Nightfall Scythe
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Open and empty, what else would happen?
One day stood the ships in space, still
Other space ships, though small, still search for any sign of life among the ashes of the war
lights and sirens still erupt from the abandoned pieces of blown pieces of metal
Many were caught in the middle of the battle field and were blown to bits without knowing what hit them, without knowing what to do
Lost and panicking, people crowded into the escape pods right into the murder's hands right after the bomb
Threatening to kill them all if he did not have his way
And one by one, millions were killed and none survived
He never got his way, never
Still to this day, remembered as a curse, no one plans to go out too deep into space
But still looking for any of those who might have survived on other planets, scouting the area of the graveyard
Open and empty, what else would happen?