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Animal Lover

This sounds kind of fun. I will participate.
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yum_strawberry yum_strawberry yum_strawberry
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Sounds fun. 3nodding
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Uncle Kenny
For those inexperienced in the art of snowball war, what you want to do is pack yourself a good, round snowball, find a target, and chuck it at their face! While we haven't figured out the secret to physical altercations through the interwebs just yet, we have done the next best thing and given you a forum-based snowball fight where you can watch your friends and enemies get hit in the face by the snowballs you throw.

  • To play, just click on the "Throw Snowball" button underneath another user's avatar. (If it's greyed out, just hover your mouse over the button to see the reason why you can't throw at them)
  • If you hit them, you'll see a snowball come flying in and smack them right in the face.
  • If you miss, just keep throwing until you've hit them or tire yourself out.
  • You start with 25 snowballs but you can buy more for gold from the event page, here.
  • Hit enough users or be hit enough yourself, and you'll find yourself the lucky owner of event exclusive items and achievements.

That's all you need to know, now get out there and start throwing!
ok i cant see the snowballs hitting any one are they are not throwing i dont know what the problem is but something is not working right hun,
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I cannot be hit by snow balls.... just try, it won't work...
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The strategy to this snowy warfare is is mind-boggling! mrgreen
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Amateur Gekko

Thanks for the how to. It's a little confusing but I've figured it out now.
-tries to figure it out on my own-
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Beloved Vampire

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not seeing em get hit with a snowball, but that's ok

Me neither. Still fun to imagine the action, lol.
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gaia_angelleft Bring it on Lol, I have my snow jacket on!! gaia_angelright
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Must have snowball fights virtually since there's no real snow where I am.

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