Don't get me wrong I love a good relationship, it's great for the mind, soul, and body (if it gets that far). It gives you a sense of security, someone to talk to that won't laugh or mock you, someone who is there for you through everything. It's great and it's what many of us desire.
But the sad truth of it all, it's plain and simple. Nice guys finish last. The Assholes finish first and grab whichever women they want. Then in a close second the rich people come in and take what's left behind after the assholes which is quite a few, then the manwhores come in and take a few more, then the regular hybrid people come in and take everything left over that was attractive. Then in last place comes the nice guys who want nothing more but to make a girl happy and find someone they think is attractive. But what is left over from the Assholes, rich people, manwhores, and hybrids, it's plain and simple. There are no attractive girls left. All of them have been taken. Nice guys do finish last. And all this relationship advice you get is total bullshit. "Wait for a girl, she'll come" Truth is, she won't come. Standards of dating haven't changed a bit. The guy is required to talk first, make the first move no matter what. Sure there are people who disobey and actually ask a guy out. But I'm talking about a majority here. They wait for guys. Guys can't wait for a girl and expect them to make the first move. Second, "Focus on your life more. Forget dating" well let me stop it there. In MY opinion, a girlfriend is great to have. She's there when you have nobody. She can help you through the hard times where your life isn't going so great. Third, "Wait until after College." Well, some of us nice guys have feelings, and when we see couples flaunting their happiness around like it's a bowl of candy on Halloween night it's discouraging. It makes us feel inferior to everyone else. We can't have the happiness they have. Personally I wouldn't recommend finding someone in College (Universities mostly) because a lot of them have rich parents and they don't care. All they want to do is drink and party. That's not a good girl to have in any sense.
Let me bring up another point. This is going several different places. Let me try to link it back together.
Nice guys finish last. The saying is true. They really do. Nice guys are usually friend-zoned by who they want. They make their intentions clear at the get-go usually. But the girl just doesn't want him because well, he's a nice guy. She wants someone rebellious and different. Not someone who can actually make her happy. Until their around 20-30 years old. Then they understand Joe d**k ain't so great at providing. In all honesty, take my advice. Don't be the nice guy. They don't get anything they want. They get leftovers. I mean come on, what would you want. The small prime rib on the table for the first at the table, or the leftover potato salad for the last. It's an obvious answer really.

My advice is my advice only. I have my sources of it, mainly life experiences. Don't quote me on any of it if you're trying to make a point to someone. I may be wrong. But I've tried to convey my point and experiences across. My goal is to help people that may not have the best of luck get at least some sense of what they're doing wrong.