Baby I'm Back!! Prepare Thine Selves!!!

Lets start with the easy stuff. My name is Kira (not like in deathnote). My Convention name is Secret-X and my other nicknames are Kidate, Bulldog, Shortie, Beansprout and Blackhole. I have surprisingly made it to 23 and I'm now working hard to get money to go back to college. As for my ethnicity, I am 1/4 French, 1/2 Irish, and most people do not believe me when I say this but I am also 1/4 native american.

MOVIES: I like all sorts of movies, but as of late, my favorite movies are Lord of the Rings (all), How to Train Your Dragon, Harry Potter (all), Lion King, and (yeah yeah, don't laugh) I like the Tinker Bell movies.
MUSIC: I love all sorts of music but I prefer to listen to 80's, 90's, Rock, Alternirive, Classical, Country, Jpop, and Jrock. My Favorite band is OneRuplibic. My Favorite Vocaloid is Oliver.
BOOKS: I love to read, espically if I learn something from it. I am curently reading a stack of manga which include, Bleach, Magi, Skip Beat, Loveless, FMA, and many more. Reading chapter books is also important, so I am reading a series called the House Of Night Novels, Lord of the Rings (for the third time), The Seventh Tower parts 1-6, and the Earagon Series once again.
I am a cos-player and enjoy every minute of it...except when it is the off season. I often cosplay as boys, so I guess I am a cross-player. So far this is who I have cos-played or who I have finished making the costumes for.
-Allen Walker from D. Gray Man- Casual, 3rd, and 2nd-
-Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchymest-
-Anbu Naruto from Naruto-
-Random Anbu from Naruto-
-Alice/Will of the Abyss from Pandora Hearts-
-Inu Child from Naruto-
-Tusbasa from .Hack Sign-
-Cia from Naruto-
-Red from Lydwik Revolution-
-Vocaloid 3 Oliver-
-Vocaloid Rin: Love is War-
-Ja'far from Magi: Labyrinyth of Magic-
-Rachel Phantomhive from Black Butler-
-Snake from Black Butler-

-Aladiain from Magi: Labyrinyth of Magic (Unknown)-
-Sharcon from Magi: Labyrinyth of Magic (Unknown)-
-Yukimura Sanada from Sengoku Basara (Unknown)-
-Jack from Pandora Hearts (Unknown)-
-Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler (Unknown)-
-Byakko from Descendants of Darkness (Unknown)-
-Kazemon from Digimon (Unknown)-
-Toph from Avatar the Last Airbender (Unknown)-
-Chrono form Chrono Crusade (Unknown)-
-Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho (Unknown)-


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cool avi
Potsy the bear

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Potsy the bear

Np! whee

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Yes, actually, thank you. I am eternally grateful emotion_0A0
Vessel of Eve

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Vessel of Eve

irl or gaia? and on gaia i have cosplayed youn allen before his hair went white
Vessel of Eve

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Vessel of Eve

you like D. Gray man and Yukari Yuzuki too heart heart heart

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Oh, haha, okay C:
Sanguine Mistress

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Sanguine Mistress

I like this username better. It has capitals. heart sorry though! sweatdrop

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Sorry about that I've been in Colorado the past few days so the internet has been sketchy, to say the least. So it comes in and out -_- So Imiing has been impossible.

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Hai Kira -waves arms estactically- Hows it been?
Bea Worthington