Yuna was getting worried that Moou won't leave until Yuri comes back. Yuna then prepared a letter saying that Yuri had left yesterday to visit his parents and that Yuna was going to take care of the house. After finishing the letter, Moou barged in and saw Yuna trying to hide the letter. Moou tried reaching for the letter as Yuna was trying to hide it and before ya know it the two wrestle for a bit until Moou fell on top of Yuna. Her face turns red as Moou grab the letter and was wondering why she was trying to hide it from him. He reads it and almost began to cry. Yuna didn't know what to do but embraced him, he then cry into Yuna's chest. Yuna tells him everything is going to be just fine and pat his back. Moou without thinking kisses Yuna, she was instantly spook by his sudden action. The two kissed for a couple minutes more, Moou had his arms surrounding Yuna. Still spook by Moou's action she didn't do anything but tried to hold Moou back. Moou gets off her and apologize that it was a mistake and he won't ever do again. Yuna heart started to flutter at the thought of Moou kissing her.

And since then Yuna had a fling for Moou even though she knew they were close friends when she was a boy. Yuna started to feel sleepy all the sudden and knock out. Waking up to the bright sunlight shining down upon em. Yuna notice she was still a girl and decided to do something for herself. And off she goes looking for a new path in life which she'll only find it to be involved with many of Yuri's circle of friends and even family.