Lots of things have happened in the past months of which I haven't updated this journal of mine...

A friend of mine had committed suicide, and the whole time prior, I had thought that she just wanted nothing to do with me. I miss her greatly, and it very much bothers me to this day that I couldn't have been there to talk some sense into her and convince her not to go through with it.

I moved to a new house. it's a 3 Bedroom, and probably one of my most favorite houses at the moment...at least, I'd think that it is. I think that home is just what you make of it with the ones you love.

I've been playing many different games as of late...seeing as how my interests constantly change quickly, which is awful, because I'll probably never have much commitment to any one game.

I've also been a bit depressed since the changes in my life are happening so quickly for me. Trust me, I've tried my best to adjust, but it's really difficult.
I always hear news about my cousins having children, friends getting married...and then there's just...me, sitting in the corner, unable to move on from the past.
Believe me when I say that I have no interest in any sort of relationship...and so be it if I'm being selfish in saying that I wish things would stay the same.

in other news, I've mended friendships as I've seen fit, started new ones, ended toxic ones...

I've learned how to do so many things without help, too. I suppose that's a thing to be proud of.

At any rate, I have no clue what else to write, so I think I'll fall asleep. till next time...