Nightfall Scythe
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Poor Alice
Poor Alice.
forced to end her own friends lives to save them.
they don't go quietly.
cursing when they can making a ruckus that no one will hear.
'they weren't good friends that cared, they were the ones that took you for granted for everything they wanted,' she thinks, 'they used you. All of them.'
she thinks she should let them live to be tortured by them for being near her.
she's not that mean. she gives mercy.
'shush,' she calms the restless souls, 'mercy is upon you.' she tells them.
they scream and shout for them to find and 'rescue' them.
'no one's coming to take you away,' she tells them calmly, 'you're all impure. worthless.'
they shrink away from her voice and they continue to scream but no one hears.
she makes sure of that.