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^o^ Might as well play
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Shadowy Werewolf

Mythological Reality
Must have snowball fights virtually since there's no real snow where I am.

Awww~ *runs out door and grabs snow* Here you go~
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Tenacious Rogue

technically, from me, these would be slush balls. oh well. price to pay for a someone with a fiery disposition.
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No snow here either, kind of lame.
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o.o Gold sink go!
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...There isn't a "throw snowball" button that i can see anywhere at the moment......
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Dedicated Giver

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Shaggy Fatcat

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o 3o this seems fun
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Roken Takura
I cannot be hit by snow balls.... just try, it won't work...

Try hitting me? I want to see if there's an achievement for being hit a lot.

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