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I'm with them. 0.25581395348837 25.6% [ 22 ]
I'm against them. 0.26744186046512 26.7% [ 23 ]
I...don't realy care. 0.47674418604651 47.7% [ 41 ]
Total Votes:[ 86 ]
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Defence agianst hostile lifeforms.

Defencive leader: #273 aka Morric.

Zurg Defence station three has dectected hostile lifeforms. These beings are comonly cloaked in black. These beings are a threat to the ZURG population on Gaia.

All ZURG who are not of Class Four status will be asked to upgrade to Class Four and distributed to stations: 1 - 11.

To eleminate all threats to the ZURG population of gaia including the gaian "nonbelievers".


Gaian believers;
Please help us ZURG to stay here on Gaia by enlightening your freinds Who hold hostile thought toward us.
Go away, alien. Leave now and we promise to not destroy those who retreat.
Neo Haruko. Please do not hate the Zurg based on rumore. We only mean peace.
yes we only mean peace
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yes we only mean peace
nice signature
We must embrace the future and put away our fears. Anger comes from fear. You must learn more about the Zurg before you can truely hate them. Some have found them to be worth fighting for but sothers have found them worth fighting against. I personally fight for peace. And if that means destroying anything and everything with the will to fight then so be it!
Cyptosporidium 137
yes we only mean peace
Yeah.... No.
Dude, Crypto's sig makes me wonder if i ate a hippy suring the raid...
i...really dont get it
Die Alien-Monster!!!
You never had a chance...
It's Defense.

lets kill the hostile life form wit L85's wahmbulance
alien zurg dude cmon man if u kill us we will kill u it will b like non-stop lets make peace k? or else no choice im gonna kill u

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