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I'm with them. 0.25581395348837 25.6% [ 22 ]
I'm against them. 0.26744186046512 26.7% [ 23 ]
I...don't realy care. 0.47674418604651 47.7% [ 41 ]
Total Votes:[ 86 ]
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I wish there was peace.... but I also wish I could be certain we're not going to be attacked nor anything... sweatdrop
sorry, Zurgfolk, I still cannot trust you.
gonk STOP CONFUSING ME!!!!!! crying
question ok war or not that is all i need to hear
Post if you wish to join.

New Defence stations have been created and are now recruiting. It is now no longer rare to bump into a defencive station.
"You will Suffer Now?"

Interesting signature. I... I don't really think that's helping convince me you're peaceful... sweatdrop
i want christmas
so im against
if ur with the zurg
ur against christmas
and to u i say boo
Let's Fight The Zurg..!!
My Sig has nothing to do with my ZURG agenda!! I don't critisize Gaians who have "Disenbowel the Zurg!!!" In their siggy's!!...even though that pretty obvious.
we will destroy you alain scummbug ( lie in evey freedom fiters face now ing hes a alain)
so war or not
im a werewolf am i a hostile being??? question rolleyes

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