I went to a training course today about communication, it was very informative, interesting and funny but some thing he said was truly scary.
In care one wrong daily note, care plan or even talking to some one and mixing up your words can land you in hot water and even prison this is an extreme case. We recently had some staff suspended through false accusations from what we think might (MIGHT!!) have been previous staff. This has caused relationship problems for these people, unwanted stress and the people we care for to become distressed because people just up and disappeared all over a few hurt feeling as far as I can tell.
All of the staff have come back because there accusations where proven FALSE but the damage left behind makes me think 'am I cut out for this?' if people already seem to have issue's with my personality then what could happen to me?
All I want to say really is that not only do you need thick skin for the behaviours you face from the clients every day but you also need it for the staff you work with, it some times feel like I have a full time job just trying to be liked and my other job is care, this upsets me some times because it shouldn't be this way my mane focus should be my clients and communication between staff second.
First impressions are away's hard and its even harder to get away from them but its not impossible, I will stay strong and I will pour my heart and soul into caring for my clients.
Again I want to end on a happy note. Getting back to the home after training one of my favourite clients came wandering out, he's non verbal but greeted me with a big smile and held my hand. Now at this point I'm trying to leave and he's pulling me to the wrong building and boy does this guy have a grip, two and from we go like this for about a minute before he lets me leave, my point is no matter how much you may dislike you colleagues your clients will always let you know if your wanted in there own little way. heart