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Hey! I'm Kirstin and I'm holding a poetry contest


1) I would prefer the style of free verse
2) I don't care how many words you have

***But you have to keep it 5-10 lines, no more no less it makes it easier and quicker to decide who wins

3) Follow ALL Gaia rules
4) Please, no swearing or inappropriate words/phrases
5) Base your poem on one or more of the prompts below

***If you want to base it off of something else just PM me

6) This will be the entry thread as well
7) If you want to put more than one poem that's fine, but no more than 3 and only one can be chosen


A) Freedom
B) The Elements
C) Love
D) War and/or Peace
E) Real Life Experience


Your Name
The prompt you used


First Place*
Second Place*
Third Place*

***This contest is just for fun. I put this here so you could be recognized for your work.


July 30th is the last day

I'm a great poet too and I look forward to reading all the terrific work you all write! And if you want me to have an extra look at your poem(s) PM me along with any questions! 3nodding
Name: Made By Vanilla
I Wish

I Wish....

I Wish for hope in this day of despair
I Wish there would yet be love in the air
For the sky is dark and cloudy and gray
I Wish I could witness a happier day

The sun did not shine in the brightest of morn
For God be shunning a powerful scorn
I wish that out yonder
would be full of life
I wish that the victim had not pulled out his knife
I Wish the lord be Praise

Prompt: War and/or Peace
Does it have to be written specifically for this contest?
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Your Name: Ruru ~ AKA Sensei Ruinz
Title: Speculum Somnia
The prompt you used: War

Let's have a war, and see how many die

Let's have a war, and call it 'genocide'

Let's have a war, but say the motive's oil

Let's have a war, but not on our own soil

Let's have a war, screw being peaceful

Let's have a war, not everybody's 'equal'

Let's have a war, protect the middle class

Let's have a war, and repeat the past...
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Shira Wings
Does it have to be written specifically for this contest?

It doesn't have to be specifically for this contest, but it must fit one or more of the prompts. I'm glad you asked, i hope this helps
Prompt: Freedom


To think is to be free;
To not think is freedom,
Thinking doesn't invoke intellegence,
Consciousness drowns so many.
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Name: Refined-Edge

Title:Broken Relations

A broken heart
Never repaired
Full of cracks and tears of distress
Never mended
Full of open wounds
Torn apart
Right from the start
He would always cheat
And always lie to my face
Fate was cruel
Laughing in my face
No one saw my pain
I would always hide
But still....
I never left
Staying by his side
Knowing that everyday
I would die a little inside

Dolor Aeturnum Cassiel

Words To You

I've clung to you for a year now--shackled you to me with sweet words like "I love you".
I've held you close to my heart only to muffle it's beating with my cruelty.
Why am I causing both of us agony such as this when neither of us deserve it?
You have been a true lover--a true friend when I really need it.
But yet I...I have been a cruel, hateful monster.
What have I become?

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Name: BC

Yellow leaves

I feel like I'm standing on a road of orange and yellow,
And in the distance I can see someone waiting.
I want to see them with all my heart, I really do,
But my shyness protests, or they're too far away
So I'll just stand here forever, not daring to wave.
The leaves feel so secure, so peaceful and true
But what's down that road, I have no idea.
Maybe I'll just wait here. Maybe they'll come to me.
Funny joke, right? That never happens. Ever.
I want to love someone, but I'm so afraid.

Prompt- love
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You use false logic to mock me

You look with blind eyes and you judge me

Now my safe haven turns against me

You use a mask to hurt me

And lame words to scorn me

But you turn around and say to my face that you love me

I refuse to believe in lies

I won't be a push over to your cries

I won't stand by your side

While your mind forces you to hide

It poisons the mind when you refuse to admit

Yet they do it for you anyways when they say

The words that are so cliche'

"Oh, Oppa didn't mean it"

Real Life Experience
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Veria Alsmont


He breathed noiselessly,
with collapsing lungs sang
not a sweet whisper but caused the world to tear.
Above us he rose, giant and gentle-like
palms open, silver lining bound
only to be shot down by frequent fliers
who couldn't care so much for the moment
as one single second captured in sepia photographs
framed on dusty bedroom walls
to the ticking of the impatient clock.
A single breath was shed into an ocean of sighs,
soon forgotten under war torn skies.

Prompt: War and Peace
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Your Name~ Angela_flames14

Title~ Seasons

Summers are green
Winters are blue
Love is in the air
And so are you
The spring is fluttering
The Fall is starting
So is my love for you
Why can't you see my feelings for you?
Why does every beat of my heart go faster when i'm with you?
Is there a season that cannot be seen?
Is there a friendship that can never end?
What a i really to you?
Am I just your friend?

The prompt you used~ Elements and Love
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May I ask what exactly we are being judged on? Or is it just what sounds best to you? Just wondering ^^
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Title- cycles
Promt-The elements/freedom(or the lack thereof)

The sun rises.
A new day dawns.
New life.
New hopes.
New dreams.
The day goes on.
The Rising sun turns
to a light upon the surface.
it pulls "them" from their slumber,
below the ground,
and below reality.
New life grows and thrives.
new hopes simmer and ignite.
New dreams are carried out and fulfilled.
The sun disappears.
New life is fading.
New hopes
not established, crumble.
New dreams become old dreams.
The day halts.
Night beckons.
The sun sets.

***But you have to keep it 5-10 lines, no more no less it makes it easier and quicker to decide who wins
how does having 5-10 lines help you decide quicker who wins? if you want limericks, the funniest one usually takes the win; you want haiku, it's tough to say which one is the one with the deepest meaning/truth. you want to know something? the size of a poem pales in comparison to its power, its impact on the reader; Shakespeare wrote many plays in iambic pentameter and they were grand, but what is he most remembered by? Why, his hundred-something sonnets! 14 lines of iambic pentameter. Same goes for William Carlos Williams; his most famous work is usually called The Red Wheelbarrow, but it doesn't have a title and guess what? it's very short BUT it impacted a lot of people because it was that powerful.

I'm going to post a poem with more than 10 lines; i hope you don't disqualify me for "breaking" a dumb rule.

Your Name: 2pound
Title: Overseeing the floor
The prompt you used: E) Real Life Experience
Overseeing the floor

My dreams thrive upon calloused hands
that seep grout after the sharpest edges
of a mosaic mind go beyond all matter;
as chalk lines disappear, mortar sticks
together sanity in a checkered board
and all sense of thought is pre-destined
and organized by contrast to pattern.

Yet when I see the tiles lay down
on the floor, it breathes new life
through square pores; the surfaces
have their smoothness from a fine glaze
covering the uneven valleys of porcelain.

The tiles have their geography;
I rank them from small groves
to huge lumps that each represent
a valley, a mountain, or a vast plain
where children roam like the wind
and there is a joy frozen within them,
captivating me to believe there's a place
outside this back-breaking despair.

then I realize that I'm dreaming
for a longer break when it's over
and it's time to get back to work.

I'm a great poet
no you're not; poets don't boast that they are great unless it's in poetry like when a rapper boasts he is the best rapper in his rap music/lyrics.

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