This is the first day of my holiday away from work and I'm already missing my clients, one of the clients I had to put the date of when I'd be coming back on the own personal calender just so she would stop worrying about how long I'd be gone.
So I'm going to the sea side with my partner for our 1 year anniversary on valentines day, I still think he asked me out on that date to save money on cards and presents but hey ho I love him heart
Seeing as I haven't been into work today I thought I'd tell you an older story one from when I first started. So it was my first shift working with a none verbal client, we shall call him Stu, Stu is a lot older than some of our clients and has been institutionalised most of his life, simple pleasures, eating, playing with a shoe and pleasuring himself and he also likes new starters to work hard. So I'd read his care plans and I was dreading working with him.
Everything was going well, walking to the little garden we had there so he could play with the due on the grass, making sure he'd been to the toilet, then on the second trip Stu starts walking back to the house a little slower and has this strange expression on his face, he had managed to defecate all the way down his trousers from the garden to the house.
Now I know what your thinking 'he can't help it' and 'he doesn't know better' but and I say BUT I'm not the only new starter he has done this too and when you put some one in the bath to clean them up and all they do is smile and laugh at you, you know they've done it to tick you off. Stu is now one of my favourite clients the first shift on him is almost like a right of passage all i can say is wade through the S**T and you'll find the gold, lol