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So, I was thinking of many kick-a** roleplays but I forgot them about 3 mins. later. Go figure... So this is just basically a typical forest roleplay. I decided to randomly post this roleplay in a random a** thread like this...haha.


Its a forest roleplay. I would say it takes place in a forest (obviously) with a city nearby.


Here's a basic profile...you may add more to it if you wish.


you may also have up to 5 characters ^_^


Please follow regular gaia rules...you may swear
Also, it's a long term rp...so please come back!...thanks
Name: Tiffany
Age: appears 19
Race: half dragon half human
Weapon: Sword & whip
Appearence: Short jet black hair, Tattoo of a dragon on right arm, Dragon form is about 25 feet long. Dragon form's color will vary.
Bio: Well, its pretty much unknown. She's just basically a traveler for now. She is also pretty experienced.

(and another character!)
Name: Clarissa
Age: Same as Tiffany
Race: Well originally the same as Tiffany...but without the dragon part. They kinda have the same "job"....but not really. ((Yes its confusing, its on my to-do list to write a story about all of this....xD))
Appearence: Long brown hair. ((more will be added as I think of it.....if your lucky i might find a pic))
Bio: She will do almost anything to get back at Tiffany. They haven't really met yet, but still somewhat know each other (its a complex concept...O_o)
She also knows about Spite. All she knows is that he was getting on Tiffany's nerves. But she has never met him.
It is very rare that she is even found on the same planet as Tiffany, until now.

There is good & evil....then there is the beliefs Tiffany & clarissa...2 way different things
I'm confuzzled I don't get it. -_-
Name: Kye Irving
Age: 19
Weapon: Bo staff
Appearence: User Image
Bio: A Drifter, he travels the world looking for adventure and wisdom.... but mostly adventure.
Name: Katashi Hinote
Age: unknown but looks 18
Weapon: Sword
Appearance: Katashi Hinote
Bio: A vampire. Katashi is quite cold but gets angry easily. His parents were killed in World War 1. He barely escaped death himself. (more to be added later. Not creative at the moment.. -_-'' )
((Name = Another literate forest rp!))
Name: Kyela
Age: 15
Weapon: magic
Appearence: skinny with straight auburn hair
Bio: Kyela's past is unkown to her. She has a memory chip installed in her brain that shows her past, and shows the train of her family, but has been to scared to look at it. She is not quite sure how much she wants to know, so has let it be for the two years she's known about it. Kyela would rather listen to others pasts and ambitions rather than her own.
I'm confuzzled I don't get it. -_-
((OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING!! *points at avi* Didnt your mom ever tell you its dangerous to hold a lit roman candle?!... and then your dad handed you one when she wasnt looking and lit it saying. "Ok hold your arm steady." wink )
cant think of a character now...
Name: argus
Age: 21
Weapon: rapier
Appearence:pale,scar on right eye,blind in one eye
Bio: im not writin this again if you dont know by now your an idiot
hmmmmm cant think of much now so i might change my character alittle later

Name: 0
Age: 27
Weapon: he can change appearance and his sword can become any other weapon
Appearence: spiky and long gray hair he has a mouthgaurd thingy like this dude
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.the guy on the left

Bio: he was isolated in the forest for as long as he can remeber(more to come....cant think at the moment xD)
Tiffany walks through the forest. It was been roughly 2 weeks since Spite was sent "away". She is outside another random city. She then took a seat on a rock nearby and randomly started to polish her sword.

Clarissa was in the nearby city. She was drinking shots of vodka while listening to random people in the bar argue about stuff. She was twirling a pen with her left hand.
Kye wandered through the trees of the forest, keeping an eye out for anything that looked edible. His stomach growled again, reminding him that he hadnt eaten in days.
Name: Spite
Age: 1,059 ((looks 26))
Race: High Class Demon ((with no class at all))
weapon: Evil Microphone of Doom, he's got demon/dark/otherworldly powers
Appearance: User Image
User Image
Bio: A demon who wants to get laid rather badly. Is British and used to be the Devil's right hand man, but after he tried to over power him, he kicked poor Spite out of hell. He still has his powers and stuff, but now he's a semi-good guy. ((Like Vegeta of DBZ))

Name: Luther
Age: 802 ((looks 18-19ish))
Race: High Class Demon ((With some Class))
Weapon: Evil Microphone of Despair, Demon powers.
Apperance: User Image
User Image ((In there somewhere.))

Bio: Hell's biggest ladies man and Spite's best demon Friend. Didn't like the Devil so much, so decided to do the whole good guy thing. Sex addict, but with a lot of poise and class. Creative and intelligent.
Spite and Luther were parting and getting wasted somewhere. They were so drunk they stumbled around an empty forest and collapsed in front of a man looking for food.

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